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How To Create Your Unique Selling Proposition And Get More Conversions

A unique selling proposition is what gives your brand a personality and makes it different from others.

But unless you are lucky enough to operate in a market with few or no other direct competitors, it will take a bit more effort to create and pitch an outstanding unique selling proposition that is genuinely ‘one of a kind’. So to help you get there, we have gathered 5 tips that will guide you through creating a killer USP.

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Victoria Stamati 0 Comments November 25, 2016 Conversion Rate Optimization Landing Page Optimisation Marketing

10 [Tweetable] Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices Learnt From The Most Successful Websites

There is a lot to be said about conversion rate optimization: from optimizing copy and design to testing out different types of forms, buttons and images – the possibilities are endless!
To get you going, we’ve gathered 10 conversion rate optimization best practices based on what some of the highest ranking websites are doing:

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Victoria Stamati 10 Comments February 11, 2016 Conversion Rate Optimization

Social Proof: 10 Types You Can Leverage To Increase Conversion Rates

Internet savvy customers no longer just go with the first company they find that suits their needs. But instead, they research, compare prices & features, read reviews and shop around until they are completely convinced they have found the best option available.
A powerful tool to convince prospects that you are indeed the perfect match for them and build your case against competition, are social proof elements.

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Victoria Stamati 17 Comments February 2, 2016 Conversion Rate Optimization Marketing

How To Write A Headline That Clicks: 8 Winning Tactics

Online users are bombarded with bucketloads of content everywhere they go. Successful headline writing is key to grabbing their attention and standing out from your competition.
It is essentially what gets your content viewed or ignored, so make sure you spend enough time carefully crafting it to perfection. Besides, 80% of readers will not even make it past the headline – so make it matter!

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Victoria Stamati 3 Comments November 23, 2015 Copywriting