It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and if you haven’t really prepared for it, well don’t fret! Because we have curated some ideas for you – not for your date of course; only marketing campaigns that will give your business sales the much needed sales.


Well who doesn’t love a little more love from customers every now and then?

Last minute Valentine’s Day marketing campaign ideas

1. Share the love on social

Everyone is going to be sharing their gifts and love stories on social media, then why not leverage from some user generated content? Instead of creating custom graphics to share on social media around the lovey-dovey theme, why not just create a few that ask your customers to share their stories by tagging you and using a unique hashtag? Create a contest that gives a shout out to the couple that wins or simply offers an additional discount over a product you have been angling at!

For example, here’s a campaign that just about everyone would love to participate in:


2. Show some love and do good

Valentine’s day doesn’t necessarily need to be about showering all your love on that one special person. And as a business, that’s practically impossible – you can’t just pick one customer and decide to make his day special. So why not use the opportunity to do some good instead? For instance, here’s a campaign Macy’s ran back in 2013. And the best part is, if you are contributing to a cause that your customers truly relate to, you’ll see an instant spike in your sales for days to come.


3. Send in a love filled thank you email

If it’s too late for you to plan a marketing campaign, email is your best friend. Just set up a campaign right away to wish your customers and subscribers a happy Valentine’s day. If you want to make it even better, go ahead and offer a special discount on your products or services. Trust us, even a 10% is great to make someone feel loved! Just make sure you personalize your mails and join in their happiness with a love themed template.

For instance, this email campaign that offers ladies an additional discount for getting their vehicles services. Who can say that vehicle servicing industry is way too boring for a Valentine’s day campaign now?


4. Create interesting Valentine’s gift ideas

Content marketing is the best way to get your business the much deserved attention and also improve the discoverability of the products or services you have on offer. Use this opportunity to create lookbooks for the day, share last minute gifting ideas or videos that will get some of your products attention. Remember to keep the theme of all the content you generate, around Valentine’s, of course!

For example, a post like this could really go a long way. I know how many times I look for gifting ideas on the internet, and you know you do too. And just look at the number of shares this post has received on social media – isn’t that the kind of promotion you’d want for your business?

valentines day gift ideas

5. Create a simple social advertisement

If you have products that can actually add to the Valentine’s day, why not create advertisements that will give them a new meaning and boost your sales? For instance, Chanel is running this ad on Instagram where in they are promoting different range of their rings. They have creatively used the campaign to promote proposing with their ring and using some as marriage bands as well. It’s a carousel ad that absolutely has our heart!


6. Wish them on your website too

Why just restrict all your Valentine’s efforts to social media, let your website celebrate it with your customers too. Even if it’s a small section or element of the website that you could customise for the day, go ahead and get creative. Adding a small banner wishing them on Valentine’s or using an exit intent campaign, surprise them with a sweet Valentine’s message. Offer them a custom discount on what they’re looking for or simply let them know that you too remember the day.

For example, here’s how Ferns n Petals is joining their customers by giving their website a little overhauling for the day!

ferns n petals valentines day

7. Run a special contest or a survey

Valentine’s day is the perfect opportunity for businesses to generate leads, then why miss it? Create a quick survey or simply run a contest that your target market would love participating in. Ask questions that would perfectly fit the theme and drive them towards a chance from winning something valuable from your business. Trust us, no one wants to miss out on a possible freebie this day!

For instance, here’s a survey that everyone might want to know the results of – if you know what I mean.


Think it’s too late? We think not!

Go ahead and make Valentine’s Day the best day ever for your business sales.

Any other ideas you’d like sharing with us? Let us know by dropping comments in the section below. Because we certainly love seeing some nice campaign ideas!


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