What’s a marketing campaign that doesn’t get any attention? Nothing at all.

Setting up a digital campaign is becoming easier by the day, but there are absolutely no guarantees when it comes to their success. The campaign theme might or might not click with your target audience, owing to the innumerable choices they are given across the web.

Nevertheless, the unpredictability of social media and common choices hasn’t discouraged marketers. There have been campaigns that weren’t just a huge success, but continue to be an inspiration till date. Here are our 5 of of favourite ones:

5 evergreen marketing campaigns that continue to inspire

1. Coca Cola’s #ShareACoke

In a campaign that got 125,000 posts published across social media in the summer of 2014, Coca-Cola created the ultimate social craze. They removed their logo from 20-oz bottles and replaced it with 250 popular first names of American teens. Fans were encouraged to create their own personalized virtual bottles on shareacoke.com and share them on their social accounts with the hashtag, #ShareACoke .

 2. Dove’s #RealBeauty

Dove proved that marketing isn’t just about selling, it is about creating an experience that your audience relates to. Their videos showed real women criticising themselves more than they deserved and encouraged them to love themselves before trying to find ‘true love’ outside. Launched back in 2013, the videos still garner millions of views and are still massively shared on social media.

3. Honda #Cheerance Event

Honda ran a campaign along with its annual summer clearance sale in summer last year (2014). The kick off video declared a donation of $100,000 to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, bringing ‘cheer’ to 3 million people. Even the YouTube star was roped in to help raise awareness. Since their campaign included staged events in different cities in a week’s time, their updated videos were not just shared on their YouTube channel, but also all social networks. Each of their event videos received nothing less than 35-40k views each!

4. Water Is Life’s #FirstWorldProblems

Charity organizations are always aiming at fundraising to facilitate their activities. But to do that as well, they need to run promotional campaigns for creating awareness. With lesser funds being available for such promotion, these organizations bank heavily on creativity. Water is Life created their campaign around the poor Haitian people using memes and videos that put forward the typical complaints of the comfortably placed. Their hashtag, #FirstWorldProblems was promoted on social channels to reach out to millions of people and ask for donations. Their campaign was not just a success, but also an eye-opener for many.

5. Viral Vine’s #TurnUpForWhat / #TurnipForWhat

Remember the time when everybody was singing ‘Turn Down for What’? Viral Vine used the song’s popularity and created a viral campaign called #TurnUpForWhat (also popular as #TurnipForWhat). The campaign saw Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States, grooving to the song with a turnip in hand. Promoting healthy living with her ‘Let’s Move’ campaign, this particular campaign was aimed at getting the message across to masses via something they loved. It is till date one of the most viewed Vines.

Is there a marketing campaign that you think is inspiring and will continue to do so for years to come? Link us to it as well! We love hoarding on inspiration.

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