Growing your email list can be really tricky. It is a process that takes too long when done organically and fails too quickly when outsourced. You want to do it fast, but you don’t want irrelevant contact information from the consumer market to be a part of it. You also want to make sure that this email list is able to make your email marketing campaigns successful.

But hold on a minute, how do you grow your email list 1000% times?

30+ ways to grow your email list faster than ever

Create a site wide lead magnet : First things first, it is important to make your subscribe button absolutely visible. So make sure you have site wide lead magnet on all your web pages; including the home page.

Create blog/ content series : Content marketing is your best bet at getting people hooked to your business, so why not create a series? Doing so will make them look forward to part 2 of a content piece, for which they will definitely drop an email address to be notified at.

For example, we created a growth hacking toolkit series:

  1. 20 smart growth hacking tools for startup marketers (part 1)
  2. Growth hacking tools for startup marketers (part 2)

Offer a content upgrade for each category : If you’re covering a number of topics in your inbound strategy, it is a great idea to offer a content upgrade alongside popular pieces that offer more insights in lieu of the reader’s email address.

For instance, we offer an ebook on eCommerce for exit intent to all those who have shown interest in related topics:

  • You can get the book here

exit intent for ecommerce

Nudge your social following to subscribe : A lot of people from your audience will choose to follow you on social media instead of sharing their contact details. But encourage them to do so by regularly tweeting or posting about the value they would receive from you in their inbox.

Host a contest : Everyone loves a little entertainment every now and then, especially if it involves gamification and winning something they value. Host a contest for your audience and promote it aggressively. Make adding email address a part of the participation process.

For example, this contest that a website visitor won’t mind sharing his email address to win!


Promote a giveaway : Similar to contests, free giveaways are something no one says no to. So go ahead and promote a giveaway to your audience to complete smaller tasks that involve sharing their contact details.

Include email in sharing options : Yes, you have social sharing buttons everywhere on the blog. But what about emails? Don’t forget to add email in your sharing options. The more people know that you offer valuable content, the more likely they are to share their contact information.

Implement exit intent popups to capture attention : Internet users always have a short attention span, so you need to make the most out of the time you have. Retarget your website visitors on exit with personalized campaigns that capture their attention and drive them towards sharing their contact information.

For instance, we used this campaign on exit intent to generate more leads.

growth hack your email list - free trial

Use a full page drop down : Continuing on the point of grabbing attention, using full page dropdowns that encourage the visitors to share their contact information is also a wise tactic. Just remember to highlight the value behind why this should be the first thing they do.

Add social proof to your subscribe button : We tend to have more trust in a business that is trusted by those like us. So why not add the number of subscribers you have, customer testimonials and other types of social proof right below the button to nudge the subscribe action from a visitor?

Include a subscription link in your email signature : Your email signature usually has the link to your social profiles and your website. But if taking your subscription could add value to the end reader, why not include a subscription link as well?

Publish whitepapers, case studies or reports : Internet users are always on the lookout for industry specific information – whys, hows, insights and more. Create and publish longer pieces of content like case studies, reports and more, offer them to your audience in lieu of their email addresses.

Host an insightful webinar : There are some people who prefer audio learning over reading. Cater to those by conducting a webinar on a topic that interests them. Make sure they see the value they will be able to take away after spending hours on a webinar.

Offer subscriber discounts : This one is a hack that has proven to give results across any industry. Offer a special discount to your audience in lieu of subscribing for your newsletter or notifications. Pretty simple, right?

simple popup campaign

Create a free tool for your audience : If you have an online tool that you’re offering to an audience that is new to the technology or the idea, create a free tool with limited features of the same. Let them experience what the tool can do and you could validate your idea in the market with these set of users!

Give a free trial of your product : Continuing on the point above, instead of creating another tool that you can offer for free, why not just offer a hassle free – no credit card required free trial of your product? Those sign ups will definitely grow your email list.

Use Twitter cards to get subscriptions : Twitter is the place to be if you’re trying to get traffic to your website with content, but Twitter cards can also come handy when aiming at subscriptions. Use a Twitter card to tell your followers what they would get by subscribing and make it a one step process to do so.


Include a subscription tab on Facebook : If your main goal is to increase your subscriptions, then go ahead and change the CTA on your Facebook page. Direct people to your subscription. What’s more? Create an interesting cover image that nudges them to do so.

Contribute guest posts : To get subscribers, you need to position yourself as an authority in your niche. This is where guest blogging comes in; so go ahead and identify the websites or platforms most of your audience is on.

Conduct interviews with influencers : Influencer marketing is ranked as one of the top tactics in the digital industry when you want to reach out to a mass audience. Conducting an interview with an influencer will automatically draw in his followers who would be willing to share their contact information to be able to view the same.

Start a conversation : Offline or online events, meetings and more, don’t lose your chance of starting a conversation with someone you think fits into your user personas. Encourage sharing of contact information and don’t forget to jot it down!

Share your email subscription in social groups and communities : Just like you make the effort of syndicating your blog posts throughout digital platforms, make sharing your email subscription a part of it too. Let the members know what they would gain on subscribing to your list of course.

Ask for referrals from existing customers : Word of mouth is the most effective way of promoting your business, so go ahead and create a referral campaign. Encourage your existing customers to invite their friends with their email addresses in lieu of something valuable, and see your email list crank up!

Make use of a content locker : There are some posts wherein you put extra hours looking for information that the reader won’t otherwise find easily. This is where you should use a content locker; you made the effort of looking through to find relevant information for the reader, the reader too will be willing to share his email address for the same.


Add opt-ins at the end of every blog post : Don’t just end your blogs with a conclusion and a series of social sharing buttons. Create a call-to-action that encourages the reader to opt-in to your email list and get similar content delivered straight to his inbox.

Keep the form fields minimal : The thumb rule of increasing your subscriptions, is to make it really easy for your audience to do so. Your form should only include fields that make sense to both the subscriber and you, cut out the unnecessary questions wherever possible.

Create an email course : Everyone wants to learn, especially when it is digital and in the form of a micro course. Create a course that sends informational posts, worksheets and more to inboxes of those who subscribe or sign up for it.

Include relevant contacts and connections : Step back and look into your contact list right away. It is time you added all those contacts and relevant connections to your email list. But of course, keep context in mind because you’re also aiming at a healthy email list.

Host or be a part of industry events : Host events around popular industry topics. Make sure you invite your target audience, and are interacting with them actively. Alternatively, you can become a part of networking events that others are hosting. Great way to start a conversation and get a few email addresses.

Occasionally feature your subscribers : Ask for feedback or conduct regular survey amongst followers and subscribers. Feature some of them every now and then in your newsletter by giving them a shoutout for being a valuable customer. You won’t believe how many people would be willing to get promoted by a business!

Tweak your own social profiles : Instead of letting your website’s link rest in your author bio, tweak it to your subscription link. If people like the posts you’re making on social media, they will definitely take a look at your profile for a link to follow you on. Email subscriber, right ahead.

Make use of social DMs : Direct messaging is probably the most underused tactic on social media. All that businesses use it for, is to thank their followers which isn’t justice enough! Make use of DMs to promote your subscription link, let people know what they would get or even start a conversation.

Don’t hesitate from partnering : Partner with affiliate websites or industry specific websites for promotions. Host a webinar, quiz, contest or simply contribute a featured post on the partner’s site that draws his traffic to your subscription.

Become a part of discussions : Your audience is considerably active on forums and communities, mostly looking for day-to-day solutions. Identify these channels and contribute to the discussions in a valuable manner; you won’t just get followers, but also subscribers from this activity.

Now we don’t want to overwhelm you with more tips and hacks, so go ahead and try these first.

But first, are you ready to handle 1000% more subscribers?


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