With internet becoming the lifeline of contemporary way of life across the globe, the number of webpages constituting this whole virtual world continues to increase at an unprecedented rate.

In fact, there are about 47–48 billion webpages as of now, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to have between 12-24 million of them as ecommerce websites. I mean everyone wants a piece of the pie, right?

But is it really that simple – set up an ecommerce website and a constant revenue-generation stream will be directed towards you? Unfortunately not, according to statistics; for example, out of those 12-24 million ecommerce websites that exist, only as little as 3% (650,000) of them ever earn more than $1,000 in annual sales.

Quite startling, but true!

So, what does all this number game tell you, you might wonder? Of all other things, it tells you one thing for sure, a huge majority (i.e. 97%) of ecommerce stores are not doing things rightly. Otherwise, a lot more of them would have been able to net more than $1,000/year.

Though there could be a plenty of reasons behind this, but one most significant of them is that most online businesses fail to give conversion optimization its due share of respect and attention.

This is not some wild guessing, but hard cold facts, as also validated in this Adobe 2013 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey Results, which reveal that over half of online retailers (i.e. 53%) avoid allocating more than 5% of the total marketing budget they have to conversion optimization. Perhaps that’s also a reason that conversion rate never even touches 1% for 35% of online businesses.

The good news is that you can improve your conversions if you follow the right kind of advice, tips and tricks, such as in this compilation of 25 Ecommerce Conversion Hacks by Technorian, which is aimed at helping you get the most relevant traffic and turn it into satisfied customers.

25 ecommerce conversion hacks

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