Ecommerce businesses are on the rise. And irrespective of the industry you are in, you will have plenty of competition when it comes to alluring prospects. With mass broadcasting not being an option anymore, how do you get your brand across to people?

By giving it a unique personality.

Adding the slightest bit of personality to your online store doesn’t just make you look good digitally, but also makes customers feel a greater connection to your brand. When you look good, they might just stop by and take a look – and that’s exactly the moment you have been looking for.

So here are 13 ecommerce tips that will make people fall in love with your online store:

1. Work on a unique concept

Almost everyone out there is selling something, how are you any different? Working on a unique concept for your website that resonates with the core message is a great way to capture the audience’s attention. And then be remembered for it. Show your personality and stand out for being ‘unconventional’.

For example: Bombay Troopers has a cool website for their super cool t-shirts!

create a unique concept

2. Humanize your shop

As absurd as it may sound, people look for ‘people’ to relate even in an online store. Showing a real face – the founders or maybe the team, is a great way to show the customers that it is people they are talking to and not just a business that wants more sales. If you’re thinking of using a stock image or are already using one, change it. This might raise doubts about the site’s transparency.

3. Write like you talk

Ever thought what this post would sound like if a robot was made to type it out without punctuations and comments? Right, you’re not even going to make it to this point! Create a website copy that converses with your audience instead of just listing down things about you. Writing like you talk takes the boring out of a sales pitch and encourages the visitor to interact.

Here’s LetterNote keeping up with the good vibes on their website, yet not sounding too kiddish:

write like you talk

4. Share your story

Does your about us section say you’re an ecommerce brand selling curated stuff from blah, blah and blah? Time to change. According to Marketing Sherpa, a fancy ‘about us’ page can increase conversions by 30%. Every page on your site offers an opportunity to add personality to your brand. Especially the one that reads ‘about us’. Instead of the conventional dry, boring, corporate speaking about sections, create a page that resonates with your true self.

Here’s a simple story by Chumbak – nothing fancy, but personal:

share your story

5. Value something and show it

Do you believe in a cause and take part in it actively? Time to show your customers your business values! According to Cone Communications, about 89% of consumers are likely to switch brands to the one that is associated with a cause and maintains quality. Pretty sure that’s a number you don’t want to lose out on!

6. Encourage customers to contribute

According to a study conducted by Crowdtap and Ipsos, millennials spend 30% of their media time (5 hours per day) engaging with user generated content (UGC). They are also said to trust and remember UGC 50% more than any other media.

Koovs’s encourages its buyers to share their purchases on social media with the hashtag, #KOOVSXYOU and features them on their website:

encourage user generated content

7. Don’t forget to say thank you

Gratitude is said to be a powerful emotion that strongly affects well-being. Saying thank you to all those who help you build UGC for your ecommerce site not just triggers positive emotions but also increases the appeal of your online store.

8. Never interrupt the user browsing experience

Most ecommerce websites run continuous offers and discounts to appeal to their customers. And most of them end up being too pushy by implementing pop-ups at every stage to remind the visitor of the same. This spoils their browsing experience and they end up leaving the website without making a purchase. Opt for exit intent overlays and one-time overlays instead.

Here’s Forever 21 making use of the one-time overlay that shows up only in one corner of the website, and doesn’t come up again after the visitor closes it:

forever 21 one time overlay

And here’s E-yup reminding the visitor of an offer they’re running on their diapers – this exit intent overlay showed up only when those visiting the babies section for the first time were leaving the website without a purchase:


9. Celebrate your store’s birthday with them

Why restrict birthdays only to people? Your business was born on a certain day and celebrating its birthday adds a touch of human personality to it. Doing so also gives your online store a good opportunity to promote sales and gain some publicity in return.

10. Sneak peeks interest everyone

Do you offer custom-made products or curate them? Irrespective of the approach you follow, sharing sneak peeks into your business can be a great way to peak the visitor’s interest! Of course, you can’t share details. But adding a few snappy images to your story can really boost your conversions.

11. Include a creative video

A picture is worth a thousand words. Now imaging the information you can convey through a single video? Videos can help you deliver a clear message without having to frame too much copy on your website, and also help keep the visitors engaged for a longer period.

12. Show off a bit

Have your products been featured in popular magazines or given a place on a popular website? Time to show off those medals you earned. Create a separate section to showcase your digital presence. This subtly lets the visitor know that your products and services are not just credible, but also popular.

SugarBox makes shows off the buzz around them with their SugarBuzz section that keeps up with the rest of the website’s theme:

show off achievements

13. Share your vision-mission

Don’t restrict this section only for those who want to join your business. Share your vision and mission with your customers in the snappiest of ways possible. This will not just help you convey what you have in mind for them, but also let them know that the brand wants to grow further to serve them better – customer centric online store, check.

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