Customer experience or user experience is the sum of the experience that people from your target market have on your business website. From browsing to navigating and exploring your products/services, understanding what you do and making an interaction with you, each of these aspects define how you rank on the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

The higher the NPS, the better has been your customer’s experience on-site. And the better the experience, the faster the companies grow in terms of customer/visitor loyalty.

So here are 10 tools that will help you understand your customers better and optimize their experience on your website (as well as improve your conversion rates):

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a nifty tool that helps you see how your target audience/visitors are interacting with your website. From elements that they tend to click the most, to sections that they spend the most time on and the scroll point after which they either engage or leave your website. These heat maps helps businesses optimize their website content and elements in such a way that it drives action.

improve customer experience - crazy egg


Zendesk is a popular help desk and ticket support software. It offers a web based customer support system that helps organize, prioritize and engage with support requests on a timely basis. The quick turn over time and accuracy helps businesses offer a better interactive experience to their visitors, customers and prospects.

improve customer experience - zendesk


ClickTale offers you heatmaps and recordings of visitor sessions on your website. The ability to visualise customer behavior helps you understand their experience on the web pages and how you can optimize it further. The tool is integrated with Google Analytics, enabling you to dig deeper into customer data and create segments that you can later convert by offering personalized conversion journeys. The best thing being, that you can use it for both mobile and desktop.

improve customer experience - clicktale

Exit Bee

Business websites often want to drive the visitor’s attention to a specific aspect of the website or redirect them to a page that they are more likely to convert on. For the same, a usual approach is to use popups – that end up seeming like they are bombarding the visitor. Exit Bee offers a bounce prevention technology, that predicts the exit intent of a visitor and only then targets them with a personalized pop-up campaign. Since the approach is non-intrusive, it only enhances the visitor’s experience and increases their chances of converting. You can use the tool to start the conversation with a prospect by offering a demo or assistance.

improve customer experience - exit bee

For example, we use an exit intent campaign on our website that offers a micro conversion – getting a personalized demo. This helps convert those visitors who haven’t really understood our technology and also gives us an opening to start a conversation with them.

demo campaign

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Live Help Now

Live Help Now offers a holistic help desk solution comprised of four components: Live Chat System, Trouble Ticket System, Support System and a Callback Management System. The fully integrated customer service suite meets all customer needs easily, improving their experience with your brand.


What’s the best way to improve your customer’s experience? Understand their needs better! UserVoice offers engagement tools that allow customers to create, discuss, share and vote for ideas that will make your product/service better. It also offers an online software to provide support to quick inquiries.

improve customer experience - user voice


UsabilityTools is like a toolkit in itself that offers solutions to monitor the online experiences of a visitor and identify the spots where they are dropping off. It also offers a feedback tool that helps you gather customer opinion and strategize better optimization.

improve customer experience - usability tools


As the name suggests, Conversocial helps you manage customer service at scale via Facebook and Twitter. It helps you effectively connect with customers on the channels they tend to spend the most time on. This enhances the customer experience by accelerating the team workflow and improving the customer service processes.

improve customer experience - conversionsocial


Desk is an all-in-one customer support toolkit that helps small businesses improve their customer support and deliver better customer service, using social media. It enables you to manage all customer interactions – Facebook, Twitter, email, phone and more, on a real time basis via one dashboard!

improve customer experience - desk


If you want to really make an impact on your target market ‘visually’, this tool is for you. UX360 helps understand website visitors better by allowing you to create custom user personas and personalized stories for each. It lets you create a compelling visual journey map that helps visitors understand your business better, making them more likely to convert.

improve customer experience - ux360

Want more conversions from your website? Time to look into what your visitors and customers really want from you! The better and the more personalized their experience is on your website, the more likely they are to convert when targeted with a campaign.

What other tools do you think one can use for enhancing the customer experience?

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