Are you losing out on customers even before they see all that you offer?

That’s probably because they didn’t understand where to go from the home page, didn’t find what they were looking for or simply didn’t feel the purchase was worth making at that moment. Either ways, website admins of businesses across all fields have been losing out on their prospects.

According to, 30% of the top 1000 US eCommerce sites use overlays – 22% using entry overlays, 14% using exit overlays and 6% using both. Personally, we prefer not interfering with the user experience on a website and let them browse in peace.

Our Exit intent technology is an innovative and smart tool that allows you to target visitors right before they leave your website. And we’re bringing that technology to eCommerce. Here’s how it works:

Whenever a visitor tries to back out from a website, close the window or click on a link outside the website, an overlay shows up at just the right moment. This overlay gives you another chance to target your visitor with a custom message – an offer or an incentive to complete the purchase or subscribe to your newsletters.

In fact, in a previous post, we discussed why business websites must stop using entry popups and switch to exit intent popups instead. You can read it here.

If you haven’t used an exit intent overlay on your website yet, here are 6 ways you can do so to improve your website’s conversion rates:

1. Another chance to target and convert

If visitors are leaving your website without completing purchases, your first attempt at converting them has clearly failed. While the visitor might return to the website in sometime, why leave a window for a competitor to take him away and kill your opportunity?

Here’s how we make use of the exit overlay on our website:

growth hack your email list - free trial

Without an exit intent technology, a visitor would leave the website without any kind of engagement – signing up for a newsletter, downloading an ebook or buying a product that’s on discount. But using an exit overlay as visual content, gives you another chance to convert the visitor by:

  • reinforcing your brand’s message
  • conveying a custom message based on his interests
  • getting his information for future contact

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2. Grow your subscriber list

Email marketing is still the most effective and direct way of communicating your brand message to your target audience. And even continuing the communication over time. A strong (read ‘large and relevant’) email list gives you the opportunity to put forward your value proposition from time to time without seeming spammy. People stay interested in your brand, and you get to promote freely – win win situation for all.

The House of Folklore is an eCommerce website that offers handcrafted products. They know that a lot of their visitors might not be ready to buy, so they encourage them to instead subscribe to their newsletter for great deals on products before leaving.

folklore edit

By using exit overlays you can ask your visitors to join your email list just as they are about to leave your website. According to our case studies, an average eCommerce or content website can use exit overlays to:

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3. Offer a better browsing experience

What’s your reaction to a website that bombards you with sales popups one after the other right from the time you open it? The browsing experience is frustrating and more often than not, you just end up leaving the website for good.

“Smoother the browsing experience, the more likely they are to stick around.”

With exit intent technology in place, you don’t irritate your website visitors at all! You just let them browse through the existing material on your website and when they’re about to leave, you pitch them your products again! This time around, probably with an offer they can’t decline.

4. Instantly recover an abandoned cart

According to the Baymard Institute, the average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate is 68.53%. But by using exit intent technology you can recover up to 40% of these abandoned carts and turn these visitors into customers.

House of Blouse is an  e-commerce website where you are able to create custom blouse designs for your next event, but they also have some pre-made blouses up for sale. Like any other eCommerce website, their cart abandonment rate was around 60%. By offering an additional discount right before the visitor left their website, Exit Bee has drastically reduced their shopping cart abandonment rate.

house of blouse cart abandonment 2

The moment your visitor is about to leave your website and abandon his shopping cart without completing the purchase, you can grab his attention with an exciting offer to try and save the sale. The best way is to incentivise the checkout with an additional discount or a one time offer.

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5. Recommend other products or content

The top most reason for a visitor to leave the website without converting is not finding what they were looking for. Instead of just letting go of them, you can use exit overlays to recommend other popular products or content on your website.

This is the best way to keep your visitor engaged for a little more time and increases the chances of them converting later.

product recommendations

6. Test your brand’s message

The best way to know what brand message your audience reacts or engages with the most, is to use exit overlays for A/B testing your marketing messages. While performing A/B testing the traditional way might be too time consuming, with exit intent technology you can immediately test alternative headlines to see which one is more effective.

This type of testing will help you discover which of your marketing messages are going to be the most effective for a paid campaign on other channels. And thereby, improve your conversion rates without costing you much.

Over to you

Let’s end this post with a few questions for you (which we are more than willing to discuss over):

  • What’s your take on keeping the browsing experience of a website as clean as possible?
  • What has been your strategy to keep your website visitors engaged?
  • Has the strategy improved the conversion rate of your website?

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