30% of the top 1000 US eCommerce sites use overlays – 22% using entry overlays, 14% using exit overlays and 6% using both.

In a post on Medium, we spoke of how effective popups are for website conversions. And in a previous post, we also discussed why business websites must ditch the conventional welcome popups for exit intent popups.

Using a popup has been known to boost the conversion rates for websites – even Dan Zarrella swears by it in the study he shared sometime back. Here’s a quick look at it:

popup stats

The study proved most marketers and web developers wrong on how popups were nothing but an intrusive element on a website.

It showed that with popups implemented, there was barely any difference in the bounce rate; but the subscription rates were a lot higher than on those websites without a popup.

In another post on Medium, Nikos Louvaris, who works with multiple brands across different industries helping them market their products and services better said that ‘popups that don’t disturb and yet convert’ are absolutely possible with Exit Bee.

So if you too are now convinced on the effectiveness of popups and would like to run an exit intent campaign with us, here’s what we would love to see on your campaign – we’re not being judgemental here, it’s strictly from the visitor’s perspective:

1. A great value proposition

If you’re going target us with a campaign that is holding us back from leaving your website, please make it worth the while! I would want to know what exactly is it that you have to offer and what is the value that lies for me in it – in simple language and no jargons. And please stick to talking about ‘me’ and not yourself.

For example, this campaign here grabs my attention with the off I get by highlighting the same in the design. (Invites friends to get that off!)

invite friend popup

2. A little more about what we would gain

An optional element, I wouldn’t really mind if you would write a line or two explaining the above value proposition better. I don’t want to spend time reading too much text, so you have to keep it short and sweet. It should totally complement the message you caught my attention with and encourage me to convert, instead of regretting spending another minute on your website.

For example, this campaign here tells me that I would be the first to get access to special products, releases and more! (Opts in instantly!)  

join newsletter

3. A simple way to convert or opt-in

Alright, so I was leaving your website and you held me back. I like what you’re offering but it needs to be really easy to convert on or I ‘might’ come back to it later! With that being said, I would prefer a minimalistic, simple conversion path. If it’s a form that you need me to fill, please stick to asking what’s important and if it’s a free trial that I need to sign up for, let me just use my name and email address to get started. The simpler it is, the more likely I am to convert on it.

For example, in this campaign we wanted to grab the visitor’s attention before he leaves and nudge him to opt for a FREE trial of our technology. So we created a two-step campaign – the first to grab his attention (oh, yes!) and then let him convert simply by just sharing his email address in the second step. No long forms!

you lose step 1 you lose step 2

4. A way to decline the offer

Yes, you want me to click on the bright call-to-action that makes me your customer. But maybe, I am not ready to convert yet and would still like to leave your website. You can’t force me to convert at any given time and hence, I would like a secondary CTA right below the main one that lets me decline the offer. It doesn’t need to be as prominent, but it definitely needs to be there!

For example, in this campaign if the leaving visitor doesn’t want to share, he can click on the ‘I’m not interested CTA instead’:

social campaign

5. A way to close the popup incase it doesn’t load

I could have a really poor internet connection and while leaving your website, I get targeted with your popup – and it doesn’t load completely. Or, I am simply not interested in making a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision. In these cases, I would love to have the option to just close the popup. A subtle looking ‘x’ button at the top will definitely do no harm to anyone!

For instance, in the above campaign, you will notice a small ‘x’ at the top right of the popup. It lets the visitor who doesn’t want to share or not share, simply close the popup.

And of course..

6. A great design!

As an average internet user, a few things definitely catch my attention – something that is beautiful, something that is really ugly or maybe something that is damn funny! In case of popups, I really don’t want to be held back to look at a campaign that looks nothing but jarring. If you’re trying to target me again before I leave the website, please make sure that the popup is pleasing to look at as well! Barring that if you want a conversion, pretty sure an ‘ewww..what the hell’ reaction is not favourable.

Getting started..

Now that you know what your website visitors expect from you when they get targeted for a popup, it is time to first start strategizing before you implement anything!

Here’s a small step-by-step to follow:

  • Identify who your target audience is
  • Define the end goal of your campaign – email subscriptions, reducing cart abandonment, promoting a web page, etc
  • Segment your website visitors and create personalized campaign
  • Sign up on Exit Bee
  • Get started for FREE!

And then, watch the conversions pouring in. 😉

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