The importance of data based marketing is rising by the day. But observing how the consumer market now seeks relevance and context in everything they are promoted, this trend doesn’t come as a surprise. It is also pretty clear that data marketing is here to stay and no marketer or business can scoot around it.

But with the rise in the number of digital platforms today, it is becoming seemingly impossible to collate all the data and make sense out of it. While there are hundreds of analytics and reporting tools that help you in gathering the data you need for campaigns, there is still volumes of it that you’re probably not using or aren’t sure what to do with.

Let’s face it, those are the data points of your target audience and your business should be able to make the most out of them.

Yes, campaign data sometimes doesn’t really provide you with the kind of data that a first hand feedback from your audience could get you. This is where the importance of surveys come in.

You would have read a number of surveys conducted by companies across different industries. You probably would have linked to some of them in your blog posts, just like we frequently do. But have you ever wondered what made them go the extra mile to conduct that survey and share the data in their industry?

Here’s taking a look at a few reasons why your business should consider conducting a survey on your target audience:

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1. It gives you an in-depth look into your target audience

Yes, you know who you’re generally targeting from the consumer market. You know their approx age, gender, location, what they do, what their interest are and a few more data points. But surveys give you the opportunity to ask them questions that will take your customer personas to a deeper level.

For instance, while you may know what they are looking for, you might not really know why they purchased the same product from another brand at the same cost. This is an opening for you to understand their psychology and what makes them convert.

Surveys are your chance at getting an in-depth look into your target audience!

2. It gives you a platform to start a discussion

Since surveys focus on asking the customers questions that are related to you as well as them, it gives you the opportunity to spark a discussion.

Customers like to know that a business wants to cater to their needs better. For the same, they are willing to discuss what they want or expect as long as they think the business is going to consider their opinions.

Take a look at the conversations that your audience is actively engaging in, consider the topics that resonate with your brand and conduct a survey around the same. Alternatively, you could take a look at how people are interacting with your business online and create a survey around the same to understand what they expect, better and optimize accordingly.

Since customer engagement is becoming increasingly important in the competitive market, surveys serve as a good engagement tactic as well!

3. It gives you insights into customer awareness of your brand

The one thing about surveys is that it gets you first hand data – this data is not filtered by any tool or any platform; it is provided by the customer. It is almost similar to you asking a customer for feedback right after he has dined at your restaurant.

Framing questions around your brand or what you offer, you can use surveys to gauge how aware your audience is of your business. Then you can use the data to create better brand awareness campaigns, that eventually aid to increasing your conversions.

For example, if your business is into selling fast food, you could conduct a survey around what your audience thinks of it, what they consider is used in the making, etc. This could help you answer health related queries in campaigns later!

4. It helps you in better branding and industry positioning

You can choose to either keep all the survey data to yourself or turn it into a knowledge base that others from your industry can access too. This puts you in the position of an authority in your industry, wherein people seek to you for getting more insights.

Surveys are a great way to create data backed case studies, blog posts, research papers, infographics and a lot more. Basically, it will help you create evergreen content pieces that will boost your branding as well as industry position.

What’s more? With more backlinks to your content piece, you will also improve your SEO by manifolds!

5. It helps increase traffic and boost conversions

When people know a business is trying to serve them better, they are more likely to get attracted to your survey. They are intrigued by what you have to ask and whether their opinion is going to be taken into account in the future.

Surveys help increase the traffic to your website when promoted thoroughly on all your digital channels. Since it also required the visitor to enter his contact information to submit his data, it also boosts the amount of conversions on your website.

These conversions are known as leads, that are interested in what you’re offering and want to make it better. Eventually you can nurture these leads into a conversion with a compelling email marketing campaign.

Over to you

Surveys don’t just happen. You can’t just put together a set of questions and expect people respond to them.

You need to be able to identify your target audience, understand their pain points, analyse where you are dropping off possible conversions and then set up a survey. The agenda of the survey should be to give you further insights into your target market. You need to know your end goal from the data before you invest your resources into creating a survey.

Getting started

To get started with surveys in an efficient manner, your business marketer needs to be equipped with the right set of tools. Here are the ones we think you absolutely need:

SurveyAnyplace: Once you know what you want from a survey, you can easily create the same using tool like SurveyAnyplace. The tools helps you create surveys based on your end goal – customer satisfaction, event data collection, point of sale, personality assessment and a lot more. These surveys can then be used anywhere digitally – your website or even mobile.

Exit Bee: The conversions on your survey are directly impacted by timing. You need to time your survey well or it would be a lost cause. Be it letting the visitors first consume all the information on your website first or completing a certain action, the survey needs to be timed in such a way that the data the visitor inputs is actually valuable. You could create a survey campaign on your website that gets triggered on exit intent or on interaction. This gives your audience enough time to browse through your content and form opinions that will be valuable to you.

Psst. Surveys also help lower your bounce rates when implemented on the business website. Since the visitors have to spend some amount of time to input the data, it keeps them on your website longer. The longer they stay, the higher are the chances of them converting on the survey as well as what you have to offer on the website.

Have you ever conducted a survey for your business? Do you think surveys should become a part of business marketing strategies today?

Please feel free to share your opinions and experiences with us in the comment section below!

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