Content marketing is ‘the’ thing for businesses today – be it B2B or B2C. But here’s the thing, with the expanding use of internet and thousands of businesses generating thousands of content pieces every day, it is becoming really had to capture an internet user’s attention.

Their hunger for knowledge makes them seek out the most ‘credible’ source of information. But since almost everyone is trying to feed them the same information, they either randomly take a pick, go by the sequence suggested by the search engines or simply go by what a friend/ acquaintance has recommended.

So, how do you become their first choice and sustainably draw traffic to your website?

By giving them exactly what they love reading.

Apart from paying attention to the topics or conversations your audience engages in regularly across digital channels, it is also important to look into their formats. Since a typical internet or smartphone user is usually browsing content on-the-go, it is important to keep in mind that the content pieces are well suited for quick consumption.

But then again, it is also important to keep in mind that some of these readers might want to dig deeper into a topic and know more – which calls for long form content types.

Having created a considerable amount of content under various topics, we decided to jot down the type of blog posts that get read the most – a.k.a – get loved the most!

Here’s taking a quick look at them..

1. Tips and tricks

tips and tricks

So here’s the thing about internet users – they only look for information they need and are ignorant to most of the knowledge pieces shared. The reason being that either aren’t aware of them existing or find the content format too tedious to consume.

Tips and tricks type of blog posts help you feed your audience some advice that they weren’t aware they need. As long as it is snackable and adds value to them without anyone asking any questions, they will gladly consume it.

Such kind of blog posts get shared a lot in the digital space. Since they are knowledge sharing and at the same time consumable, they drive a lot of first-time readers. If you’re publishing these posts frequently, you will soon establish yourself as an expert in the industry.

Here are a few posts we shared of this type:

2. In-depth guides

Contrary to popular belief, not all internet users and readers are looking for short form content around topics that interest them. There are those who want to learn more and become experts themselves in a particular domain too.

So include in-depth guides in your content strategy that are aimed at making the reader feel like an expert too by the end. While this content type takes a while to create, it is the most loved type and even serves as evergreen content for your business that will get you consistent traffic as well as back links over time.

So turn the tips and tricks post into something more explanatory. Start from a basic what, move to the why and how, covering every possible aspect around the topic. Guides can also be used to create effective lead generation campaigns and serve as a perfect giveaway to growth hack your email list as well!

Ps. These include ebooks, whitepapers, case studies and other long form type content pieces.

For instance, Unbounce offers a number of guides in different formats – here are a few ebooks:

unbounce resources

3. Question and answers

question and answer posts

If you have been observing the drift in the usage of digital platforms, you will see that there is a rise in the number of communities and forums being created today. This is because people frequently have questions or concerns around businesses they are about to interact with. And for answers, they trust no one other than people like them.

Question and answer kind of posts do really well amongst readers who seek immediate solutions. So identify a topic around your industry that has been receiving a lot of questions and discussions. Then shortlist the ones that are relevant to you and can be used for promoting your business – create a quick post around the same and enjoy the love you receive from your readers!

4. Expert interviews

Every industry has an influencer or an expert. These are people who have made their mark in the industry by sharing credible knowledge with others in their community. And now everyone seeks for information on a certain topic, they look up to these industry experts before they go anywhere else.

While it might be a little tedious to grab hold of industry experts too frequently, identify those are largely followed by your target audience. Rope them in for an interview around a topic that interests your audience and promises a concrete takeaway.

For instance, Start A Fire frequently shares interviews with people they think have insights to share on their industry – you can view ours on their blog for instance. 😉

interview blog posts

5. Listicles

Who doesn’t like a simple step-by-step into completing or achieving something. When those steps are laid down by an industry expert, you’re bound to make lesser mistakes and not spend time on hit-and-trials.

Listicles are that one content format that most internet users look forward to. Be it a business in any space, a simple ‘x steps to do something’ is always 100 times easier to follow than a case study.

For instance, if you have an eCommerce website that sells beauty products, an listicle like ‘10 makeup items every girl needs to keep her skin fresh this summer’, will definitely give you a lot of traffic – and of course, sales!

The only thing you need to keep in mind while creating listicles, is to aim at adding value to the reader. The reader should feel like he has achieved something by the end of the list and not like he wasted good two minutes of his life!

6. Infographics

Infographics are currently the most shared content type in the digital sphere. Since 80% of us are visual learners, people love this content format. They are not just able to consume the information more quickly, but it is also able to engage them for a longer time.

Even information like a lot of statistics around your industry become consumable in this type of format. Apart from the ease for the reader, they are sure to bag you a considerable number of social shares and generate backlinks that will boost your SEO as well as marketing efforts.

Here are two infographic posts we shared on our blog:

And here’s how Unbounce showcases its infographics – at the same time, makes them really easy to embed or share as well:

unbounce infographics

Over to you

Now before you move on to creating any of these blog posts, don’t forget to take a quick look at the examples we added. Once you’re through, you might want to go through these as well before starting your content marketing strategy:

We know that’s a lot of reading up to do. But to stand out, you got to make an effort right? 😉

What other content types do you think the readers of today would love?

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