Online store owners know one thing for sure by now – there is a whole lot of competition out there that they need to face before getting to their ideal customers. No matter the number of deals they are running or the range of products they have on offer, there’s always another store that is beating them to it.

So while you’re looking for some hacks to stand out in the competition, we decided to share some eCommerce growth hacking tricks too.

1. Making the user generated content work for you

User generated content is like a trustworthy version of all your advertisements. The only thing that can pull customers to your store without you sounding too salesy, are seeing how others like him are interacting with you. So go ahead and pull in all those posts shared on social media channels to share them on your site. Each post is a unique way to present your products to a customer who is still trying to gauge how good they are!

For instance, how Koovs does it:


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2. Including possibly all the social proof required

The very next hack is something we have been preaching in almost all our previous posts – social proof. If you want consumers to trust you, you need to give them a reason to and show how others like him do too. This includes showcasing the reviews, ratings and testimonials from actual customers under your product pages. Be it good or bad, displaying real reviews helps you form a rapport of being an online store that truly cares about the consumer.


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3. Letting your customers exit

No, we don’t mean you hold them back literally. But retargeting them with a custom message that makes them more likely to interact with your store or purchase a product, is a growth hack that you should certainly use. Based on what products the shopper is browsing, what actions he has taken so far, make it a point to retarget him with an exit intent campaign. It’s like giving yourself another chance to market to them.


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4. Social sharing for the orders placed

A shopper just visited your store and made a purchase. With a quick thank you note after checkout, you let him either continue shopping or leave your website. Use this moment to encourage social sharing of the order they placed. Make it possible for them to share their purchases on social media to let their friends know of something awesome they found. A little word of mouth might just get you another customer from his circles.


5. Joining in the order delivery happiness

When you place an order for a product you have been looking for, you are most likely to look forward to its delivery more than anything else. And when it arrives, you’re surely going to have a big smile on your face. Why not use this moment of joy to encourage the customer to click a picture of their purchase and share it on social media? I love how some online stores send across printables and quick notes letting me know they look forward to seeing the product being used by me!

6. An email that will nudge another purchase

Most online stores give up after getting the consumer to make one purchase. They leave it to him to come back to their store at a later time, leaving the opening for them to actually explore what other stores have to offer. That’s exactly where they lose a sale. It is important to interact with existing customers to encourage them to buy again.

Be it a product recommendation, a cross sell campaign or something that nudges them to replenish their previous purchase. The only thing you need to make sure is that your message is highly contextual and personalized.

For example, this reordering email:


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7. Offer them a personalized home page

Let’s face it, being shown the same products over and over again on the homepage of an online store is only going to irritate you. You have bought a product from a store, now you expect them to understand your preferences and show you products accordingly. Well, almost 80% of consumers expect this level of personalization from eCommerce businesses.

So make sure your homepage is able to offer them a custom experience every time they visit – include recently browsed products, products related to their interests and more. Just like Amazon does!


8. Asking for referrals is never bad

A happy customer is always more than happy to share his experience in his circles. Creating a referral campaign that encourages them to invite their friends to your online store is a great way to get the word-of-mouth promotion going. And because a trusted friend has already purchased from you, you might just bag another customer in minutes – without any added acquisition costs. You could also incentivise the referral campaign to get more participants – an additional discount or a free shipping, anything that adds value to the customer.

For example, here’s a referral campaign that the House of Blouse runs:


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9. Real time purchase updates

You’re looking at a product you really like and have decided to take your time purchasing it. You want to take a look at the deals available to you first. The only way to nudge you towards making the purchase is to give you real time updates. Letting the customer know how many shoppers are looking at the product at the moment or who, when and where was the product purchased by last is a great way to introduce a sense of urgency on your product pages.


Notice bottom right updates that constantly keep changing.

10. Retarget them, of course!

This one’s probably every marketer’s favourite. Retargeting your online store visitors and customers on social media channels is a great way to stay at the top of their minds. It also gives you the opportunity to nudge them towards making a purchase on the product they have shown interest in.



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How many of these growth hacks have you tried? Do share some of the tricks you have saved up so far! 😉

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