Conversion rates are ‘the’ thing for businesses to measure today. And to help you at your  hour of  need, you’ll find a gazillion posts about it online – tips, tricks, hacks, how-tos, case studies, reports, etc. But there is only so much one can read!

And that’s where podcasts come in.

Many businesses have started creating short podcasts as a content type to share industry information and knowledge with their audience. So we decided to go on a hunt ourselves to bring together the best of conversion podcasts in the market!

Here are 10 conversion optimization podcasts that we highly recommend business owners or marketers should listen to:

1. The Call To Action Podcast (Unbounce)

A call to action is an important element of a marketing campaign. How you use it and where you use it determines the conversion rate your website achieves. While there is no steadfast rule to use them, there are certainly some tested ways that are bound to succeed.

In this podcast, Unbounce puts together actionable insights and tips to improve your conversion rates, and offers marketing optimization tools and resources that are a must-have. Every Wednesday, you can hear conversion experts talk about CRO, PPC marketing, A/B testing, social media marketing, content marketing, copywriting, landing page optimization – yes, just about everything you need!

Find it on iTunes here: The Call To Action Podcast

2. Crazy Egg Podcast (Crazy Egg)

Crazy Egg is a leading online software for generating heat maps of your website to understand what customers are looking for and where. Already known for providing the best of tips and tricks in the industry for conversions, this podcast focuses on – web design, copywriting, conversion optimization, social media and business blogging.

Find it on iTunes here: Crazy Egg Podcast

3. Landing Page Optimization By Tim Ash (Webmaster Radio)

In this podcast, Tim Ash, the CEO of talks about landing pages and how businesses can optimize them for results. The podcast is great for getting the latest news and analysis in landing page conversion rates from the industry experts. It also teaches multivariate testing best practices to improve your landing page.

Find it on iTunes here: Landing Page Optimization by Tim Ash

4.  Conversion Cast with Tim Page (Leadpages)

Hosted by Tim Page, the podcast is by far the best if you want to get to the heart of metrics. In each episode, Conversion Cast brings forward real-life case studies from marketers who have been trying various methods to increase their business conversion rates. Every show also has one reputed marketer interviewed by the host to give one highly actionable tactic to increase your numbers. You can catch up with the podcast when it goes live every Monday to Friday at 6 AM EST.

Find it on iTunes here: Conversion Cast with Tim Page

5. Marketing Experiments Podcast (Marketing Experiments)

Marketing Experiments is known for its real experiments with online marketing tactics and research in the digital industry. In this podcast, they share every possible online tactic along with experiments and lessons for increasing conversions. Since every tactic is backed by a series of A/B tests, this podcast is one of the most trusted by marketers.

Find it on iTunes here: Marketing Experiments

6. SEJ Podcast – Marketing Nerds (Search Engine Journal)

A weekly podcast by Search Engine Journal, this podcast covers the entire marketing industry spectrum. Focusing on SEO, paid search, social media, entrepreneurship and content marketing, each episode has one of the best Marketing Nerds share their actionable takeaways and predictions for the industry. Some of the SEJ Podcast hosts include Kelsey Jones, Loren Baker, Brent Csutoras, Jenise Henrikson, Caitlin Rulien and Danielle Antosz.

Find it on iTunes here: SEJ Podcast – Marketing Nerds

7. Conversion Scientist Podcast With Brian Massey (Conversion Scientist)

Similar to the podcast by Marketing Experiments, Conversion Scientist Podcast is the latest to cover debates, discussions, trends, Google updates and other website optimization areas. They make use of tools like personas, analytics, landing pages, email strategies, blogging, social media marketing, content marketing and everything that plays into being able to offer actionable insights and tips.

Find it on iTunes here: Conversion Scientist Podcast With Brian Massey

8. The Art Of Paid Traffic With Rick Mulready

Rick Mulready is a popular Facebook ads expert. In this podcast he reveals the best paid traffic tips, tactics and strategies for generating leads, and sales for your business on autopilot. A great resource to learn how to automate your marketing from experts in social advertising, retargeting, sales, analytics, landing pages, copywriting and a lot more. The podcast is popular for teaching businesses how to run advertisements and bring in conversions without burning a hole in their pockets.

Find it on iTunes here: The Art Of Paid Traffic With Rick Mulready

9. Marketing Optimization with AlexDesigns

Alex Harris is a renowned public speaker and a best selling author, who interviews the best in conversion optimization, ecommerce, SEO, web design, landing pages, inbound, Google Analytics and advanced digital marketing, in his podcast. This podcast is a great resource for marketing optimization for business growth using online marketing, lead generation, content marketing, analytics, A/B testing and growth hacking. They also suggest the best of tools for every tactic to make iteasier for marketers.

Find it on iTunes here: Marketing Optimization with AlexDesigns

10. Responsive Web Design Podcast

A smart podcast by Karen McGrane and Ethan Marcotte, each episode finds the hosts talking to different designers and marketers. The podcast covers how and why marketers have chosen to use responsive web designs, and how it has impacted their traffic, conversions and referrals.

Find it on iTunes here: Responsive Web Design Podcast

What’s the one podcast you follow to stay up-to-date with conversion optimization tactics? Feel free to add to this list by dropping a comment in the box below!

We love CRO resources as much as you do! 🙂

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