The ubiquitous usage of smartphones among millennials has helped usher in a new trend in online shopping, namely mobile commerce. Young people within the millennial generation spend an alarming amount of time on their smartphones.

The mobile commerce trend embodies the incorporation of smartphones into everyday life and has become one of the most exciting prospects in online marketing. In a recent survey, 2000 US millennials were asked to describe their mobile commerce expectations.

Reaching Millennials

Young people aged between 18-34, known as millennials are the largest group of smartphone owners. In recent times millennials have become increasingly enthusiastic about the prospect of shopping on their phones. The survey results reported that 28% of US millennials prefer shopping on their smartphone devices rather than on their computer.

Advertise on Social Media

The main reason that millennials are increasingly dependant on their phones is because of social media. Millennials use social media networks for everything from interacting with each other to shopping. In fact, students and young adults use social media so much that 41% of them admit checking their accounts first thing in the morning.

Create Shareable Content

Millennials take sharing their personal lives seriously. It was reported that more than half of the surveyed high-school students and young adults cite sharing momentous event from their life as one of the key advantages to owning a smartphone. For businesses with millennials as their target audience mobile commerce advertising needs to be engaging and highly shareable.

In order to develop a marketing strategy in-line with current mobile shopping trends, online retailers should regularly encourage their millennial customers to share their content. There is no doubt about it, the mobile commerce trend is the future of online shopping.

To learn how to make the most of it by targeting millennials specifically, take a look at the infographic containing 10 extremely effective tips for developing a successful mobile commerce strategy.



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