We have time and again proven how popups can be beneficial in capturing a website visitor’s attention and driving him towards a conversion. We have also been answerable to many who say they are just ‘interruptive’ and ‘annoying’.

But the truth is that popups aren’t an annoying website element, it is the strategy behind using them that falters more often than not. Sometimes they get a little too pushy and at other times the design of the popup is so unpleasing to the eye that the visitor is pushed towards leaving the website instead of converting.

In this post, we’re going to share with you a few popup design inspirations for your next Exit Bee campaign to convert website visitors into subscribers or customers.

1. A popup that replicates your website theme

Popup designs are always meant to complement the theme of your website, but at the same time draw the visitor’s attention towards them by standing out. This popup here follows through the design of the eCommerce store it is used on. It uses one of the product images that the visitor may have even seen during browsing.

folklore subscription

2. A popup that gets literal with your business goals

Who says a popup just needs to be rectangular in shape? Get your thinking cap on and think of shapes or designs that also stand for your business’s core value proposition. In this case for instance, the popup is like a folded page because the website is that of a content marketing agency.

contensify popup

3. A popup that is just a cute little nudger

While most popups are center aligned on websites and are comparatively huge in size, sometimes using a little one does no harm. The popup here for instance appears at the corner of a web page, not interrupting the read that is on the left of it. It follows minimal designing and sticks to conveying the offer in as less words as possible.

cute popup

4. A popup that acts like a scroll

Popups don’t necessarily need to appear out of nowhere. Like the designs, you can vary their entrance as well using some effects. We love this popup that appears as a scroll from the top of the web page, instead of the usual popups that appear in the middle.

henry harvin exit bee

5. A popup made using what you offer

Sometimes a visitor may not understand what your business is offering. In this case, it is a great idea to simply give them a sneak peek into what awaits them. This popup here is created using icons that are available on the website otherwise as well. Another thing we love here is the fact that they have kept their message crisp and incredibly simple.

star popup

6. A full page popup that is hard to miss

Like we said, popups are all about catching the website visitor’s attention, feeding him with a value proposition that will make him convert and add to your business goals. This popup here for instance, is a full page campaign that instills a sense of urgency for the sale, clearly puts its message in as little words as possible and redirects as per the choice of the visitor.

viari-belts-modal-1 (4)

7. A popup design that is simply too eclectic to miss

Sometimes you need to go beyond the theme of your website to create a popup that grabs the attention of the visitors – literally, grabs and screams out the message. This popup here uses geometrical shapes, colours and a minimal copy to target its visitors.

cart abandonment exit bee example

8. A popup design that stimulates you to act

The aim behind a popup is to nudge a visitor into taking an action that somehow adds to your business goals. But it isn’t just the copy that stimulates action, your design needs to do so too. This popup here for instance is focussed on letting the visitor know he loses by not interacting with the business, and the green CTA with the bold copy to be better, motivates him to take action.

you lose step 1

9. A popup that is as festive as your offer

The popup design should complement the campaign you’re running in every way. For instance, here is one that is as festive as the offer. The design uses various Christmas-y elements to complement the sale they are running on gift items!

folklore onsite retargeting

10. A popup that doesn’t look like a popup

Every popup is different – they are associated with different goals and offer different things. Then why not use different designs? A popup is usually considered a bit irritating by internet users. So use a design that seems more natural, pleasing to the eye and yet successfully grabs the visitor’s attention.

different round exit bee popup

11. A popup that is minimalistic yet chic

If you really want your website visitors to love you, even when you target them with popups, it is important to consider minimalism. This popup here is minimalistic in its design approach, using only a bit of typography and lots of white spacing; but a hint of chic is added to it as well by using a slanted rectangle instead of the usual one!

fashion blogger (1)

12. A popup that is bound to be relatable

Apart from the copy, the popup’s design plays an important role in making the value proposition relatable to the visitor. This popup for instance uses a map in the background of the main form popup, instead of the conventional black or white translucent ones. The element by itself reinforces what the company does, and what the message is all about.

tourism industry 6 (2)

13. A popup that uses a bit of humour

No one minds a little of humour in between our monotonous schedules. So why not use this tendency to draw a visitor’s attention to what your business has to offer? This popup here, for instance, is a simple subscription campaign. But the background image used bring in a bit of fun to the overall design.

funny popup

14. A popup that depicts its own copy

We have seen popups that complement the website’s themes and the value proposition that has been fed to the visitor. Now is for a design that depicts its own copy. For example, this popup here is that of a music festival website and is encouraging visitors to book before they leave. The design uses pictures from the previous events and a shape that resembles tickets itself!


15. A popup that is your favourite doodle

Whoever said that popups need to use design elements that are well defined, is certainly wrong. Doodles work too! Give your campaigns an authentic look by combining doodling and the traditional design elements. This one here does exactly that. But remember, your call-to-action must always stand apart – we prefer you not using doodles for it!

doodle popup


Popups can be beautiful elements that actually add to your website, that take away from it.

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