Email marketing being the best channel to directly communicate with existing as well as prospect customers, is still a part of many business strategies. But as the years pass by and the need for relevance increases, the challenges for executing a successful email marketing strategy only increase.

According to a recent survey by Campaigner, about 44.3% marketers say that earning new subscribers is going to be their biggest email marketing challenge this year. There are also about 41% who say creating compelling content is going to get difficult.

email marketing challenge 2016

And considering the responses of these marketers for the last year, the challenges to acquire new subscribers, has only increased.

email marketing challenge 2015

To list the same, here are the top 7 challenges marketers think they will be facing while email marketing this year:

  • Earning new subscribers
  • Increasing open rates
  • Creating compelling content
  • Maintaining click through rates
  • Retaining current subscribers
  • Social integration
  • Adapting to the changing opt-in regulations

With the increasing number of people who have access to the internet and hence, the plethora of information available, broadcast or blast email marketing on outsourced data lists is absolutely not a choice.

So how do you overcome at least some part of these challenges? By equipping yourself with the latest technology available in the digital market.

Here are 5 unusual tools that will help you overcome most of the above stated email marketing challenges:

Exit Bee

Move over popups to bombard your website visitors with messages to subscribe to your newsletter. Or for that matter, trying to drop extremely subtle hints to them by placing call-to-actions across your webpage. It is time to embrace the fact that internet users today, only engage with what they feel is relevant to them. If your content adds value to them, they’ll happily opt in to your email list. But the trick here is to let them first consume your content before asking them to do so!

Exit Bee tracks your website visitor’s on-site behavior and target him with a campaign that shows up only when he displays an exit intent from the website or has completed a defined action. Using this bounce prevention technology, you’re not just able to target your visitors with a custom message for your subscription campaign, but also ensure that their reading or browsing experience is not hampered.

The tool basically makes it easier for you to ask your website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or opt in to your email list without being intrusive.


A versatile tool that enables marketers to test their email campaigns before launching them and track their performance closely. It lets you test emails for the conventional web based clients and also those who are making use of mobile devices.

The tool allows you to test more than 40 clients and devices easily to optimize your campaigns for better results. It also lets you generate a test email to an address so you can send it to your ESP and within minutes it lets you see the desired browsers, ISPs and devices your campaign would be targeting.

The tool also offers ESP tracking that inserts a tracking pixel in your email. This enables you to get subscriber data such as how and where the email is opened, how much time the recipient spent reading it and if the mail was forwarded by the recipient to his circle.

Litmus helps you track your campaign performance closely in different segments of your target audience. This in turn helps you optimize them for better open rates and click throughs.


It’s not just the marketing team that needs to be equipped with email marketing tools for running a campaign successfully, the sales team also has a very vital role to play. Ideally, the marketing and sales teams are supposed to work in sync with one another. Case in point being, the marketing team generating leads and the sales team pursuing them to drive them towards a conversion.

ToutApp is like a common platform for both marketing and sales teams to collaborate on. It is equipped with templates and excels that can be used to define every stage of the sales cycle. The tool includes CRM integration and analytics to give you insights into how your email campaign is doing – number of emails delivered, opened, forwarded, clicked through, etc. It also offers a desktop alert and notification feature that lets you know whenever any of the actions above are taken.

Its mobile access also allows you to use all features directly from your smartphone. This makes it a lot more easier for your marketers and salespeople to keep a tab on the campaign performance.

ToutApp too helps you track your campaign performance and post campaign processes closely. This helps you optimize the processes for better performance.


Every marketing campaign is aimed at achieving a specific business objective. Hence, if you want to redirect a recipient to a web page where he is most likely to convert, it is important that you ensure the information shared with him is the same as that in the email.

LeadPages helps you create custom landing pages for your campaigns without the help of an IT person from the team. It offers a number of editable templates that give the marketer the flexibility to customize campaigns as per his business image.

The tool offers seamless and easy integration with the best email marketing service providers. This makes it easier and quicker for the marketers to set up, and execute their campaigns.

Maintaining a consistency in what you’re sharing with your subscribers and adding more value to them via your campaigns, is the only way to ensure they don’t hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button.


BenchMark is the one tool that enables marketers to create and design their emails to suit their campaign requirement. It offers templates for almost every kind of campaign: newsletters, greetings, promotion templates, giveaways, etc.

The tool offers an intuitive visual editor. It enables you to add your own HTML and CSS to give it a more personalized and custom look. BenchMark also has a built in spam filter that you can cross check your template on. If there’s any objectionable material in the same, you can easily remove or change it.

Like WordPress, they have their own community that encourages you to create personalized design, share ideas with you or vote your design. If your campaign design gets the most number of votes, it also stands a chance to get featured in their next update – which they frequently do.

The tool basically enables you to spin your content and make it look appealing enough to be easily consumed by the recipient. Try different formats and layouts to see what works the best for your business!

There are a number of email marketing tools available in the digital market. These are just a few of them that definitely deserve a try!

Which other tool (an uncommon one preferably), would you suggest to marketers for creating and executing effective email marketing campaigns this year?

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