As content marketing continues to reign this year, it is important for businesses and marketers to understand how it has evolved, what has changed and what they need to do to to keep their results consistent or make them better.

Here’s taking a look at the digital and content marketing predictions (and formulae) made by experts for 2016:

1. Quality content + Interactive content

Content marketing has been around in the digital industry for sometime now. Almost every other business out there is focusing on writing articles for their blog section. While they maintain quality over quantity, they don’t really go beyond article writing.

Even though other forms of content like videos, podcasts, slideshows, infographics, surveys and quizzes take time to create, 2016 is going to be the year marketers will focus on these interactive types of content.

The primary reason behind the increase of quality, interactive content this year is the fact that people don’t want to spend too much time to grasp something. This form of content is easy to consume, more engaging and is more likely to get more backlinks.

While it was a herculean task to create them some time back, there are now a lot many tools available that make it easier to produce them.

2. Content syndication + Collaboration

According to a research by Web Strategies Inc, marketers are increasing their total marketing spends to 35% of what it was last year and 54.1% of them are prioritizing content syndication on the right platforms. This only goes to say how there is going to be a whole lot of content from businesses and how easy it has become for everyone to get their message out there.

With the competition and marketing budgets rising by the day, content syndication will need to clubbed with collaboration. To get your message noticed amidst all the noise, partner with influencers in your field for an interview, quote, etc and make use of user generated content. When each of the parties involved share the piece of content in their circles, your message syndicated better and gets more exposure.

Tip: If you’re mentioning an influencer or have collaborated with him/ a user for a post, don’t forget to tag their social profiles. This will intimate them as soon as the post is live. Alternatively, you could mail them with the live link and ask them to ‘please’ share it in their circles as well.

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3. Quality content + Paid promotion

According to Forrester Research, Facebook only shows a brand’s posts to 16% of its followers – which is clearly not even half of the business’s target audience. And on Twitter, an average tweet reaches only about 10% of the followers because it gets drowned out by the tweet frequency and volume  on the platform.

The constantly evolving social media has now made paid promotion a necessity. Even the most highest quality piece of content will not get its due exposure unless businesses pay for its proper distribution. This only indicates towards an increase in the content marketing budgets this year.

4. Influencer marketing + Collaboration

While collaboration (point no. 2) is definitely a must-do this year, influencer marketing too has a become a requirement. Today, getting a person’s attention, has become tougher than ever. Marketers will need to go beyond consistent social media posting and reach out to communities formed by their prospects. And that requires finding a way in through someone who is already a part of the community. The best person for this activity would be an influencer who has a following of his own – people who trust his words.

One way of running an influencer marketing campaign is to partner with them on a piece of content and asking them to promote it in their circles against a certain amount. The other way is to reach out to Facebook group admins to get your content approved and pinned at the top of the feed to get it more exposure.

5. Real time engagement + Personalization

With customers resorting to digital media to reach out to brands, it is becoming a must for marketers to focus on real time engagement – across all channels. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Google+, mail or a reviewing website, marketers will need to track all the conversations happening around their brand – negative and positive.

But that’s not all, marketers will need to focus on personalization as well while engaging with their customers. The increasing demand of relevance demands businesses to reach out and base interactions on what the customer is actually looking for. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools like Autopilot,, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Buffer and Mention that can help you track real-time conversations and personalize your campaigns.

And lastly,

6. Not rely on Google only for traffic

Yes, all these years have been about how we need to focus on our SEO efforts to drive in organic traffic. But this year, we need to go beyond just relying on Google. Gaining a good pagerank on Google has become tougher than ever – especially with the search engine giving paid advertisements more SERP and reducing the number of videos in those search results.

Instead of relying only on the search engine, we suggest you take a look at other digital platforms as well for customer acquisition. Be it a location specific website that shares news, views and reviews on businesses or an app that people of a certain location tend to use the most, consider advertising or content syndication accordingly.

Here’s a nifty infographic on content marketing predictions for 2016 by Curata, that we found on MarketingProfs:

digital and content marketing predictions

So which of these predictions had you gauged last year? Do you know of a prediction that is being spoken about a lot, but we happened to miss? Feel free to contribute to this post by dropping a comment in the box below!

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