With the eCommerce industry on the rise, it is becoming really challenging for businesses to acquire new customers – unless they have an endless marketing budget to run ads and a capability to offer unmatched slashed prices on products.

Every online shopper has a tendency to visit multiple stores that offer a product he desires. The intention behind doing so is to bag the product at a good deal and with an assurance that the quality is maintained to the t!

In one of our previous posts, we discussed how eCommerce businesses can use exit intent popups to boost their online store sales. One of the most effective tactics being, retargeting their store visitors before they even left the website and explored other options.

But popups, if not designed and strategized well, have a tendency to become a little too ‘irritating’ for an online shopper.

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So starting with the popup design, here are some of the best and some of the worst designs – 5 each, to be precise, that we have come across so far!

Starting with the worst, of course and saving the good for later.

5 popup designs that are going to make you lose your online store sales

1. This distastefully designed popup we won’t want another to see

Take a look at the design and tell us if you’d really like to get that lipstick for free. The product image used isn’t clear, the copy seems all too long, the value proposition is not highlighted and all the elements just seem to be placed on a whiteboard. We are certainly not sharing the site on our Facebook or Twitter, to be honest.

bad ecomm popup 1

2. This popup design that makes signing up look challenging

A consumer indulges in online shopping only because he wants to save on time. This means he is looking for stores that offer easy browsing of products and a quick checkout. If you’re retargeting them with a popup for a micro conversion, you need to ensure the process is as optimized. Here for instance, the shopper is going to think these are way too many fields for him to complete and leave without signing up.

bad popup ecomm 2

3. This absolutely blunt and not personalized popup design

We like the fact that this popup straight gets to the point, but here’s what we want to ask – couldn’t they have come up with at least a border around it? Who likes plain text showing up on their screen suddenly? Right from the copy to the CTA designed, this popup is a no-no for being too robotic!

bad ecomm popup 3

4. This popup design that just seems to be a copy paste of elements

Take a look at this popup design and tell us if the ladies in the design don’t look like a cut-copy-paste, done distastefully. The 70% off too doesn’t grab our attention and the call-to-action is just too..let’s just say, we won’t like to click on it at all!

bad ecomm popup 4

5. This popup here that has way too many things to say

Your visitor or prospect customer, is already leaving your website. At this moment, you really don’t want to be targeting him with a popup that has way too much copy. You don’t want to overwhelm the shopper, do you? If you do have a lot of content that you need to promote, create a design that has enough white spacing as well – maybe a full page campaign instead of trying to fit everything in one little box!

bad ecomm popup 5

5 popup designs that will turn your online store visitors into customers for sure

1. This minimalistic popup design that has our heart

House of Blouse ran a cart abandonment campaign with Exit Bee and we designed a premium popup for them. We’re not being partial, we actually created multiple variants for the campaign, but this one is our absolute favourite for its minimalism and the colour combination it makes use of. We also loved how Pavlos (yes, you have heard of him) varied the call-to-action to make it look more like a coupon tag!

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houseofblouse-cart-3 (4)

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2. This full screen campaign that blends with the store yet stands out

Viari created an Exit Bee campaign to redirect their online shoppers to the sale pages – men and women. What we loved about the final design we created for them was the colour combination, how men and women could be redirected to the respective pages instead of a common one, the full screen theme that made the popup seem a lot more natural when triggered and of course the sense of urgency introduced by highlight the end date.

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viari-belts-modal-1 (4)

3. This popup design that just wants to spread some cheer

The House of Folklore used Exit Bee to promote a special sale during Christmas. Even though they were promoting it on their social pages, their organic traffic just seemed to miss out on visiting the page. Using this festive looking popup, they simply redirected the leaving visitor to the sales page. What we love about the design are the little elements of Christmas and the colour theme chosen to match the festiveness!

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folklore onsite retargeting

4. This popup design that literally matches what the online store sells

Popups are all about successfully grabbing a leaving visitor’s attention and drive him towards some sort of a conversion before he leaves. This often requires you to get creative and Manpacks seems to be another example we would love to cite! The popup design literally follows through what the website sells. Tell us if you didn’t spend at least 20 seconds grinning at the creativity!

manpacks popup

5. This popup design that is absolutely beautiful – just like the store products

We love how the popup design uses product images from the store as a background. This gives the popup a bit of authenticity and makes it look more natural when triggered. We also admire how the marketer chose to keep the copy absolutely to-the-point and has used a larger font to highlight the 20% off!

good ecomm popup 5

Ready to boost your online store sales?

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