When you’re running a paid campaign to promote your brand, a product or a service, you want to ensure that every aspect of it adds value to the customer and nudges him towards the point of conversion.

And when you’re making the efforts to optimize your copy as well as design to suit the target customer’s needs, why not take into consideration the color scheme as well? After all, it does fall under the aesthetics of your web page.

So do colors really matter?

Then what colors are best suited for landing pages?

Which palette will fetch you the most number of conversions?

Do colors really matter?

According to a post on Fast Company, 84.7% of consumers cite color as the primary reason they buy a particular product. When they make purchases online, 93% of them consider visual appearance and only 7% focus on the other aspects such as texture, sound, smell, etc.

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Colors aren’t just known to have an effect on the choices of online consumers, but also how the brand is comprehended by them. The color that the brand uses for its landing pages, is often linked to its value proposition and any discrepancy there, causes loss of conversions.

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How to choose the right colors?

1. Understand your target market

The first and foremost thing to do while picking colors for your landing page, is to understand your target audience –  just like you do before any other marketing campaign you execute.

Since color is the first aspect of the brand or a product that catches the target market’s attention, it is important to understand which colors resonate the best with them. Based on cultures and other demographics of the target audience, colors associated with positive and negative stimuli may vary.

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So apart from the general demographics of your target market, dig deeper to understand their culture and interaction with colors online. If your business is functional across multiple locations and cultures, you might have to create separate campaign landing pages depending on the colors the audience from a particular culture prefers.

2. Follow the familiarity principle

According to the familiarity principle, people are attracted to what seems familiar to them more than something entirely new. Hence, it is important to choose a color scheme that reflects your brand’s overall personality and not just addresses a particular culture.

The Color Wheel Pro states that there are 8 main colors that people across the world resonate with differently. Those 8 colors and the psychology behind each, are:

  • Red – energy, strength, power, determination
  • Orange – joy, sunshine, tropics
  • Yellow – joy, happiness, intellect, energy
  • Green – growth, harmony, freshness
  • Blue – trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence
  • Purple – power, nobility, luxury
  • White – faith, purity
  • Black – power, elegance, formality

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What about the Call-to-actions?

Call-to-action buttons are the main drivers of the landing page. They are what guide the visitor to the next step towards conversion. Hence, it is important that their not only their copy, but their color also stands out from the overall theme of the landing page.

Some of the most common colors used for CTAs are red, orange, green and blue. Since variations of these colors can be made to stand out without looking out of place, they are the first choice for most designers.

According to a study posted on Sitepoint, there was a 34% increase in conversions when a red colored call-to-action was shown to the internet users – in comparison with a green colored CTA. But another study by HubSpot, saw the exact opposite. Their red button increased conversions by 21%, while the results of the green button were nowhere even close to it.

Similarly, Monate conducted a test between orange and blue colored call-to-actions. The test saw that the blue button worked better than the red/orange variants in driving conversions.

Hence, it is important that businesses conduct A/B testing on their landing pages a sufficient number of times to understand what works the best for their audience. The only thing that needs to be kept in mind while choosing a CTA color is, it needs to stand out from the overall theme of the web page. It should act as an attention seeker between all the other elements that a visitor is exposed to.

So is there a ‘best color’ for landing pages?

Is there a best color for landing pages?


Different colors perform differently for different brands and amongst different target audience. There is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. And that’s exactly why it is important for businesses to A/B test their landing pages just as frequently as their marketing campaigns.

A few general rules to remember when choosing a color for your landing page are:

  • pick a color that resonates with your value proposition
  • ensure that the color is recognized in your industry/niche
  • keep in mind the target market’s sentiments associated with colors (specifically avoid the negative ones)
  • choose a CTA color that stands out, yet compliments the overall color theme of your landing page
  • use a background that doesn’t distract a visitor from the path of conversion
  • apply simplicity and the current design trends as much as possible

What do you next?


The only way to know what your target market will respond to, is to continually conduct A/B testing. A smarter way to do so would be to run split A/B tests on your landing page. This will help you save time and not risk the loss of too many conversions in case a color does not resonate with the target audience.

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A few tools to help you conduct A/B testing on your landing pages are:

But the right color does not mean that you ignore the other aspects of a landing page. No matter how brilliant your color theme, if the copy does not provide value to the visitor, you will only lose conversions.

It is still important to keep in mind what your ideal customer is looking for while creating your landing page. Here are a few more posts that will help you get started in creating a perfectly converting landing page for your business:

What colors have you used on your landing pages till date? How effective do you think a color scheme is in driving conversions?

Do let us what you learnt while creating your campaign landing pages, in the comment section below! 🙂

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