In a previous post we discussed how exit intent was a must-have element for all online stores. Simply summarised, exit intent campaigns helps hold back the fleeting attention of an online shopper and draw him towards a page that he is more likely to become a customer from.

While you might think ads could serve the purpose of retargeting, let’s take a moment to think why online stores don’t retarget before a shopper goes off the store to explore what other options are available to him?

Sounds justifiable right?

An average online shopper practically has more than a hundred stores to choose from – no matter what industry you are in and irrespective of the kind of products you have to offer. This makes it hard for eCommerce businesses to acquire new customers – after all, online window shopping exists too and you never know where a shopper finds the right deal.

So if you don’t want to lose half your sales to common shopping habits, here are some types of popups that you should consider using on your eCommerce store:

Promoting ongoing offers and sales

You could be running multiple sales on your online store. But it isn’t obvious for a shopper looking for denim jeans to check out the snazzy sneaker range there is a sale on. This is exactly why you need to retarget this shopper with an exit intent campaign to promote this sale before he leaves. Doing so, not only will encourage the shopper to stay longer on your store and explore more products, but also increase the chances of him making a purchase.

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Offering an additional discount

Online shoppers are forever looking for good deals on products they want or would like to have. Now you could be offering a 50% off on the product range, but the shopper would like to take his chances and look for a store that might offer him a 10% extra off on the same product. After all, the primary goal of online shopping is to save as much as possible. You could use an exit intent campaign in this case to offer an additional off to your first time purchasers or store visitors, encouraging them to make a purchase.

baublebar popup

Redirecting to a special page

Who doesn’t like season specials? Like gift ideas under $100 for Christmas or winter wear on a 1+1 offer? But how likely are you as a shopper to go through all the pages to find which of the products in a range are on sale? Create a special page that lists down all the items that are on sale and use an exit intent campaign to drive a leaving shopper to it. After all, he is more likely to make a purchase of a higher value when he sees more products fitting his budget.

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Avoiding cart abandonment

Cart abandonment is a common phenomenon for eCommerce stores. A visitor drops by, shows interest in some products, adds them to his cart and then just leaves – most of them don’t even come back. But using an exit intent campaign you could avoid this too. Maybe this skeptical shopper thinks he could get a better deal, so why not offer him a special discount to complete the purchase right then?

house of blouse cart abandonment 2

Encouraging social shares

In case you haven’t noticed, Amazon nudges you to share the product you just purchased as soon as you complete the transaction. The idea is to get the word around and use word-of-mouth to boost their sales by letting the shopper’s friends know the product is available with them. Apart from this as an added step, encourage an exiting visitor to simply share his purchase on social media or a chat app he usually uses if the experience was good!

share content

Encouraging social likes

It is important for eCommerce businesses to focus on their social media growth. The reason being, social media is the one platform where most of its target audience is active on a daily basis. So instead of just running ad campaigns to boost page likes, why not encourage shoppers who spent a long time in your store or purchased from it, to like or follow you before they leave? If they loved what your online store offered to them, they’re certainly not going to mind doing so! Alternatively, you could make this an incentive based action – like to reveal a coupon or something similar.

side popup ecommerce

Boosting email subscriptions

Email marketing is the most effective channel for eCommerce stores to reach out to their existing as well as prospective customers. You can practically recommend, upsell or cross sell products on an individual basis to your customers, driving them to make a purchase from the store. But growing your email list or getting people to optin to your newsletter can be challenging. Using an exit intent, you can encourage exiting visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.

folklore subscription

Get ratings and reviews on products

If a visitor is leaving without making a purchase, there is certainly something that put him off – the pricing, the payment options, the shipping options or something else altogether. Don’t just keep guessing, understand your website visitors better by asking them to rate, review or drop feedback on your products before they leave.

ratings and review popup exit bee

Upsell products as per interest

Firstly, it is becoming increasingly difficult to capture an internet user’s attention. So while you have an online shopper’s attention, it is important to make the most of it. When he is just making a purchase or leave thinking he could look for a better deal, you could retarget him with an upsell campaign that is relevant to the products he has shown interest in while browsing through the store.

upsell campaign

Cross sell products as per interest

Now there are times when a shopper may not like a variant of a product, but is too lazy to browse through what your online store may have. In this case, based on what he has shown interest in, your eCommerce store could use on-site retargeting to cross-sell or recommend products from the same range.

product recommendations (1)

Let’s be honest. Popups don’t suck, it is the strategy behind them that often falters and costs a business a whole lot of customers.

They’re an effective way to re-capture a visitor’s attention. So don’t forget to implement the right popups and personalize them for maximum results!

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