Content marketing has been riding the high waves throughout this year and from where we see it, it is going to continue to do so the next year as well. In fact, it is going to become the only way that businesses can convert their target audience into customers – yes, the more value you add to your target market, the greater are the number of customers you would get.

With the new year right around the corner, here’s taking a look at how you can use content to get more customers.

1. Content that boosts awareness

The idea of creating content for your business is to create a rapport of someone who knows what they are doing. So focus on attracting your customers first with content that helps you boost your brand awareness.

According to the Zero Moment of Truth report, consumers consult over 10 sources of information on the internet before buying a product or making the decision to engage with a business. Hence, it is important to become that source of information.

zero moment of truth


But it is also important to understand here that you need to know who your target audience is, what are they looking for, how you can offer the same to them and what stage of the sales cycle are they on.

Based on your research, create content that is tapered to suit prospects who are still researching or learning about solutions to their common concerns. Sharing relevant and high on information content will help you draw attention to your business, and also help establish an authority in your niche.

What kind of content does this include?

  • Blog posts around the trending topics of the industry
  • Webinars on popular topics searched by the audience
  • Seminars to address your target audience and their queries live
  • Live chats with prospects
  • Infographics on industry niche (they get tons for shares, trust us!)

2. Content that converts leads into customers

Once you’ve drawn attention to your business and what it does, it is time to convert that traffic and leads into your customers – well, isn’t that the end goal of a marketing campaign? The same holds true when you’re working with content.

But to take your leads from just being interested in what your business does to customers, requires proof. Social proof elements that say your product has been used before or has delivered a certain address, is the only way to get customers.

This is where content like explainer or how-to videos work wherein you can show how exactly the business comes handy to the customer, or states a real example of the same.

What kind of content does this include?

  • How-to videos of the product/service
  • Use case videos of the product/service
  • Case studies – the most effective of them all

For instance, we too have a set of case studies that show how exit intent works on different websites to improve their conversion rates. You can view them all here.

exit bee case studies

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3. Content that keeps the customers engaged

A business’s goal doesn’t just end at acquiring a customer. It is important to ensure that the customer stays loyal to your brand, irrespective of the choices he is presented with in the market. And considering the rise in digital competition, you absolutely need to make sure that no one takes your place.

Social media is one way of regularly posting content to keep in touch with your customers – then of course, there is email too! But what you actually need to do is keep adding value to the customers so that they feel like they made the right choice.

Is there something about your product or service that they might not know of? Are there a few hacks that could help them use your products better? Is there something that you’d rather you were the only one to answer? Then create content around it!

What kind of content does this include?

  • Question and answer posts addressing common queries
  • Tips and tricks for using your product/service better
  • Workshops to assist the customer in using your product/service

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4. Content that encourages word-of-mouth promotion

Alright, you could either keep putting in money to consistently acquire new customers or you could leverage the power of recommendations, that would also optimize your customer acquisition cost. Yes, you heard that right.

Almost 60% of consumers engage with a business if a family member or friend has recommended it to them. So why not create content that encourages them to share a little about your business?

What kind of content does this include?

  • Running referral marketing programs
  • Customer loyalty programs via inbound methods
  • Contests and quizzes
  • User generated content

Or even better, while you draw them to your website with all the above content, retarget them with an exit intent campaign that nudges them to share it before they leave.

Use Exit Bee to boost your content reach with on-site retargeting.

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But here’s one thing you need to know when working with content for business marketing and growth, it can’t just be on your channel.

If you want people to know about your business, focus 20% of your effort on creating great content and 80% on getting it out there on all the channels that your target audience could possibly be present on!

Be it social media, online communities and groups, emails or retargeting campaigns, it is important your content stays in sight when they’re looking for information on a topic that interests them.

What other types of content do you think a business needs to get more customers?

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