Exit intent has proven to be one of the most effective website elements to re-capture a visitor’s attention. They have been used by businesses across the B2B and B2C industries to turn their website visitors into subscribers, customers, leads and even social media follows.

But an exit intent campaign is a no-show if there is no strategy behind them.

In times when the customer comes first, the only strategy that can be effectively put to use for getting the maximum conversions on exit intent campaigns, is – psychology.

Yes, we’re talking about the little things like what they like, what their preferences are, what their true need or goal is and how they think.

Here are a few psychological strategies that always work:

1. Hitting the nail – really hard!

The very first thing that can guarantee the best of results, is getting straight to the point. Instead of blatantly stating your value proposition, focus on what your target audience is looking for. Hit the nail hard by using a copy that talks to them about what they want to achieve – the closer you are to the solution they are looking for, the greater are the number of conversions.

For example, we know people looking for website optimization solutions are looking for more conversions – then why not get them those conversions, without beating about the bush?

purple exit bee campaign step 1

2. Creating a sense of exclusivity

A peculiar thing about online consumers is the fact that they are always on the lookout for something that is unique or discounted to a point where they can’t say no. Creating a sense of exclusivity in your exit intent campaign’s copy is a great way to let them know you have a special solution for them – and not everyone has the access to it.

For example, don’t just say you’re offering a free trial for your product. Add a few more services to the deal and offer premium free accounts instead – when the visitor knows the slots available are lesser, he is more likely to want it.

premium free trial popup

3. Use scarcity for urgency

When exclusivity doesn’t work, scarcity does! When a consumer knows that the value being offered to him is limited, he automatically wants it right away – after all, who wants to lose a great deal to someone else?

Scarcity creates a sense of urgency that encourages a website visitor to interact with the business almost instantly – but timing this message right is the key to getting the most number of conversions. That’s why we choose retargeting at exit intent.

Here’s an example of a website offering limited period free shipping to its customers:


4. Offer something for absolutely FREE!

When have you said no to something free – a book, a cup of tea or food? The same psychology works with online consumers. While they are always on the lookout for great deals, coming across something for FREE is like a dream come true. The human brain is wired to want things that come free to him – even if the value being offered is not as high!

Be it an ebook, a special product alongside the first purchase or simply an additional first purchase discount coupon without any riders, create something that your website visitors want – instantly!

offer ebook step 1

5. Get interactive in your approach

A lot of your website visitors leave because of pure boredom – yes, let’s face it. The monotony of all the information being provided on your site, no matter how well put can turn a prospect into someone who isn’t interested at all!

So using exit intent popups with a little creativity at hand can go a long way. Be it using a comical and interactive popup copy or simply giving your popups a design that totally stands out from the rest of your web page elements, think of being entertaining yet informative for your visitors.

For example, I came across this popup on Pinterest and immediately wanted a bite of that strawberry on the design.

interactive popup

6. Ask for a smaller commitment

Most online consumers want to be able to explore the options they have while looking for solutions – and not commit to one immediately. Instead of trying to push them towards making a purchase from your site, focus on getting them to make a smaller commitment that lets you know them as an individual.

For example, offering a demo of your product is a great idea for visitors who have been skeptical about purchasing your product.

offer a demo

Another example, is that of nudging them to follow you on social media. You can always retarget them with advertisements later, right?

contensify popup

7. Personalize like you mean it

Another way to appeal to your website visitors, is to personalize-personalize-personalize! Whether it is the message that shows up on popups triggered on different pages or making product recommendations, make sure your visitors don’t call your popups irritating!

For example, here’s a product recommendations campaign made to a visitor who was browsing through t shirts before leaving the website.

product recommendations


The only way to get the most out of your exit intent campaigns is a customer first approach. Put yourself in their shoes to understand how they want to interact with a brand and what would make them want to reach out to you.

The closer you are to what plays in their mind, the greater are the number of conversions you get.

CTA - The guide to eefectively personalize exit intent popups

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