According to Rocket Fuel, a good bounce rate falls somewhere between 30 to 50 percent. Bounce rate refers to the number of visitors who check out one page on your website and leave.

But we think a bounce rate over 25% means a greater opportunity to reach out to the potential customers. After all, if they weren’t interested, they wouldn’t have been there in the first place.

14 hacks to keep your website visitors engaged longer

So here 14 simple hacks that will keep your visitors engaged on the website pages a little longer than usual and reduce bounce rates:

1. Declutter your design

If your website is still packed with animated images and excess design elements, it is time to change. Your website is the face of your brand. You need to keep up with the trends to resonate with your audience. And the sad part is, you have got only 15 seconds (or less) to make or break an impression.

website loading time

2. Streamline the number of fonts

Another put off for website visitors is seeing innumerable fonts on the pages. Of course, you put what looked the best – but it isn’t the 90s anymore. If you have got more than 2 fonts on the homepage itself, pick 2 of them. Choose fonts that resonate with your brand image to be able to create a modern look.

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3. Choose a larger font size

The size of the fonts you choose have a great impact on how long your visitors stay on the website page. Too small a font kills the readability, while too big a font is too ‘in-your-face’. According to Smashing Magazine, fonts less than 16 pixels decrease the website’s readability.

4. Do away with some copy

Does your website copy look like an essay you wrote back in school? Time to change that. While it is a good idea to be explanatory, too much of content can kill the design or bore the visitor. Apply visual breaks to your content to improve the readability. Adding headings, sub-headings, lists are a great way to make the content snackable.

5. Humanize those visuals

If you have been using stock or generic images on your website, it is time for some change. People don’t buy from businesses, people buy from people. And the only way to win their trust, is to do away with stock images and bring in relatable faces. Medelia Art conducted an A/B test on their homepage. The one with the artist’s picture got 95% more conversions than that with his paintings. But before you make these changes live, here are 6 A/B tests you must run on your website.

6. Use interesting graphics

You can’t put a face to everything and using stock images is way too conventional. So pull up your creative sleeves and create some custom visuals for your brand. A study by Brafton shows that websites with custom visuals saw a 14.3% decrease in bounce rates. Tools like Canva, Pablo and Piktochart are a non-designer’s saviours!

7. Throw in some numbers

People trust numbers more than words.  So throw in some industry specific numbers to beef up your website’s copy and impress the visitors.

8. Make a thought provoking comment

Ever noticed how people go crazy about a statement some celebrity said at a talk show? Pick out what is trending in your audience’s circles and make a remark that provokes thoughts on it. Leaving your visitors with something to think about, is the best way to keep them on your page longer.

9. Ask a question

Asking questions on a popular topic is another smart way to keep your visitors engaged. In fact, it is a great way to encourage interaction and make conversation with them as well.

10. Use internal linking while framing content

Link to studies outside your website, but also insert 2 to 3 internal links in the content body. This is a great way to keep the visitors engaged and give more exposure to all your other content.

11. Open all external links in new tabs

If you’re including external links in your content body, set them all to open in new tabs. Else in your quest to provide more information, you’ll be sending the visitors away.

12. Use exit intent overlays

Exit intent overlays show up only when the visitor is about to leave the website. Most visitors come with the intention of seeking some information and leave as soon as they get it. These visitors more often than not leave without exploring what else the website has to offer. Use these overlays to either notify them. Be it about an offer you are running, subscription forms or post suggestions. You can find some examples here.

Target abandoning visitors and turn them to email subscribers

Turn Lost Visitors Into Customers

Grow your email list faster than ever by targeting abandoning visitors with tailored messages.

13. Always tell a story

What’s a brand without a story? Nothing. The oldest and the most popular trick of successful marketers, is a great story. Every brand has a unique story behind it. Leverage from yours to grab your visitor’s attention is the smartest thing to do. A story also helps build trust in the customers. Share sneak peeks into your business to build an image of a customer centric brand.

Storytelling can improve your content marketing

And the most important of them all,

14. Create a responsive website

Mobile internet usage has skyrocketed over the years. Chances are you’re reading this post on a mobile device.  Today’s generation accesses all information on-the-go. So create a responsive website to offer a smooth browsing experience.

responsive design and mobile experience

Over to you

What’s the hack you use for keeping your audience engaged longer on the website? How well has it been working for you?

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