Do you have an online store?

Great! We’d love to see your products.

But how do you stand out from all the businesses that are taking their products online or all the other online stores that want to reach a global market?

By understanding the market and getting a competitive edge over the others. That’s exactly why we went on a rampage across the internet to get you eCommerce statistics you would absolutely need to create an optimized growth strategy.

And did we mention how your store would become the most loved one as well?

1. Your mobile consumers are going to matter more

The number of mobile internet users went way past those using the desktop long back. But the number of consumers who are going to be shopping online from mobile devices, will see a whopping 6% increase this year!

mobile ecommerce

What does this mean?

  • Your online store functionalities need to be optimized for mobile devices
  • You need to optimize your checkout processes to make them faster and easier on mobile
  • You need a mobile marketing strategy
  • You will need to promote your products on digital channels that they use the mobile for
  • You need to set up on-site retargeting for your mobile visitors to grab their fleeting attention

2. Search and direct traffic will matter a lot more

SEO has always been an important place for a business to get discovered and this year is no different. As a matter of fact, with the competition on social media increasing by the day and advertising charges seeing no bounds, eCommerce businesses will need to focus on building more direct traffic to their online stores.

traffic broken by source

What does this mean?

  • You will need to optimize all your online store web pages for SEO
  • You will need to pay attention to social media and SMO
  • Your store absolutely needs a blogging section
  • You need to implement a referral program asap!

3. Attention spans of shoppers have reduced

Well, this one didn’t come as a surprise to us considering the number of options that a typical consumer has when looking for a product. The overwhelming amount of options that a customer has, has reduced their attention spans for each online store or brand. For instance, 39% of people don’t engage with a site if it is slow and 38% leave it because the layout’s unattractive!

Yes, it is that easy to lose a customer!

What does this mean?

  • You will need to focus on the design and layout of your online store to make it appealing as well as easy to use
  • You will need to focus on delivering a great online shopping experience
  • First visit conversions will matter the most – micro and macro
  • On-site retargeting will play an important role in getting more conversions
  • Digital retargeting campaigns will become an important marketing strategy

4. Customer recommendations will matter the most

When you’re purchasing a product for the first time, seeking recommendations from friends and family is obvious. And with so many options to choose from, we can’t disagree how important these recommendations are. A survey conducted by Adobe suggests the same!

What does this mean?

  • Your growth strategy needs to be ‘customer first’
  • You need to ask for customer reviews, ratings and feedback more often
  • You will need to work on building customer relationships more
  • You will need to work on influencer marketing strategies for growth

5. Shopping cart abandonment will remain a common phenomenon

According to Receiptful, 44% of consumers will abandon their shopping cart if the shipping cost is too high. The average documented cart abandonment rate being as high as 69%, online stores will need to focus on their conversion optimization strategies more.

why people shop online

What does this mean?

  • Your store needs an on-site cart recovery campaign
  • You need to implement digital retargeting campaigns
  • Focus on offering a deal to a leaving customer at the right time – something that he hasn’t yet discovered
  • Keep shipping costs and all other information crystal clear
  • Offer as many payment gateways as possible
  • Implement a cart recovery email marketing campaign

6. Focus on great customer service

Consumers today aren’t just looking for great deals on the products they are interested in. What matter to them are the after sales services they can claim. Will the store let them exchange or return the product easily, how difficult is that going to be, will they assist in understanding how to use the product, etc. That’s why 89% of shoppers stop purchasing from online stores after even a single instance of poor customer service.

bad customer service

What does this mean?

  • Focus on building relationships with your customers
  • State the post sales services you offer clearly
  • Make sure your response time to customer requests is quick
  • Focus on getting reviews and ratings for your post sales services
  • Ensure you get feedback from your customers regularly

7. Customer loyalty and retention is important

If you thought marketing and growth of your online store is all about just acquiring new customers, you’re wrong. Retention is what your end goal should be in the competitive eCommerce space.

Why? Because acquiring a new customer is 7 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. Also, the average order value of return customers are twice as high as for the first time shoppers on your online store.

What does this mean?

  • Build a good rapport amongst customers (point 4)
  • Offer great customer service (point 6)
  • Focus on retaining your customers with active engagement and interaction

8. Email marketing needs your attention

Emails have time and again proven to serve as an effective channel to communicate with customers and prospects. For that matter, they marketing channel has definitely delivered results as well – in terms of conversions and sales for eCommerce businesses. According to a study by Adobe, about 71% of purchasing decisions are influenced by the emails a business sends customers.

ecommerce email marketing

What does this mean?


There are a number of statistics that an online store should keep in mind while creating their marketing strategies in a competitive industry. That’s exactly why it is so important for businesses to now understand who their customers are, what they are looking for and how to turn them into customers by presenting the right message at the right time!

What other tips do you think an online store needs to grow sustainably in the current market?


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