A majority of your target audience is actually accessing your business website via their mobile devices instead of the conventional desktops. This is where it becomes important to focus on optimizing your site for mobile conversions.

In fact, according to Pew’s Internet Project Research, 30% of people use their smartphones a lot more than their desktop and laptop. This only goes to say that you’re losing 1/3rd of your target audience if your business website isn’t ready for their mobile devices.

And this includes the opt-ins you have implemented on your business website.

Another study by Equinux states that only 12% of business websites have optimized their email opt-ins for mobile devices.

In simpler words, the popups being used by the other websites are being declined by the visitors or simply aiding to the website’s loss of potential customers.

So do you let your mobile visitors simply leave? Without even trying to nudge them towards a desired conversion?

We say, no.

We’d rather optimize our popups to the extent of mobile visitors loving them!

Tips to optimize your popups for mobile devices

1. Make it responsive

The first and foremost thing you need to ensure while using popups to target your mobile audience, is to use responsive designs and layouts. You don’t want a popup to look screwed and compromise on its functionalities as well.

responsive popup

2. Or create a mobile friendly design

Alternatively, you could create a mobile friendly version of your desktop popup design that is more likely to suit all types of mobile devices. This might take you a little bit of an effort, but it is certainly worth the while.

For instance, here’s what Tanzinsel’s desktop campaign design looks like:


And here’s the variant they created to target their mobile audience:

mobile tanzinsel popup

3. Stick to the point

The idea behind popups is to capture the fleeting attention of your website visitor. So be it desktop or mobile, ensure that your popup copy sticks to the point. Remove all the excess information and focus on the value proposition that will hook the visitor and nudge him towards interacting with your business.

4. Ensure the CTA is intuitive

Another aspect that you need to pay attention to while creating mobile popups is that the call-to-action looks as intuitive as that on the desktop popup. If the visitor thinks a certain element is not ‘clickable’, you’re going to lose a possible conversion right there!

For example, this popup. There is a call-to-action but it is barely distinguishable from the overall design of the popup. For someone like me, I am going to think there is no way to get out of this popup or do anything, except exit the website.

bad mobile popup

But this mobile popup here – you can clearly see the call-to-action:

good mobile popup

5. Pay attention on the timing

Just because you’re using the popup on mobile, doesn’t mean you forget paying attention on the timing. As on desktop, you need to ensure your popup isn’t intrusive for the visitor. Using smart triggers offered by Exit Bee, you can target your mobile audience based on their behaviour on your site. For instance you can target them based on their scrolling speed, scroll point and more!

6. Ability to close the popup

Like the desktop, it is important that your website visitors have the option to decline what the popup offers or close it easily if it doesn’t load too well. So make sure there is a secondary negative CTA or a small ‘close’ button on the popup.

7. Optimizing the load time

Continuing on our point above, you need to ensure that the probability of declining the offer is as low as possible. So optimize the load time by creating a design that uses minimum design elements and offers easy conversions.

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8. Personalize as much as possible

Most websites, in their zeal to make the popup mobile-friendly, often end up losing their personalization on the mobile popups. But if you really want them to work towards converting your mobile traffic, ensure personalization is not compromised on. Be it the messaging or creating different campaigns for different web pages that a visitor lands on.

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Irrespective of the mobile device the visitor is viewing your website on, it is important to ensure that your visitors don’t feel ‘irritated’ by the popups presence. The primary goal is to only enhance their experience on your website by adding more value to them – in a way that also adds value to your end goal.

Ready to start converting your mobile traffic? We’re ready too!

Turn your mobile traffic into customers with Exit Bee!

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