With rich media content creation picking up pace in the digital industry, we’re absolutely sure that in no time, there will be abundance of videos on the internet. To be honest, even if you look around now, you’ll see a gazillion videos on the same topic and even smaller versions of the same on platforms like Vine.

74% of all the internet traffic in 2017 will be video.

Videos are by far the best way for a business to communicate with their audience. They are able to use visuals to explain their message better. And considering that 98% of us are visual learners, this comes as no surprise.

While there are other formats of rich media that are also trending the industry – infographics, gifs, etc, videos seem to provide the ‘enough time’, screens and an opportunity to dabble with storytelling.

Marketers and businesses work really hard creating video content, but eventually they are not able to leverage from this content format as much. While some are due to sheer absence of conversion optimization, the others are due to not being able to promote them effectively.

Here’s taking a look at the few ways you can promote your content better:

1. Create and optimize your YouTube channel

If you have a video ready, start with the tools that are easily available to you. For instance, digital platforms like YouTube. But it is important here to understand that your channel and each video should be optimized well.

Focus on creating a compelling title and a detailed description for your video. Ensure that this description has the keywords you’re targeting for the video and you have added the associated tags relevant to it.

Since you’re using the video for a campaign, use call-to-actions within the video to encourage people to like, share, comment or convert in some way. It is always better to place a call-to-action in a contextual manner, while you still have their attention.

It is also a smart move to get your video content and YouTube channel listed on major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Then you can start working on SEO strategies individually to help it rank better in the results.

Nothing better than starting with organic marketing right!

2. Leverage from word-of-mouth

If you’ve just started promoting your content, begin with those who are already following you on social platforms, your friends and of course your family.

Ask for their feedback and encourage them to further share the video in their circles. Since people trust people more than brand reach-outs, those in their circle will be more likely to watch the video and even convert on it based on the recommendation made.

Word-of-mouth also ensures that your content is reaching quality audience from the target market. Also, customers acquired via word-of-mouth are also known to have double the retention rates as compared to those acquired by other means.

increase social following cta

3. Target your website visitors

There are times when a website visitor might not follow you on social – this results in him not viewing your video content at all.

To avoid such a situation, promote the video content on your website – be it the home page or the blog section. Analyse which of your web pages is visited the most by your audience and place the video where it is bound to grab their attention. Don’t forget to optimize the video though!

Another way you can ensure that the video is viewed by your audience, is to promote it to your exiting visitors right before they leave. Target them with a custom overlay that gets triggered on exit intent – personalize your message and recommend watching the video to them. They’re more likely to convert if your overlay and message are compelling!

For example, here’s an overlay that targets an exiting visitor with a message to watch a trending show on the website:

promote video content 1

Similarly, you could also ask those who have seen the video on your website or blog, to share it on social media or with their friends before they leave. For example, here’s an overlay that nudges an exiting visitor to share the video before he leaves:

video content 2

4. Make use of content distribution channels

It is practically impossible for a marketer to ensure that the video is present on all social channels where the audience is. While platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc fall under ‘consistent posting’ category, there are so many other digital platforms and forums where your audience is active.

Using content distribution tools like Outbrain will help you promote your video on websites your audience visits the most. It also ensures that your video shows up only at contextual instances, making them more likely to be clicked on.

Outbrain, for instance, is known to promote content on some of the world’s largest media properties like CNN, People, ESPN and more!

5. Split it up and promote

A video is made up of multiple content pieces so why not split them all up and promote them individually? This way you can turn them into stories or content formats that are more appealing to your target audience.

For instance, you could turn a video into multiple shorter videos, vines, gifs, quotes or even capture and share stills from the same. You could always link people to the original video in these content formats.

Our very favourite Gary Vaynerchuk for example, knows exactly how to market each of his videos!

Here he turns his live chat video series into a quote:

And here, it is just a simple still..

And well, here is a shorter version of the original video..

See what he did there? And every time he captured your interest like it was the first time!

Over to you

Creating videos takes a lot of creativity. It is important that you ensure the creativity and the resources you put in, don’t go waste!

While the above are a few smart hacks we figured to promote video content, there could be so many more that you could experiment with. For instance, promoting the video on a popular media website for more publicity, running a paid campaign on social media and more.

Your video, so don’t forget to make the most out of it!

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