The field of eCommerce has seen immense growth over the last few years. And as more businesses continue to hop on to the eCommerce bandwagon this year, the market competition is also rising.

But that doesn’t mean you only keep increasing your marketing budgets. There are trends and tricks you need to adopt into your business strategy, and make the most out of to consistently keep acquiring new customers.

With online sales projected to continue to grow, here are the top 5 innovative eCommerce trends that you need to catch up:

1. Improved mobile shopping

Mobile eCommerce has been constantly growing. With the number of mobile users exceeding those that use the desktop to access the internet, businesses are now aiming at delivering a seamless online mobile shopping experience.

The major challenge that businesses faced in taking eCommerce to mobile was being able to optimize the processes for ease. Today, be it browsing through various categories of products or checking out, all the processes just require a few taps and the user is done!



As a matter of fact, eCommerce giants like Flipkart are now also offering live chatting features within the app so that shoppers can take the opinions of their friends before making a purchase. Making the entire experience a lot similar to offline shopping.

The more comfortable the shoppers are while using your app for shopping, the longer will you be able to retain them. In simpler words, the more streamlined you can go with your mobile app, the better it is this year!

2. Contextual shopping

Like every other aspect of digital, eCommerce is also going to be data driven this year. Delivering personalized experiences have become the prime focus for businesses.

While some online shoppers appreciate being suggested customized recommendations across various digital channels, there are those who tend to get bored of it by seeing it a little too often. Hence, making retargeting not so effective. That’s where contextual shopping comes in.

Unlike before, eCommerce businesses now remember the preferences of shoppers who aren’t registered with them as well. This lets them offer the right piece of content to the shoppers at the right time, smoothing the friction in the customer journey.

From displaying the range of products the customer has previously shown interest in, now the sales copy going along with it too will be highly contextual to his preferences.

Personalization this year, is going to be clubbed with context to deliver a real shopping experience to shoppers.

3. Video marketing

We already know the importance of visual content on digital. And how having optimized product descriptions along with high quality pictures impacts the purchase decisions of the online shopper.

However, if you want to remain competitive in the market and sell more than your competitors, you need to be able to make their decision making process even more faster. The smartest way to do so is give them a real-time perspective of the product they are viewing.

Be it 360 degree videos or short clips of the product being modelled, video marketing will only help you offer them a better perspective of the product – making them take effective purchase decisions. A lot of eCommerce websites and mobile apps also use gifs for this purpose.

video marketing statistics


Apart from offering your customers a better shopping experience, videos are also known for boosting the site’s SEO, increasing organic traffic and hence, conversions.

As a matter of fact, many eCommerce businesses like Jabong and Myntra now have their own YouTube channels as well – they consistently upload their product videos to give their prospect customers a better perspective for their could-be purchases.

4. Interaction and collaboration

Offering the best of products in the market is one thing, but letting them customize and personalize their purchases further, can make their shopping experience better. And the feeling of having bought an authentic product, will only increase your loyal customers.

Implement interaction and collaboration tools on your eCommerce website and mobile app, that would allow shoppers to drop their templates into existing designs to create their very own version of the product.

Co-creation is the way eCommerce is going this year!

5. Real time analytics and tracking

Data is the only way to determine whether your business is doing well in the market or not. In traditional marketing techniques, identifying trends and analysing eCommerce results was a time consuming process. And this hampered the experience offered to the online shoppers.

Today, marketing automation and predictive analytics makes it easier for businesses to monitor customers, their online behavior and purchase triggers. This will help businesses identify loopholes in the sales funnel and come up with tactics to make it more effective.

Real-time analytics and tracking will help businesses offer a better shopping experience to their target customers – resulting in lesser lost opportunities.

With the rise of eCommerce, it is important for businesses to consistently experiment and improve the experience they offer to their target customers. An effort that isn’t made in totality, would only result in a lost conversion – in simpler words, a lost market opportunity.

What other trends do you think eCommerce businesses will need to keep up with to get more customers?

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