We surveyed hundreds of marketers to learn what hurdles they face when it comes to accomplishing their email marketing goals. From improving customer retention to email personalization and contact data quality, the survey revealed there were 7 big challenges where they could use a little help to achieve these goals.

Marketers need quality list data in order to send personalized, relevant, and targeted email campaigns. This kind of data can be collected by integrating a CRM with your email lists, or by using tools that integrate with an e-commerce platform to gain insight into customers and how they are interacting with email content.

Using email marketing analytics can also help to see how email subscribers are connecting to campaigns already being sent.

These challenges that marketers contend with to achieve their marketing goals are all connected. Quality list data is a key starting point to segmenting email lists, personalizing emails, or even retaining current customers.

Having easy-to-use marketing tools can also make goals much easier to reach. For more help with email marketing take a look at this infographic, 7 Email Marketing Challenges of the Modern Marketer.


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