Unlike popular belief, overlays are not something you set and leave. Whether they are action based or exit intent, if you want to maximise the results you get from the Exit Bee campaigns, you need to keep testing, measuring and tweaking..testing, measuring and tweaking..and keep repeating the three steps till you get the desired results.

While you can test just about every aspect of the overlay – design layout, colors, marketing message, CTA and even triggers, it is important to start small. By testing small changes you’re able to measure results more effectively and understand what clicks with your audience the best.

One of the elements that has a drastic effect on the conversion rates derived from an overlay is the call-to-action (CTA). It is what either prompts your website visitor to make an interaction or repels the conversions.

So let’s take a case in point – email subscriptions, and look at 8 simple A/B tests that you could run on the overlay CTA for better results:

1. Change CTA button color

While it is important to choose a button color that stands out from the rest of your overlay theme, it is also important to consider the psychology of colors. A call-to-action that stands out and grabs the visitor’s attention, is the one that gets clicked the most!

2. Change CTA text color

A lot of people focus only on the button color standing out, but what about the CTA text that actually plays a big role in the clicks the button gets? Just like the button color, you can experiment and test the text color according to observe how people respond to it.

Here are the most common colors used by businesses and what they stand for:

  • White: clarity and simplicity
  • Black: sophisticated, solid and secure
  • Blue: trust and reliability
  • Green: peaceful and progressive
  • Red: boldness and confidence

For example, we at Exit Bee make use of a bright pink-purple CTA button color on a green overlay and have the CTA text in bold white:

lead magnet ideas - exit bee

3. Add a sense of urgency

Creating a sense of urgency is the best way to get more conversions. And it can be implemented by using scarcity or imposing a time limit. So here are a few ways to add a sense of urgency to your CTA:

  • “Get instant access” or “Be the first to get access to..”
  • “Reserve your spot now! Only X positions left”
  • “Hurry! Avail the offer before it expires! (expiry date)”
  • “Get exclusive deals delivered to your inbox!”
  • “Get special deals on XYZ till (date)”
  • etc

For example, here The House of Folklore uses the Exit Bee campaign to target its abandoning visitors and nudges them to sign up for their newsletter to get exclusive deals:

folklore subscription

4. Vary the button’s positioning

There is no set rule for where your button needs to be an overlay. If you’ve been placing it at the center of the overlay, vary and test how it performs at other positions – right hand side or the left hand side. Sometimes, the positioning of the button can bring drastic changes in the conversion rates.

5. Include social proof

People believe other people and numbers that show results. As a matter of fact, social proof is known to be a powerful conversion motivator. Try and leveraging it in your CTA by showing how many people have already subscribed to your email list.

This makes a first time visitor feel more secure about entering his contact information (email address) without the fear of being spammed. But an important thing to remember while testing this is to constantly update the number as your subscriptions increase – else you would come across as someone who faked a number to get to their customers.

exit bee email subscription

6. Add trust builders below the CTA

A statement or a short phrase right below the CTA, reassuring the target audience how they can trust you, can sometimes work wonders. Here are a few statements that you could add to your overlay right away:

  • We promise to not spam you!
  • 100% privacy guaranteed

Alternatively, you can also display the logos of your existing customers or display the press features you have achieved over time for good products and services.

trust builder email popup

7. Vary the length of the CTA

There is absolutely no hard and fast rule about the length of the CTA – it could be as short as two words or as long as a complete sentence. While most landing pages and overlays favor using shorter CTAs, it is a good idea to vary the length every now and then to understand what your audience clicks more.

For example, you could simply ask your website visitors to “Sign Up” for your newsletter or “Sign up & get the latest news delivered to your inbox!”

8. Test different voices in your overlay copy

You should always A/B test your copy’s voice – sometimes a first person tone might work for your business and sometimes a second approach works. Test both the variations to see what relates with your customers the most.

For example, you could test “Sign me up” on one overlay and the other could say, “Let’s sign you up”. Since every business’s customers vary, the results to this A/B test could be very different.

Over to you

If you haven’t A/B tested the different elements of your Exit Bee campaign, it is time you get started now!

But remember to start small and measure the results every little change brings. Changing too many things together, will make it difficult for you to understand what works the best for your audience.

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