As email marketing carries on into this year as a must-have business growth strategy, here’s taking a look into a few ways to jumpstart your results. While some businesses think an initial lull period causes no harm, it is important to understand that getting a little ahead of your competitors right from the start, will only give you a competitive edge.

1. Create smart segments of your subscribers

We’re pretty sure that you spent a lot of time getting people to notice your brand and interact with your business during the holiday season. Now is the time to make use of all the data you have accumulated over time. Use this data to understand your customers a little better and create segments that will help you recognise them easily.


A few ways to create segments of your audience include:

  • Look into the sources or the platform they are coming to your website from.
  • Analyse the web pages they have scrolled through to understand their interests, preferences and what they are looking for.

2. Nurture all the new subscribers you gained

Once you have segmented your subscribers efficiently, it is time to nurture them towards a conversion. Yes, it is time to gradually educate them about what your business offers and what they can gain from it.



Here are a few ways to get started with lead nurturing:

  • Make sure you thank them for ‘supporting’ you during the holiday season and choosing to interact with your brand instead of all the others.
  • Send across offers that are sure to appeal to their interests based on what they have purchased or browsed through on your site.
  • Offer content that you noticed they have been looking for on digital channels and become their go-to source of information.
  • Ensure your emailing frequency doesn’t look spammy because sometimes holiday season purchasers are only one-time customers.

3. Focus on a mobile-specific email strategy

The number of consumers who access the internet using mobile devices, is increasing by the day. Be it in a B2B or B2C scenario. This makes it important for businesses to shift their focus to a mobile specific email strategy – and no, we’re not just talking about making sure your email templates are responsive.



Here are a few ways to make sure your mobile emails work for you:

  • Make sure every element of your email design is responsive as this is known to boost the click rate by almost 10%.
  • Keep it short, crisp and highly personalized to suit the recipient’s interests and preferences.
  • Make use of interactive visuals that make the information more consumable and are optimized to be viewed on mobile screens.
  • Offer all functionalities for conversion on mobile devices as well.

4. Set up that email drip campaign now

Most of us have our welcome emails ready, but what happens after that? Usually we wait for the customers to either get in touch with us or send them occasional emails notifying them of something new that we have launched. But honestly, is that the only time you can convert a subscriber?

type of drip campaigns

Here are a few things to keep in mind when setting up your drip campaign:

  • Make sure your drip emails don’t get mixed up with the other email marketing campaigns you maybe running.
  • Ensure that every time you touch base with your customers, you’re adding or offering some additional value to them compared to the last time.
  • Focus on educating the customer on what you offer and how it adds value to them, before trying to drive them towards sales.
  • Make a roadmap for your customer’s journey, create a schedule and continue to optimize your emails for higher click through rates.

5. Personalize your mails as much as possible

With 2016 laying the foundation of a customer first approach to marketing, 2017 is going to nudge marketers to up their personalization game. And it’s all for the better! While it might seem like a tedious task to look into every little thing that your customer likes, it is a sure fire way to land more sales when you’re more contextual, and are able to put forward the right thing at the right time via the right channel in front of them.

According to a study by Marketing Land, personalized emails deliver 6X higher transaction rates, but 70% brands fail to use them.


A few ways to personalize your emails include:

  • Offer dynamic content to your subscribers based on what they have previously shown interest in.
  • Use your smart segments to create campaigns aimed at addressing the concerns of your customers specifically and offering contextual solutions.
  • Give your messages a human touch by writing like you talk and giving them a team member’s name to associate the communication with.
  • Ensure that your response time if a subscriber replies to your mail, is quick and you’re always there to help him out.


Knowing that just about every business is going to be using emails to reach out to their customers, it is vital for marketers to pay close attention to the tactics they make use of. Don’t be just another mail in their inbox that gets trashed or marked spam!

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