When have you ever heard anyone say they hate FREE things? Be it a postcard at the coffee shop they just visited, promotional chapters of an upcoming novel in a bookstore or a free ebook of a topic that may not even really interest them, people never let go of FREE things.

So as a business what are those giveaways that can bring in more leads without seeming too pushy or irrelevant?

Here are 5 giveaways that can help growth hack your email list:

1. Free trial

Taking FREE things a bit further, offer your visitors a free trial to your services. Even if these visitors don’t convert at the end of the trial period, you will definitely have some first hand feedback that will help you improve. Likewise, offering free samples of products on an ecommerce website is like giving a chance to the customer to check if it suits their need or not. It also shows that your business is transparent and customer centric in their approach.

growth hack your email list - free trial

BTW you can avail our free trial right here.

At Exit Bee, we offer our target audience a 14 days trial period to experience exit intent technology on their website. We don’t just do that, but also assist them in creating and setting up the right campaigns for their business.

2. Custom discounts and offers

FREE is one thing, but custom discounts and offers are another. While it may sound along the same lines, the little bit of personalisation definitely makes the customers feel valued. It could be as small a discount of an ‘extra 10%’ or simply free shipping.

growth hack your email list - custom discounts

Camping Mani Beach here offers a 10% discount on bookings of 5 days or longer, using the promo code SUMMER15. The campaign reached a 7% click through rate, out of which 60% completed making a booking on the website.

The idea is to make the visitor feel that the service being offered is value for money and something he must not miss.

3. Ebooks, whitepapers and guides

If you haven’t noticed already, ebooks, guides and whitepapers serve as the best giveaways. They don’t just give you a chance to flaunt your industry knowledge, but also help you establish the position of an authority in your niche. By sharing knowledge for free, you gain visitors who will remain grateful to you as well as keep coming back for more.

Here’s Printroot offering a free web design ebook for FREE!

growth hack your email list - free ebook

If you’re thinking ebooks, whitepapers and guides are a little too much work to handle, think smart. Use one of your most popular blog posts, expand the information in it and create a handy long form content format out of it. Once you have it place, it serves as an evergreen content marketing piece for lead generation.

4. Recent popular blog posts

Most of the times visitors leave a website because they could not find the information they were looking for. The backlash of this being, that all the other ‘awesome’ content you offer on the website, gets neglected. A well-written content piece serves as a great giveaway. It doesn’t just help your visitors understand your business, but also how they can benefit from it.

And the only way to make them notice this content, is by suggesting recent or popular posts to them right before they leave. Alternatively, you can have a section for ‘popular posts’ on your home page. The idea is to grab their attention for a little more time as well as add value to it.

5. A chance to win – contests

What if someone told you they’re running a contest or a competition with giveaways for winners, and it was something around your niche? You would most certainly take part in it! Another great offer to make on your website to generate more leads, is a chance to win something through contests.

growth hack your email list - contests

Time your contests with what’s trending and popular events. It lets people relate with your brand instantly and hence, increases the number of participants. Contests and competitions with alluring giveaways serve as a great reason for the visitor to keep coming back for more or simply leave their emails for updates. This excitement and continuous follow through often leads to purchases from even those who didn’t win.

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Before you start handing out freebies, there is a catch you should be aware of. If you offer them something for free right away, they’re probably going to just claim it and leave. After all, their day is made. So instead of trying to run giveaways on your website right after the visitor lands on it, make that offer when the visitor is leaving with exit intent technology.

It will not just serve the purpose of generating another lead, but will also ensure that the browsing experience of the visitor is not interrupted and he stays on your page a bit longer!

Have you ever used giveaways on your website to increase leads? We would love to know the hack you used and how successful it was!


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