You know how each one of us turns to Google to look for articles on marketing and business growth. With the rising digital competition, it is but obvious to do so. There is absolutely no other way to last in the ever growing market, other than pushing yourself to do better than before.

Now that 2017 is right around the corner, every business is most likely holding meetings with their teams to find ways they can boost their business growth. This is where research comes in and all of us start to spend hours looking for the right sources of information.

Since we’re actually doing the same, we decided to share the list of blogs we think you need to start following today to stay up-to-date with everything marketing and growth.

1. Mention

Mention makes monitoring your real time social media performance possible. And it’s almost that their blog covers a themes around marketing as well as analytics. What we love the most about their blog is that they are usually insightful how-to’s that come with an estimated reading time. The posts are also smartly categorised into categories so that it’s easier for you to choose what to read.

2. Buffer

Buffer is already an expert when it comes to social media – publishing content at the right time, always. Their blog too features articles around the same that give insights into how users can make use of their tool or what new trends they need to get up-to-date with. While they follow an easy to consume language, their blogs often have insightful data points that help you get a deeper understanding of the market.

3. Autopilot

Autopilot offers a really smart marketing automation tool that enables businesses to improve the customer journey of their target audience. Their blog is as smart when it comes to content. Right from the marketing aspects of the industry that you need to keep up with, to how you can effectively implement marketing automation, the posts will keep you updated and add value to your knowledge.

4. ConversionXL

Every marketer who doesn’t just focus on marketing aspects, but also what to do after drawing the target audience’s attention, follows ConversionXL for sure. It helps readers optimize their conversion rates and Peep Laja shares some of his very own hacks that are definitely a must try for all businesses. They focus on giving eCommerce and SaaS companies a data driven approach to grow in their target market.

5. Marketing Land

Digital marketing has evolved over the years all thanks to technology. So it’s safe to say that they move hand in hand, and Marketing Land shares content around the same. Their blogs explain the relationship between the two along with industry insights. In fact, they share in-depth infographics and studies as well that you could refer to at any point of time.

6. Duct Tape Marketing

Personally, I have been someone who refers to their blog when it comes to taking down some pointers to improve my approach – especially when it comes to startups. Duct Tape Marketing offers valuable content on how businesses can get to their customers in a competitive market and then grow their customer base in a sustainable manner. From ebooks, webinars to podcasts, their blog has content for every kind of learner.

7. GetSocial

Just about every business out there has taken to mobile – even if they have the simplest of apps serving just the purpose of keeping their audience engaged. The GetSocial blog shares industry insights into how you can grow your app using their tools, while on a budget. They also share insights into what popular apps in the market do to keep their users engaged and churn rates reduced.

8. Oktopost

When it comes to looking for tips on social media marketing, there are just way too many sources of information. If you’re looking for a one stop shop for all of it, then head over to the Oktopost blog. From those who are just starting off with social media to experts, their content has something for everyone!

9. Radius

There are so many times when you want to dig deeper into a topic and get answers to all the whys. The Radius blog answers all of it. From sales, data and marketing, you’ll find all pieces of information on one blog, so you can bookmark it for regular reading.

10. A Better Lemonade Stand

A blog started by Richard Lazazzera, the articles shares on it cover a wide range of topics from digital marketing and eCommerce. The intention behind each piece is to not just serve a how, why and what, but also examples that could serve as an inspiration for someone who’s looking for tips.


If you want your marketing campaigns to be successful, you don’t just need to focus on market insights but also the branding and design of your own business. From lead generation, market strategy to consumer centered strategies, their blog has it all. Their learning center provides some of the best industry whitepapers, videos, slideshows, infographics, etc forms of content.

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12. Copyblogger

Content marketing has practically become a must-have for all types of businesses – be it B2C or B2B. But it is a challenging tactic to approach and Copyblogger makes it all easy. They have the most popular marketing and blogging blog, that shares insightful tips, tricks and hacks into the industry. They occasionally also share industry insights that can help marketers understand their target audience better.

13. Bluleadz

Continuing on our point about content marketing above, another must follow blog for inbound marketing tips is Bluleadz. It helps marketers by sharing tips on how to improve their brand’s awareness, bring more traffic to their business website and effectively convert them into leads or customers.

14. Neuromarketing

We have time and again spoken of how marketing needs to also include the target market’s sentiments and psychology for maximum results. Neuromarketing shares articles that are backed by science and combine psychology with marketing. After all, it is all about understanding the customers today.

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15. ReferralCandy

Let’s face it, there is no other marketing that is as effective as word-of-mouth. This is where ReferralCandy comes handy as a tool and a blog that you need to refer to. The articles focus on how common marketing tactics can include word-of-mouth to improve their results, and the relationship between customers and businesses.

16. HelpScout

Since we’re talking about customer centric marketing, let’s move our focus to customer experience. To leverage word-of-mouth marketing, you first need to deliver an impeccable experience to your customers. HelpScout shares content on how businesses can improve their customer experience and journeys – both before and after conversions. This is definitely a blog that SaaS companies need to bookmark.

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17. Convince & Convert

Effective marketing is one which convinces the target market of the value they would get on engaging with the business, instead of its competitors. Convince & Convert shares blogs by digital marketing advisors around social media and content marketing. They share insightful pieces on how businesses can leverage the power of inbound marketing for growth.

18. MarketingProfs

Another personal favourite, MarketingProfs has been bookmarked on my browser ever since I got into marketing. Be it industry trends, professional development for marketers, guides, reports and more, their blog shares it all. So if you’re struggling with understanding a new industry jargon, you might want to head over to their blog right away.

19. HubSpot

Another obvious blog that makes it to our must follow list, is HubSpot. They are not just known for their nifty marketing and sales software, but also their insightful industry blogs. Their blog shares some of the best articles, smartly categorised into marketing and sales for easy consumption. What’s best is that you can subscribe to the category you prefer reading more often.

20. SEMRush

The folks at SEMRush are literally experts in SEO, PPC and content marketing. Yes, that’s pretty much your recipe for digital success. They share insightful how-to’s and explanatory blogs on an almost daily basis. Their blogs are aimed at educating the readers on how to implement most of the tips and tricks shared by industry experts, and other blogs.

We’re not saying these are the only 20 blogs you should follow. Everyone has their own liking when it comes to reading. So go ahead and take your pick, but don’t forget to bookmark the ones you decide to follow – you don’t want to end up forgetting the name of a blog that shared a really important piece last week!

Apart from the above, if you’re looking at some daily reads around digital, content and social media marketing, as well as conversion optimization, you could simply subscribe to our blog! 🙂

We don’t just share tips, tricks and hacks that we have tried and tested over time, but also have an expert section where we try to get industry leaders share some of their secrets.

Got a blog that you think we should follow? Feel free to add to this list by dropping a comment below – but don’t forget to mention why and what the blog has to offer.

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