Growth hacking has become ‘the thing’ for businesses. Ask marketers what they’re doing and they’ll most likely say they’re finding growth hacks. If you ask a developer, well he’ll say he’s implementing those growth hacks.

While the general concept of growth hacking is pretty clear, very few of the strategies are successful. The reason? Way too many. And here are some of them:

  • Most growth hacking strategies put the responsibility on one member of the team.
  • They don’t take into account the constantly changing nature of the market.
  • The strategies haven’t been A/B tested on and are considered definite.
  • Growth hacking resources were probably not even taken into account.

Call it the lack of time or the zeal to achieve things too quickly, the lack of having resources before starting to growth hack can cause failure and a waste of resources.

As a startup, here are the top 10 growth hacking resources we refer (and plan to refer) to:

Introduction to growth hacking

1. What is growth hacking – Sean Ellis

If you want to understand what growth hacking is and what a hacker is meant to do, Sean Ellis – the person who coined the term, has the best definition here. Here he also emphasises on how being a growth hacker is very different from being the VP of marketing.

2. The definitive guide to growth hacking – Neil Patel

If there is one person who you could rely on for anything even the remotest bit related to marketing of small businesses and startups, is Neil Patel. He wrote a comprehensive guide on what growth hacking is, what it isn’t and how to do it in about 10 chapters.

Learning growth hacks

3. 21 actionable growth hacking tactics – Jon Yongfook

If you were looking for a list of growth hacks that have been tried and tested on startups before, this resource is for you. The book lists down some of the most successful growth hacks startup marketers have made use of.

4. How we put Facebook on the path to 1 billion users – Chamath Palihapitiya

The former VP of user growth at Facebook, Chamath Palihapitiya shares some really insightful hacks into what went behind growth hacking today’s social giant. While we do suggest you don’t set unrealistic targets for yourself here after watching the video, the insights and how market opportunities were tapped into, are definitely something to learn from.

5. What I learned as a 500 startups’ growth hacker in residence – Mike Greenfield

Having worked as a growth hacker for 500 startups’, Mike Greenfield here gives an introduction to the six step process of growth hacking. The resource also includes actionable insights that can become a part of your strategy right away.

Blogs and websites to follow

Learning and updating yourself consistently with the latest trends, tips and tricks of growth hacking is important. This is where you need to follow industry experts and other growth hackers to get insights into what they have been doing so far and what results it has brought them.

6. GrowthHackers

An online community of marketers, developers and other professionals who are willing to share their business growth experience, GrowthHackers is the one place you can find answers to everything. For that matter, you can share your growth hacks as well and ask for opinions on it.

7. Growth Hacker TV

If visual or audio content is the way you prefer consuming insightful information, this channel is for you. It has a number of interviews with growth hackers and other professionals in the industry, wherein they share their experiences as well as strategies that they leveraged from.

8. Twitter List of Growth Hackers

Another way to stay up-to-date with everything growth hacking, is to follow the right people on Twitter. Here is a list of growth hackers you could head over to right away!

9. Growth Hacking Tactics That Every Startup Needs To Know – Ahrefs 

A brilliantly curated list of every possible growth hack a startup marketer would find nifty. The best part about the list is the in-depth look into the various hacks – our favourites being the ‘reverse engineering hack’, ‘aha moment hack’ and the ‘pre-targeting hack’!

Hiring a growth hacker

A constant debate around growth hackers is whether they are marketers or developers. But the truth is – a growth hacker is only a professional who is able to analyse the market needs, tap into the opportunities available and make the most out of them within the resources available, before any market competition does.

10. How to hire a growth hacker – Aaron Ginn

Aaron Ginn is known for his work around the topic of growth hacking products and businesses. In this resource, he clearly lists down the things you should be looking for in a growth hacker. In fact, also questions that you need definite answers to, in an interview.

11. Building growth into your team – Aaron Ginn

Another nifty resource by Aaron, here he emphasises on how growth isn’t a one-man-show. He speaks of how it needs to be the mindset of every team member and even shares tips on how each person can contribute.

Where do you go next?

Well, once you’re through reading on the resources, you’ll obviously want to equip yourself with the right tools before executing the strategy you just formed. And we have you covered!

Here are 2 lists we made sometime back after having contemplated, tried and tested the tools:

*Updated June 6, 2016 

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