When you’re just setting up an email marketing campaign for your business, you often browse the tips and tricks that others have used to ensure it gives you some results. No matter how long you research the same, somehow you always end up unsatisfied with the results your campaign gives.

The reason behind those dipped numbers? Well, a few mistakes that you could be making amidst trying to keep up with all the tips you have come across on the internet. In this post we’re going to highlight those little mistakes that are costing you big numbers!

1. Focusing a little too much on the subject line

A lot many times we just spend good 10 odd minutes trying to figure what the subject line needs to say. Will it be opened? Will it interest the recipient? Or will it just land in trash? Will it make him want to read the rest of the message or the whole point of emailing him is going to go poof? Well, try focusing on framing the message first and use these strategies to nail your subject line. Don’t waste time on something that might not get you click through rates and conversions.

2. Forgetting all about the message preview

Okay, the one thing that Pavlos taught me when I joined Exit Bee was to also focus on the message preview. It is a part of the message that the recipient can see without opening the mail and it is actually what decides whether he will see value in a message received from you or not. So make sure your message preview is a quick statement that puts forward the mail’s value proposition, making the recipient want to read it.

3. Signing off emails like a robot

There are times when you want to reach out to the business or reply to a mail that has been sent to you. But when you go seeking for a mail id, you see ‘admin’ or ‘team xyz’ in the sign – instant put off; now you’ll have to search for it online because a robot decided to mail you. Using team member email addresses and signing off as yourself gives a human touch to your mail – and people like talking to humans, not robots.

4. Offering absolutely no contextual value

If someone has subscribed to your emails, it is in the hope of getting mails that will add value to him in some way. If that’s not happening, then your mails are as bad as spam. So make sure every time you’re sending a message across, the recipient is able to see the value in it.

5. Your message is basically a sales pitch

We know how eager you are to sell your product. We also know how valuable your product is in its market. But the truth is, the consumer doesn’t want to hear your sales pitch of how great your offerings are. Instead, he wants to know what value or benefits he would get on purchasing that product from your business. So ditch the sales pitch right away and focus on the customer journey!



6. You’re overwhelming the recipient

We know you might want the recipient to purchase multiple products from your business, like or follow you on social media and even share the mail with his friends. But don’t overwhelm him with multiple call-to-actions. Focus on achieving one action per mail for maximum results!

7. The email content is endless

We know how you want to make sure that you miss out on absolutely no detail when reaching out to a prospect. But sometimes a prospect doesn’t need so much information to be turned into a customer. Take a look at where the recipient is in a sales cycle and based on what he needs to convert, provide him with only contextual information.

8. There is absolutely no media

Did you just end up writing an essay trying to tell the recipient how much you know about your industry? Well, all that text and no visuals are getting you nowhere. Too much text makes it too monotonous for anyone to read through, but adding media files don’t just make the mail look strategically designed, but also aid to quick visual learning.

9. Or there is far too much media for one email

When we said don’t overdo text in your emails, we didn’t really mean you overwhelm the reader with far too many media files either. Make sure you don’t go overboard with images, videos and other rich media in your message. Ensure what you include helps you get your value proposition across in the quickest way possible and would load quickly and effectively on all networks across all devices.

10. Emailing frequency is far too much or way too low

Finding the right emailing frequency is an element that plays a crucial role in the results you get for a campaign. While it is important to consistently get in touch with your subscribers, it is also important to ensure that you don’t overdo it and seem like a spam to them. Based on how your previous campaigns have been performing, what your subscribers have shown interest in, find a middle ground – where you are able to promote your business effectively and the subscribers don’t mind receiving the messages from you.

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11. Email list is rarely cleaned or segmented

A lot many times email marketing campaigns simply don’t deliver results because they are targeted at the wrong set of subscribers or the email list is just not healthy. It is important for marketers to look into email lists and clear them of addresses that messages are constantly bouncing off from, and then create smart segments that help you identify a specific set of subscribers based on their preferences with tailored campaigns.

12. The campaign and customer journeys don’t match

Considering that it is all about the customers today, it is important to keep in mind that your emails are in sync with their journeys with your brand. Have they just discovered your business, are they exploring other options, are they ready to convert with a little push? You need to know exactly where a recipient is in his journey to conversion before targeting him with an email marketing campaign.

And well, like Bill Rice likes to put the email marketing guidelines:



Nailing the perfect email marketing campaign is tough – especially when the consumer market’s expectations from businesses are rising by the day. While we don’t say you need to keep up with just about every trend in the industry, you need to make sure you’re not making ‘silly mistakes’ that would ruin an otherwise high converting campaign you spent hours on!

What other mistakes do you think marketers commonly make and should definitely avoid this year?

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