Each one of us is practically gearing up for the holiday season and let’s be honest, why wouldn’t anyone? It is the perfect time to join in the festivities with your target market, tap into the market opportunities and become a perfect part of their lives!

Okay, the last bit might sound a little unrealistic. But you get the point, don’t you?

Holiday season is that time of the year when businesses put their best foot forward to ensure they stay in sight of their target audience, while their competition has a tough time even grabbing their attention.

Almost every eCommerce store out there is giving their stores and social profiles a quick revamp in order to match the festive mood. They are planning attractive sales and campaigns to drive traffic to their website too.

But let’s face it, not all traffic to your website means a confirmed sale.

There is going to be a lot of competition in the market and turning this traffic into a successful sale, is only going to become more challenging.

1. Plan your promotions well

If you thought setting all your promotions for the last minute is going to get you the sales you expect, you’re wrong. You need to plan the campaigns wisely and a little in advance on popular holiday purchase dates. This includes the Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and more. About 78% of shoppers used the internet for research last holiday season and about 92% plan to go online for research this holiday season.

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2. Create cross sell and upsell campaigns

Holiday season is the time when people are looking for the best of deals on the products they like as well as package deals that they could use for gifting purposes. So create cross sell and upsell campaigns that are designed to increase the average order value on your store. Bundle products that complement one another or will let a shopper avail some other special discount. The more contextual you are in packaging deals, the higher are the chances of conversions on them.

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3. Make your discounts look really attractive

Every online store is pitching their deals to your target audience. The only way to grab their attention is to offer something that is far more compelling or attractive than the others. For instance, instead of the usual x% off on products, use a campaign that tells them how much they can save this holiday season!


4. Associate yourself with a good cause

The festive season is usually when people are looking at doing some good deeds. Be it helping those in need or simply doing something that adds up to a bigger cause. If you associate the sales you make during the season with one of the causes that a majority of your audience believes in, the chances of purchases increase by manifolds!

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5. Help them make it all personal

Most of your online store visitors are looking for gifts for their friends and family. While some might be heading over to their places for the holidays, there are going to be some who are going to send gifts home. The latter are the people who look for stores who can help them make gifting more personal. Give them the choice to gift wrap an order or leave a note along side for the recipient.

6. Understand what they are really looking for

Holiday season is usually synonymous with a lot of expenditures. That’s exactly the reason why online shoppers spend a lot of time online to research for the perfect gifts. They want to be able to give their friends and family the best of gifts, and yet be able to save money. And at the sa time, get a guarantee that they could exchange the gifts if the need be. Some of the most desired offerings these shoppers look for are free shipping, easy returns and the ability to match prices.

7. Optimize your store for mobile devices

Most of your shoppers are going to be making hurried purchases on-the-go. This means the traffic to your website from mobile devices is going to peak. You want to make sure that each aspect of your online store is optimized for mobile devices. From the ability to browse through products to an easy checkout, consider everything that will let a visitor complete his purchase easily and quickly.

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8. Ramp up your email frequency

Your target audience and subscribers are more open to responding to promotional messages from your business. So don’t miss the opportunity and ramp up your email frequency. Although we do recommend you don’t over do it, we think reaching out to them with special offers more than once is surely going to bag you a sale.

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9. Give yourself a little makeover

To resonate with the mood your online store visitors are in, give yourself a makeover too online. From the little elements of your online store like banner images, backgrounds to your social pages and their looks, try to match the festivities. The idea is to make merry with your audience!

10. Create a sense of urgency around the sale

You could be offering the sale all through till the end of the season, but you don’t really need to let the visitor know that. If he think he has time to make a decision about a product, he is more likely to wander away to look for others thinking he could come back to it later – which he really won’t. So create a little sense of urgency around the discounts you’re running.

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11. Offer assistance in shopping

We understand how you physically can’t be there to assist your shoppers in making purchase decisions. But you could always offer help. For instance, for products that require the visitor to choose a size, offer a size guide. You could also implement a live chat on your store for times when the visitor just has a quick question.

12. Run a loyalty program and reward customers

One thing is for sure, everyone’s holiday shopping list is almost endless. If you want to bag sales, stop trying to get only new visitors to your store. Running a loyalty program that rewards the shoppers in a way that is redeemable in their next purchase, guarantees they will come back to you even the next time.

13. Don’t let them miss the specials

There are visitors who will see your ads, social profiles and other campaigns before reaching your store. But there will also be those who just land on your website via search while looking for something. You want to make sure these people see your festive specials too. Retargeting them with an Exit Bee campaign on their exit intent, you could redirect them to your special offers page where they are more likely to make a purchase.

14. Actively engage with your customers

You don’t need to focus on only trying to get a sale out of your store visitors. It is important that you focus on engaging them in such a way that they can be lead to a purchase eventually. Be it on social media, email, SMS or any other channel, make sure you’re sending out timely messages that shoppers are likely to interact with. The idea is to make an interaction and start a conversation before anyone else. They should be looking forward to your sales than anyone else’s.

15. Incorporate social proof for products

One of the major concerns for online shoppers is the quality of the products they are about to purchase. And when it comes to gifting, they become even more skeptical. This is why it is important that you have social proof on your store. Customer reviews, ratings, testimonials and other forms can boost your store’s reliability in the eyes of the visitor and get you a sale instantly.

Not sure what kind of social proof you can use? 10 types of social proof you can leverage to increase your sales.

16. Run retargeting campaigns

It is obvious that the visitors to your store don’t make a purchase in the first go. They would definitely like to know what other options are available to them. But that doesn’t mean you let them take their sweet time in coming back to your store. Using retargeting campaigns on social media to display products they have shown interest in and the discounts they have on them, is a great way to remain in their line of sight and also get them to purchase those products.

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eCommerce businesses are becoming challenging to run. You don’t just need to make sure the products you offer are good, but that your store offers an exceptional experience to its customers and stands out from the rest.

Keeping a customer first approach in mind, remember to optimize the little aspects of your online store. The more in sync you are with the festivities, the greater are your sales!

All set for the holiday season?

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