There are a number of blog sites out there that regularly share tips for ecommerce businesses – how to make them better, how to get more sales and a lot more. But have you ever wondered where the inspiration of all those posts comes from?

The industry experts, of course!

After following and sometimes, stalking, the industry to pick up the best tips and tricks for your business, we decided to list down our sources of inspiration. The people you could follow for an instant expert advice on anything that relates to marketing and conversion optimization.

Here are the top 10 conversion optimization and marketing experts we follow, and you should too:

1. Jay Baer

The president of Convince & Convert and a New York Times best selling author, Jay Baer is the first person you need to follow closely if you are running an eCommerce businesses. Here are the three posts you must read to create an effective marketing strategy:

2. Richard Lazazzera

Known for his expertise in helping eCommerce startups – right from building their brand to growth hacking it in their target market, Richard is also a Shopify growth team alumni. Two of his posts that we found extremely interesting are:

3. Matthew Barby

The global head of growth and SEO at HubSpot, Matthew has worked as a digital and content strategist/consultant for the likes of Wyatt International. He often writes on Moz, Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Land. Here are 3 of his posts that are an absolute must read:

4. Chris Brogan

A New York Times best selling author and business advisor, Chris Brogan is a renowned name. He has spoken for or consulted with the biggest of brands you see on digital today – Disney, Coke, Google, Microsoft and many more. One of his most recent posts that we absolutely love:

5. Ian Cleary

Ian is an award winning tech blogger and a contributor on many expert marketing blogs like Social Media Examiner, Kick Boxer, Prof Speaker. He also actively contributes on Entrepreneur. But the one place we closely follow him on is RazorSocial. Here are a few recent posts you must read:

6. Brian Dean

The man behind Backlinko, Brian is an expert at link building, SEO and content marketing for startups or businesses in just about any industry. While the resources he has put up on the blog are all worth every second you spend on them, here are 2 we’re obsessing over:

7. Nate Elliot

Nate is a technology and marketing advisor, who has formerly worked as an analyst at the one we always seek to for nifty resources – Forrester. He shares whitepapers and conducts webinars very frequently.

8. Rand Fishkin

The Founder of Moz, author and a frequent blogger, Rand Fishkin tweets as well as writes on marketing, SEO, technology and startups. The Moz Blog offers the most insightful tips, tricks and hacks into the industry. He even has Whiteboards for those who are visual learners!

9. Larry Kim

The Founder of Wordstream, Larry Kim is a digital space favourite. He’s a top columnist on Inc Magazine and contributes frequently on entrepreneurship, startups, advertising, Facebook and a lot more. One of his posts that have us eager to try our own hands at is:

10. Neil Patel

The Founder of Crazy Egg and contributor to all popular marketing as well as conversion optimization websites, Neil Patel is someone you’re probably already following. He writes on Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post and more very frequently!

There are definitely more experts we follow closely and think you should too! So keep a lookout for this space, because our #FollowSunday is going to happen more frequently.

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