The one challenge that most online stores face, is getting all of their product ranges discovered. While advertisements do the trick for them sometimes, at all other times their visitors leave without checking out what else they have to offer under the same category and the others.

Low discovery rate automatically means lesser value sales. So in this post, we decided to take a look at some ways that can help online store promote their new product ranges effectively.

1. Send out an email to your subscribers

Email marketing has time and again proven to be the most effective channel for eCommerce businesses. That’s exactly why this needs to be the first step you should take! Send out an email to all your subscribers that tells them about this new product range you have launched. Just ensure you’re adding enough media and making it sound exciting enough for them to click through.


2. Push out notifications to your opt-ins

Mobile and web push notifications are another effective channel for eCommerce businesses to interact with their subscribers. Whether you have an app, a progressive web app or a desktop online store, don’t forget to make the most out of push notifications. A quick message about what’s new at your store that leads them straight to it, is a great way to get the products discovered.


3. Retarget them on-site first

Let your visitors explore your online store at their pace without any interruption, but ensure they know of the new range before they leave. Use an on-site retargeting campaign that gets triggered just when they are about to leave your store using Exit Bee. Let them know of the exciting range that you have just launched and provide them with a button that simply redirects them to that page. Lower bounce rates, more discovery and greater number of sales!

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4. Then retarget on social media and other channels

Instead of trying to run a fresh set of advertisements every time, make sure you’re retargeting your store visitors on social media. Since these are people who have already checked out your new product range, they are more responsive to the ads and have a greater chance to click through them to make a purchase. The trick to getting them click through? Create a sense of urgency or exclusivity around these new products.

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5. Include them in a shopping guide

Content marketing isn’t just an effective tactic for B2B businesses. eCommerce businesses too can make use of a shopper’s need to consume valuable information. Create shopping guides, gifting ideas and other interesting blogs that include your new product range as well. Make sure it is easy for the reader to click through the blog to explore this range. If possible, try to contribute these shopping guides to popular magazines or websites that your target audience is following.


Or a post that lets the shoppers copy a celebrity style with ease!


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6. Take help from an influencer

Identify an influencer that is known to influence the purchase decision of your ideal customers. Be it on social media, via videos or blogs, use the channel to promote your new range to their followers in a unique way. After all, even Shane Barker says that influencer marketing needs to be in your marketing strategy this year!

For instance, Puma’s campaign with Cara.

puma cara campaign

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7. Run a contest

Want to introduce a new brand or product to your store visitors and social following? Run an interesting contest where they can either win a discount to the new products or the product itself for completing a desired action. The only thing you need to make sure is that the contest looks interesting enough to your audience and is easy to participate in.

For example this contest run by Converse.

converse contest example

8. Make the most out of Instagram

Online shoppers rely heavily on the product visuals when it comes to making a purchase decision and Instagram, being a visual based social media channel is the best to share these with them. Create a profile that you consistently keep active and promote sneak peeks of your new products that will most definitely make your customers curious to check them out. But remember to add some relevant and popular hashtags to your post if you want it getting discovered by Instagram’s vast user base.


9. Get yourself a few referrals

Word-of-mouth is literally the best type of marketing you can ever have for your store. Send out messages to your existing customers notifying them of the new products you’re launching and how they can get something valuable in return for sharing the range with their friends. Just make sure you are able to offer some value to them and keep the referral marketing campaign as easy to participate in as possible.

referral candy online store tools

10. Cross sell with existing products

Your existing customers and store visitors know the product ranges you have on offer. These are the web pages that are definitely getting more traffic than those of the new launch. So why not run a cross sell campaign – package your new products with some of the old and promote them to the visitors? You won’t just get your new line discovered, but also increase the average order value of the store.


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Getting your new products discovered might seem a little challenging, but it is important to understand that you need to help your visitors find them. An average shopper visits only a few of your web pages before he moves to his next task, so you want to make sure the range is visible to him or he is notified of it in time!

What other hacks have you used to promote new products of your store?


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