If you’re the kind of eCommerce marketer who is continually looking into the global markets, you’ve most certainly heard of Flipkart’s Big Billion Sale. Here’s taking a look into what the eCommerce business did to generate INR 1400 crore in a single day of the sale.

Wait, what is Flipkart?

Flipkart is an eCommerce company founded in 2007. The company is registered in Singapore, but has its headquarters in Bangalore and Karnataka, India. The company went from the startup status to an eCommerce giant within an year of its inception, taking competitors like Amazon and Snapdeal head on. You can read more about them here.

What are The Big Billion Days?

While the eCommerce store always has the best of offers on most of their product ranges, Big Billion Sale is that one time when the prices are slashed to almost 70%! Yes, the eCommerce giant has partnered with multiple brands and vendors to make this sale possible – but only for a set number of days.

flipkart big billion sale

According to Firstpost, Financial Express and many other business websites, Flipkart has generated sales worth INR 1400 cr in a single day of their sales. They have clearly beat Amazon and Snapdeal at the sale game, taking away most of their customers effortlessly.

Flipkart first started the sale in 2014 as a one day event, but now has extended it up to 3 days of absolute awesomeness!

flipkart sale statistics


Did that just make you say wow?

Of course it did because we were as wowed!

And in case you’re wondering what this online store did to bag as many sales, let’s make it simpler for you. We’ve been following them closely right from the time they announced the dates for the sale and have some really interesting marketing tactics that you too could make use of!

What your online store can learn from Flipkart?

1. Set aside time for the right build up

Most eCommerce stores make the mistake of announcing their sales just a day or two prior. The truth is, your audience could be paying attention to your message during those days or could have totally missed it. This is where setting aside a modest amount of time to gear up for the big day, becomes an absolute must.

Here’s how Flipkart readied themselves as well as triggered eagerness in their target shoppers:

(1) Spruce up your social profiles

Sales are the time when your eCommerce business can actually make a lot of revenue – it is your big day, by giving your customers a big day to thank you for. This calls for sprucing up of your social profiles of course.

A simple change in your cover or profile photos to announce the sale is a great way to ensure the post doesn’t get lost amongst the others.

flipkart big billion fb cover

And of course, it is important to maintain this consistent message across all your social channels.

flipkart big billion twitter

(2) Encourage engagement before it starts

Flipkart made sure that their shoppers were engaged even before the sale started. They even started a countdown 48 hours before to tell people that they should ‘wish list’ the items they want to buy and keep things ready for the sale! This also boosted their in-app sign ups.

flipkart big billion wishlist

2. Alway cash in on what’s trending

What’s been trending amongst tech freaks and most of the consumer market lately? Of course, the new iPhones from Apple. For good or for bad, Apple has practically been in the limelight all this while, making it the perfect topic for grabbing an internet user’s attention.

Flipkart of course cashed in on the trend in the most relevant way possible. The eCommerce store knew that people who wanted to own an Apple would definitely route for the lower models, that would come at a much lesser cost than the new ones.

Giving them an additional off over the already reduced prices and making it their high point during the sales, Flipkart practically ‘sold out’ their iPhone stock in just a day! And what’s remaining is probably headed out too while you read this post.

They pinned the post to their Facebook page to ensure that all the iPhone lovers don’t miss out on the sale.

flipkart big billion apple offer

What’s more? They didn’t miss out on those looking for Apple Watch deals as wells!

flipkart big billion apple watch offer

Like, no wonder they’re doing so well. Right?

3. Relate with your shoppers

What can make an online shopper happy? Getting a better deal than what the store is already offering on a product he is interested in. There are times when people set out to local markets to sell products they own, in lieu of some discount on the new ones they want to purchase.

Picking up on the drift, Flipkart introduced the model to their eCommerce store – during the sale. Yes, they are running exchange offers, that make a discounted deal a lot bigger!

flipkart big billion exchange offer

To make things even better, they are also offering a no cost EMI option to the shoppers during the sale!

flipkart big billion emi offer

4. Special payment mode discounts

Flipkart offers multiple payment modes to suit every shopper’s preference. Right from online transactions, cash on delivery to using mobile wallets, the store sure knows how to keep its customers happy.

But they made them happier by offering discounts on some bank account card holders – just in case you’re wondering, this is one of the most popular banks in India and almost 70% of people have an account in it!

flipkart big billion special bank offer

5. Go head on with your competitors

Here’s a thing about the eCommerce industry – there is no such thing as no competition. The truth is, the competition just keeps getting bigger, better and of course, humorous!

Now Amazon and Snapdeal started their sales a day prior to the Big Billion Days. So Flipkart decided to take them head on with this little gif that asked people to wait for the 2nd. Well, indirect takedowns are the healthiest we suppose.

flipkart gif

What’s more? Their tactic got picked up by popular media websites who had a great time mocking the competitors with the gif! More promotion for Flipkart, we say and all it took was a little bit of humor.

6. Don’t forget Instagram

Instagram is known to bag sales of higher value than any other social media channel. We wrote a post sharing some interesting statistics and tactics on how marketers can leverage its power, and its ever growing user base.

Flipkart is not the one to miss out on where their audience is. They make it a point to touch base with them wherever they can. So they created an Instagram theme of posts around the Big Billion Days. In fact, they also shared some of the sale items that their own employees couldn’t resist purchasing too. After all, we’re all the typical online shoppers!

flipkart big billion instagram 1

Superdry is pretty famous here in India and everyone’s forever looking for good deals on their ‘slightly costly’ products. Pretty sure this post of one of their employee’s purchase helped in more sales!

flipkart big billion instagram 2

7. Engage, engage and engage

Flipkart sure does know the value of customer engagement. Making conversation with the shoppers at the right time, could really save the sale. Like in this case, the shopper was looking for a delivery mode he could not find on the store.

The team at Flipkart was quick to respond to the same and take the conversation offline. Well, customer satisfaction is everything after all!

flipkart big billion customer engagement

8. Leverage the fear of missing out

The thing with online shoppers is that they tend to procrastinate over a purchase and spend a considerable amount of time looking for deals on products they like. Now the fact is that they might or might not find this deal on your store. The chances of them becoming a competitor’s customer are as high!

This is where including a sense of urgency to tap into the fear of missing out on a good deal comes in. Reiterating the deadline of your sale or how products are going out of stock, is a great way to nudge customers into making the purchase ‘now’.

flipkart big billion tweet

9. Include your partners in marketing

As an eCommerce store, you’re obviously associated with multiple brands. Then why just do the marketing and promotions all alone? Make your partners a part of your marketing strategy by nudging them to promote the sales to their followers on social media.

For instance Ambrane India and HP India made sure that their followers knew of the great deals they could bag from the Big Billion Days on Flipkart!

flipkart big billion partner tweet 1

And here’s how HP promoted the sale:

flipkart big billion partner tweet 2

10. Share your stories

Stories tend to get related to the most and Flipkart sure does know that. They know that people are intrigued on how they are going to function through the sale days and if they are actually committed to delivering great quality products – on time.

So they shared a small clip of their employees taking a little oath and getting set to rock n roll!

11. Personalize on-site experience

The typical traits of an online shopper moving to other eCommerce stores to look for products isn’t going to change – no matter how big your sale is! This is where the importance of personalization steps in.

No shopper wants to browse through some products, leave the website and then come back to start all over again. Flipkart keeps it in mind to not just promote their popular deals on the homepage, but also the recently viewed items and favourite brands of the visitor.

flipkart big billion favourite brands flipkart big billion recently viewed

12. And never ever miss out on emails

Email marketing is the most effective tactic for eCommerce businesses. When strategized and executed well, emails are known to drive in higher conversions and a lot higher transaction values.

During sales, your eCommerce store can practically reach out to the subscribers with emails to notify them of fast selling products and create a sense of urgency. Or simply let them know of the deals they could have missed out on.

Here’s an email I got stating the most popular deals on their store:

flipkart big billion email 2

And here’s one to notify me of the special deal I can avail if I have a SBI account:

flipkart big billion email 1

And of course, this email that reminds me it is the last day to bag all those amazing offers!

flipkart last day email

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13. Retargeting, of course

Flipkart left no stone unturned to convert any of their store visitors into customers. They made sure that the products they showed interest in, followed them around on social media channels till they were convinced to grab the deal!

And then again, we all know how effective retargeting is for eCommerce businesses.

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Apart from online promotions, Flipkart also used offline promotions like print media to promote the sales. Because, omni channel marketing is just so important today.

While Flipkart racks up more sales, there are surely a gazillion lessons that online stores can learn from their marketing team. All we have to say is, keep up the good show guys and thank you for inspiring us!

Is it time to rev up your game?


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Time to make the next billion!

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