According to Smart Insights, email marketing is still one of the most popular and effective marketing tactics in the digital industry. But the tactic itself has seen a number of changes over the years. From taking to mobile, to including CTAs, to the changing formats in the body, emails have seen a massive change. And so have the techniques used by businesses to leverage from them.

Here’s taking a look at the 6 latest email marketing techniques that are now being tapped into by marketers:

1. Un-personalization

Starting off a bit contrary to what everyone has been saying, un-personalize your email campaign this year. Almost every other businesses includes the receiver’s name in the subject line, body and closes the mail with a name that is either a persona for their business or a team member.

Instead, experiment with a few casual subject and opening lines. Something that not just catches their eye, but stimulates their interest enough for them to open and read through the email. A few things you could experiment with are:

  • Ask a question
  • State a negative statement
  • Keep it to the point
  • Pass a comment
  • Brief of what they should expect in the email

But remember, don’t miss out the context of the email campaign in your zeal to engage the receiver with your subject or opening line!

2. Or maybe a few different tricks to personalize

Well, since everyone likes context and being spoken to, personalization isn’t something you should throw right out of the window. But why not experiment with different tactics to get the receiver to open the email at least?

Here are a few tricks you could test out yourself:

  • Include ‘Fw’ – Referred to as ‘forward’, this subject line element might trick the receiver into thinking that the mail is forwarded or recommended by someone they know.
  • Include ‘Re’ – Now when you include this element in the subject line, the receiver is forced to think that you have made contact with him before and that’s why you’re reaching out to them again.
  • Use company name – Now if your campaign had been smart enough to capture the name of the company where the receiver works, you could customize your subject lines to include those. This technique is great to tell them how useful it would be to engage with your business to make their current job better.
  • Address their concern directly – You know what your receiver had been looking for, so why not get straight to the point and address it in your subject line. No beating about the bush, yet personalized enough to get great open rates!

For more tips on subject line strategies, here’s a post we wrote sometime back: 5 Email Subject Line Strategies That Always Work

3. Ditching the sales pitch

Well, this isn’t exactly a new email marketing technique, but it still needs to be tapped into and leveraged from by most business marketers.

Ditch your sales pitch for once and focus on adding value to the recipient. Share great content, industry insights or start a conversion to build a positive rapport with them initially. Eventually including a CTA in these emails will help you get more clicks and conversions.

The idea behind this technique is to build a loyal following that converts easily afterwards.

4. Experimenting with off-peak times

The best day and the best time suggested by industry experts may not really work wonders for your business. Why? Because everyone out there is doing the same. So basically your target audience is being bombarded by hundreds of emails from various businesses on the same day, around the same time. This doesn’t just reduce the chances of your email being opened, but also increases the chances of it being trashed straight off!

Experiment with off-peak timings to push out your email campaign. Sometimes even a weekend might work wonders, because the others aren’t making use of those days and the recipients are comparatively free to read through the email. But testing is all you need to do!

5. Giving the ‘promotional’ tab a skip

According to MailChimp’s study, Gmail’s introduction of tabs – promotional, social and primary, has reduced the email open rates by almost 30%. And considering that almost 66% of emails are accessed through mobile, businesses need to focus on getting their emails through to the ‘primary’ tab.

Here are a few things you can do to avoid landing in the promotional tab:

  • Include instructions in your welcome email: It is almost certain that you would be sending a welcome email to your new subscribers or customers. To avoid being sent to spam or promotions, ask them to either add your email address in their contact list or move the email they get from you to the ‘primary’ tab right in the beginning.
  • Optimize your emails for mobile: When majority of your readers are using their smartphones, it is important to optimize your emails for the smaller screen sizes. You can test your email design and optimize them further using tools like Litmus and PreviewMyEmail. Optimizing your email for mobile devices doesn’t just help you dodge the promotions tab, but also improves the readability of the emails and hence, the click through rates.

email marketing techniques - mobile


And last but probably one that you haven’t heard before..

6. Pre-targeting

This is the technique where you warm up your leads before pushing out a marketing campaign. This tactic is focused primarily on conversions more than just brand awareness and sharing knowledge. Here are the steps you need to take to execute this technique:

  • Segment and identify the subscribers you want to target with the campaign. Targeting all your subscribers together might result in the message getting lost.
  • Import these subscriber contact details into a retargeting ad platform like Twitter, Facebook and Google AdWords.
  • Create ads for brand awareness that also warm up your leads for what they’re going to see in your campaigns.
  • Run the ads till you see a major section of your segmented audience has seen it.
  • Push out your email marketing campaign!

And of course, like as always, it is important to consistently keep monitoring the results of the variation of email campaigns you run for your business. It helps you optimize the campaigns further for your target segment and get better results.

What other email marketing techniques are you using this year? While no one likes to share their secret, it would be great to know your views on this marketing tactic. So feel free to contribute to this post, by dropping a comment in the box below!

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