Videos account for more than half the internet traffic today – both desktop and mobile. And considering our brains process video content 60,000 times faster than text, this comes as no surprise.

Even though marketers today are focusing on creating rich media for engaging their target audience and promoting their business, videos are still underused when it comes to lead generation.

Videos are proven to increase the conversion rate of a web page or a landing page by a whooping 80%.

Then why is it that marketers are not using this form of content in their lead generation campaigns? Because apart from storytelling, they aren’t able to understand how to integrate videos effectively into their marketing campaign.

Here’s taking a look at the 7 ways that a video boosts conversions:

1. They capture the visitor’s attention longer

Videos instantly capture a visitor’s attention. The human brain gets engaged the moment we see faces and some movement – and both the elements are definitely there in a video. Combine it with a good storyline or value, and you have a hit!

A study by EConsultancy also showed that e-retailers used videos to keep their website visitors engaged longer on their web pages. And the longer they stayed, the higher were their conversion rates. A product video on how it would look or how it can be used by the visitor in his day-to-day life will help him see the value of the product as well as increase the chances of him purchasing it.

For example, Koovs has included product videos on their clothing range to let the visitors browsing through them see how it would actually look on a person. It also helps them showcase the product from different angles.

koovs product videos

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2. They decrease the bounce rates

The average internet user’s attention span is decreasing by the day. Considering the number of businesses trying to capture their attention via multiple campaigns, this is pretty much normal. But when it comes to conversions on a website, this distraction could negatively impact your revenue.

The one and only way to keep the visitor focused on your web page is to get him hooked on to something. And as we mentioned before, videos are that instant trap you could use!

According to a study, internet users who are viewing a video stay on the web page approximately two minutes longer. These are also people who are 64% more likely to convert on an offer made on the web page.

The longer they stay, the more you can promote to them and the lower will be your bounce rates.

3. They answer all the questions for you

Online shoppers usually rethink their purchase decisions over product or service concerns. Some of them aren’t able to picturize themselves using the product/service, while the others simply don’t know what to do with it and had landed on your web page due to an advertisement.

Videos help you answer all these questions for them, without having to manually or individually reach out to each one of them. You don’t even have to create a vast FAQ section for these concerns.

You can use videos to show how a product/service you offer works, the shipping and returns policies, and how it adds value to the life of the customer. The more relatable and simpler your storyline is, the more likely you are to get a conversion.

For instance, has been using videos of their employees to showcase their products and have seen it impact sales by 6 to 30%. They continue to use this technique on their website even today.

4. They get shared more

The most effective marketing or promotion technique till date, is word-of-mouth. People trust people more than they trust ads from businesses. If they are recommended a product from a friend or family member, they are more likely to try it out.

Since videos give you the opportunity to showcase how your product can solve a problem your audience is facing or how it adds value to his life, they are more likely to be shared. This in turn, increases your online reach.

Thousands of videos are being shared on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter every minute. In fact, marketers have also reported that the tweets with short clips or videos get retweeted the most on Twitter as compared to text or images. The shareability of video content is hence, undeniably large!

The more shares your video gets, the greater is your reach and the higher are the chances of scoring a lead or a complete conversion.

5. They help you share your story

Let’s be honest for a minute, would you rather read through a 1000 words to know how a business came into being or would you prefer a 5 minutes video that takes you through the main events of the story behind a brand name?

Personally, we prefer the latter.

Videos give you the opportunity to share your story more effectively and within the span that you have a visitor’s attention. Depicting the main events via visuals make them more consumable and don’t let the monotony set in.

According to a study on Unbounce, sharing your stories via videos or creating how-to videos boosts the conversion rates by 20% or more!

6. They help you generate more leads

Capturing the visitor’s attention and then redirecting them to a call-to-action on which they can convert, is one thing. But you can actually generate more leads from within the video, instead of waiting till the end.

If you’re wondering how, here’s the answer:

  • Use subtle call-to-actions midway – Whoever said you need to wait till the end to ask a visitor to convert, is wrong. Place subtle call-to-actions between the video in a contextual manner. Even if it is a micro conversion, you can nurture the lead to convert in totality eventually. Better to strike while you still have the visitor’s attention.
  • Use a lead generation form at the beginning – Like we said above, it is better to strike the iron while it is still hot. So integrate a lead generation form within the first few minutes of the video. Using tools like Wistia’s Turnstile enables you to do so easily. Since the visitor is actually hooked to the video, he would quickly want to complete the form to continue viewing it till the end. Of course, you do need to give him the choice to skip the same.

turnstile demo campaign

And here’s one way that videos can sustainably continue to generate leads for your business..

7. They improve your SEO ranking

The search engines are determined to show ‘relevant’ and ‘high value’ results to its users. Since videos are the most searched for on them, this content format gets indexed well and tends to show up higher than textual content.

Also, when your video is a hit on social media and has garnered a considerable number of views under a certain category, it tends to show up first on search engine results. The better your video, the higher the shares and the higher you rank!

Over to you

The one and only thing that business marketers need to keep in mind while creating videos for their campaigns is that it needs to add value to the viewer, and at the same time, keep him entertained. Finding the perfect balance between information and entertainment is the secret being successful videos.

So analyse what kind of videos your target audience has been showing interest in before jumping right into it. Shortlist the possible storylines that you can create, what values you can add to them via the video, what kind of conversion you can achieve from it and then start experimenting with the length.

As any other content format, A/B testing is very important for videos!

Have you ever used videos on your website or for marketing campaigns? Were the results better than the textual and image counterparts? Do share your experience and tips with us in the comment section below!

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