Content marketing is a challenging tactic to master. Be it the smallest of businesses who are just starting out with it or the largest in the industry, everyone stumbles their way to making their strategies work. But things get more difficult when your content marketing efforts are to be restricted to a specific budget and minimal resources.

While creating content is an uphill task in itself, what you do with it after is no cakewalk either. Since it is the after that defines the effectiveness of a content strategy, it is important that businesses on a budget have it mapped out right from the start. They need to list down their available resources and find ways for smarter distribution of their content pieces.

Here are 5 low cost content distribution tactics that will not just boost your content reach but also help improve your content marketing strategy’s results:

1. Repurpose evergreen or long form content

Creating long form content can be time and resource consuming. Hence, many businesses and marketers either avoid making it a part of their strategy or simply invest in one piece. It usually takes six weeks or even longer to publish a well researched case study, ebook or an industry white paper.

But the few businesses that do invest in long form content are not able to understand how to best extend their life. The answer is, repurposing

When you have published an in-depth content piece, you can use the information from different sections of it to create other content formats for digital channels. Some of the most popular ones being podcasts, webinars, video series, infographics, slideshares and short form blog posts. And you could use all these repurposed content pieces to drive traffic to the long form content too.

Repurposing content can not just help you create various types of content for your strategy, but also reach out to a wider audience. It gives you the opportunity to engage your audience with the same topic in various manners, that when done strategically, could lead to your objectives.

2. Curate interesting and relevant content

Creating quality content isn’t just time and resource consuming, but might also get hard to keep up with. Coming up with new ideas one after the other and creating original pieces of content isn’t easy. This results in gaps through the editorial calendar, which eventually lead to missed opportunities to engage and convert the audience.

To overcome this, marketers should consider republishing or curating content that have been contributed in the industry by influencers or their own customers. The only thing that needs to be kept in mind while curating content is that it remains in sync with your business objectives and continues to interest your audience.

Curations ensures consistency to your content marketing strategy. While it is preferable to create original content, a few curated pieces can act as a good buffer sometimes. It also helps you create a ‘share for share’ relation with people you curate the pieces from.

why content curation


3. Establish relationships for syndication

The only way to boost your content reach is to syndicate it on platforms that your target audience is present on. These could be groups, communities, Q&A platforms, social media or other websites. This is exactly why a marketer should also focus on establishing relationships with popular publishers or influencers within the industry.

Start with identifying publishers who have been sharing content that is similar to yours or is partly aligned with your target audience’s interests. Then develop content pieces that don’t just suit your audience, but theirs as well.

But to establish such an arrangement you need to identify the key editors of the website, connect with them and focus on providing more value to them before asking them for a feature. The better rapport you are able to create, the longer and stronger your relationship with them is – this gives you ample opportunities to get your content pieces published on their website and boost its reach.

Content syndication is the most cost effective tactic for expanding the reach of your content efforts. But it should be strategic and done only on platforms that actually add up to your business objective, help you establish industry authority, drive more traffic to your traffic and also help you boost your SEO.

content distribution channels

4. Request your readers to share the content

With a number of content pieces available on the internet for almost every industry, readers tend to consume information and move ahead as soon as they are done. While they did get drawn to the website, here is where most marketers lose out on the opportunity of expanding their content reach – using word-of-mouth.

Sometimes just requesting your readers to share your content is the trick to boosting your content reach. It just takes a slight nudge to ask them to share the piece in their circles if they liked it or drop a feedback on whether it was good.

But what most marketers get wrong in their zeal to nudge their readers to do this, is lose focus on the experience they provide to him. The idea of content marketing is to add value to the target audience and convince them to convert post that. This means that you need to let them consume your content before you ask them to do anything on it.

While social sharing buttons are obviously a must-have, another good practice is to target them right before they are exiting your website with Exit Bee. Just a quick message that reminds them to share the content on social can work wonders for your business!

For example, here’s an exit intent campaign that shows up when the reader is done consuming the content we provide him with and is on his way out. Since the message is highly personalized and offers the social sharing buttons that he is more likely to use, the reader finds it extremely easy to share the content.

content sharing exit bee campaign

Increase your social following and social shares with Exit Bee. 

5. Invest in low cost paid promotions

If you don’t want to set aside a major chunk of your marketing budget for paid promotions of your content, plan it better. Choose content pieces that are more likely to engage your audience and convert them, and invest in low cost paid promotions for it across various digital channels.

A good practice is to create different versions of the content before getting into advertising it. This will help you understand what kind of tone or message your audience responds to the best. But the first step needs to be identifying which digital channels are most actively used by your target audience – preferably your ideal customers.

We are consistently trying out different ways to boost the reach of our content. If you have a tip or trick that you have used and has been effective, do contribute to this post by dropping a comment in the box below!


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