Social media is the place to be, not just for socialising but effectively reaching out to your target audience and promoting your business. But let’s face it, as the number of social media channels increase, so does your opportunity of finding your ideal customers and the competition to grab their attention.

Yes, we have all been there and struggled to get a competitive edge in the market. But while looking for inspiration, we couldn’t help but admire a few social media campaigns of 2016. Here’s taking a look at them all!

1. AirBnB

AirBnB has been our personal favourite for a very long time. Not because it makes our travel so easy, but because their campaigns have always seemed so relatable and unique. In 2016, they actually proved the power of user generated content. With an aim to trigger wanderlust in their audience, they decided to utilize the photos their community shared – their travel pictures, experiences and more. They practically had #airbnb all over Instagram!

Here’s an Instagram post from their community that they happily shared:

2. Make A Wish Foundation and Disney

Disney is literally everyone’s favourite and Make-A-Wish Foundation is known for contributing to good causes across the world. The two partnered to encourage their audience to share images of the Mickey Mouse ears on Twitter and Instagram. And for each post that their audience shared, a $5 donation was made to the foundation. The campaign capped at $1 million in total!

disney make a wish social media campaign

3. Lowe’s

Taking creativity to another level, all of Lowes campaigns had a few things in common – quick videos like those of Vine and Snapchat, and animations that were sure to make you giggle. The team used stop motion techniques to highlight their ‘FixInSix’ message and present their value proposition in the form of fun and engaging videos.

Here’s a curated video to give you a glimpse of all their awesome 6 second videos:


If the outer space has always left you curious, we’re pretty sure you were following this campaign of NASA all year long in 2016. #AYearInSpace was a campaign started to present to the world what happens to a human body after long exposures in space. Astronaut Scott Kelly practically shared his everyday routines in the form of images, quick videos, Snapchat stories and more. The campaign successfully encouraged the public to follow science of space and believe in the organization’s vision, and mission.

Here’s a Twitter post that was shared by the most popular of accounts:

5. Deadpool

There is no way you didn’t see this campaign rocking social media. The marketing team behind the Marvel franchise was clearly seen using their most wicked of strategies to keep people hooked to the interesting character. Exciting, unpredictable and engaging, their social media marketing strategy was as crass and awesome as Deadpool himself!

For instance, the leaked script that had us all wanting more of the movie:

Who else loved the movie, btw?

6. The Shelter Pet Project

Launched back in 2009 by the Ad Council and the Humane Society of the United States, and Maddie’s Fund, the project was aimed at bringing down the number of dogs and cats that were being euthanized in shelters across countries. In 2016, the same project was seen in full action making use of Facebook advertisements to reach out to their audience with short videos, images and more. Their goal was to reach out to potential adopters and get them to search for pets on their site. Cute and often triggering various emotions, their campaign certainly was influential enough to make people act and give home to all those abandoned dogs and cats.

If this itself didn’t make you go awwww, then we don’t know what will really!


7. Emirates

The one and only way to make today’s consumers engage with your business or buy what you offer, is let them experience it. And that’s exactly what Emirates did in their campaigns – show people how they were different from the others and what they had to offer. They clubbed the concept with an influencer, Jennifer Aniston, who has a large following and people relate with too. Their social handles used short videos of fascinating destinations, quirky videos with Aniston that showed the luxury they offered and more. Let’s just say, they knew exactly what to do to make people fly with them – even if it came at a high cost!

Here’s one of their videos:

8. L’oreal Paris

Because their campaigns were totally worth it! Using the hashtag #WorthSaying, the brand focused on inspiring women across the world. It encouraged them to talk more about things that made them and were important to them, instead of the people around them. They also used the sponsorship of the Golden Globes to give their campaign a little push with all those celebrity influencers sharing their messages as well.

worth-saying loreal social media campaign

9. Buzzfeed Tasty

Buzzfeed’s foodie oriented campaign on Facebook literally had us all drooling. They made use of Facebook’s native video feature to share easy-to-make, yummy recipes in short videos. Their campaign was such a huge success that they launched Tasty Junior and Nifty as well – which use the same concept of videos, but have different themes that make the videos interesting and add value to their audience.


10. The Tonight Show

Let’s admit it, who doesn’t love Jimmy Fallon? Their campaign made use of Instagram to engage their followers and audience on a day-to-day basis, keeping them hooked to the show. The social account was literally active 24/7 and shared exclusive videos, sneak peeks, behind the scenes and more with their audience. They even interacted with their audience on a real time basis to let them shape the way the show went – yes, feedback and incorporation of it is the trick to winning millions of hearts.

There were many other amazing campaigns being run on social media last year, but these are certainly the ones we love the most! They tell you how you need to think out-of-the-box and yet keep the customer-first approach in mind when strategizing any social media campaign.

And of course, as a thumb rule – making the most out of the features offered by the various social media platforms!

Which other campaign did you absolutely love? Don’t forget to share it with us!

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