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7 Ways Video Content Will Boost Your Conversion Rate

Videos account for more than half the internet traffic today – both desktop and mobile. And considering our brains process video content 60,000 times faster than text, this comes as no surprise.

Even though marketers today are focusing on creating rich media for engaging their target audience and promoting their business, videos are still underused when it comes to lead generation. Here are 7 ways videos will boost your conversion rates.

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Vanhishikha Bhargava 1 Comment September 9, 2016 Content Marketing Conversion Rate Optimization Marketing

5 ways to get more than 1000 views a day on your video content

Videos are by far the best way for a business to communicate with their audience. They are able to use visuals to explain their message better. And considering that 98% of us are visual learners, this comes as no surprise.

Marketers and businesses work really hard creating video content, but eventually they are not able to leverage from this content format as much. While some are due to sheer absence of conversion optimization, the others are due to not being able to promote them effectively.

Here’s taking a look at the few ways you can promote your content better.

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Vanhishikha Bhargava 0 Comments July 19, 2016 Content Marketing Marketing