Irrespective of the industry your business is in today, it is important that you are able to satisfy the need to learn that most of your target audience has. The hyper informed informed generation today is all about wanting to know everything about a business before engaging with them. And with the internet services becoming easily accessible to just about everyone, their research knows no bounds.

While marketers are now catching up with content marketing trends and working on inbound tactics to establish their businesses, there is still a lot of competition on the search engines. Since almost every business is approaching the market with the same tactic, it is becoming a challenge for the marketers to build a presence for themselves and acquire their target market.

Case in point being, able to generate an email list from the target audience that is actually likely to convert on one of your products/services.

Endless blogs, social media pleas and conversion optimization tactics are being implemented by businesses on their websites. But here’s a tactic that most of them are skeptical about using – webinars.

Think about it.

When you offer your reader an ebook, whitepaper or case study from your industry in lieu of their email addresses, they are more than willing to opt-in.


Because they are getting something valuable in return.

The same holds true for webinars. Webinars actually give you the opportunity to communicate with your target audience and let them know who has been behind all those nifty resources they have consuming.

Yes, webinars give you that chance to show off your knowledge to the right set of people, earn their trust and eventually convert them into your business’s customers.

So here’s taking a look at how webinars give your business the much deserved boost in the market.

How webinars boost your business growth

  • List building – a database of the target audience is the most valuable asset for any business. The bigger the database of people who trust your business or have interacted with it, the better it is. Webinars give you an opportunity to build your email list in lieu of something valuable to the attendee.
  • Brand awareness – webinars are the simplest and the fastest way to let your audience know what your business is all about. Instead of having to whip our multiple blog posts and campaigns to promote your business, all you need to do is talk to them! Talking to people keeps them engaged longer than making them read something.
  • Build industry authority – people relate to people. When you conduct a webinar, the attendees can gauge what authority you hold in the industry. This gives you the chance to share your knowledge with them and build the rapport of an authority in your industry – their go-to source of information in future.
  • Reaching the right audience – webinars are usually attended by those who are actually interested in the topic. This ensures that you’re speaking to the right set of your target market – those who are qualified leads and need just a slight nudge to complete. There is also a 90% chance of you getting to address the decision makers.
  • Boost conversions – emails are still considered the most effective marketing channel in the digital industry. The larger your email base, the greater audience you’re addressing with your campaigns. And since most of your base consists of quality leads, you’re bound to get greater conversion rates.


How to host a successful webinar

If everything we said above and a bit of your own research (which we are sure you have conducted by now in separate tabs), has convinced you to give webinars a shot, here’s how to get started.

  • Choose a topic that has a great potential – understand what your audience is searching for the most and turn it into a compelling, informative topic for your webinar.
  • Set up the webinar with a third party provider – because it is much more convenient and wise to use a stable platform than try your own hand at it. GoToWebinar is definitely our first choice!
  • Create a promotional blog post – talk about the topic you’re going to cover in the webinar, why and how it is important to the reader.
  • Create a landing page – redirect your blog reader to a landing page that more specifically talks about what they will achieve by attending the webinar and gives them a way forward to attend it.
  • Promote, promote and promote – use social channels, ad campaigns, communities, groups and forums to promote your webinar. Having a list of tactics for promotion beforehand is a smart way of going about it.
  • Launch a press release – tie up with popular websites that your audience frequents often and launch a press release for the webinar about a month prior.
  • Share a sneak peek – give your possible attendees a sneak peek into the webinar. Share a short clip or a little information about the person who will be conducting the webinar. Let them see how credible you are!
  • Launch an email marketing campaign – if you have an email list already, don’t forget to send them out a message regarding the webinar. Promote the webinar in your newsletters as well.
  • Make sure it is easy to join – if you want your audience to join the webinar and not back track from your landing page, make it easy for them. The lesser number of clicks they need to make to register, the better it is.
  • Set up a reminder – since you’ll be promoting the webinar a considerable number of days before the actual date, set up an email campaign to remind those who have registered of the webinar details.
  • Make it easy for them to bail out – while this is a scenario you really don’t want, it is important that you keep it flexible for your audience to leave your webinar – before you conduct it as well as midway or after it. Opting out of your email list shouldn’t be a hassle for them either.
  • Follow up strategy – have a lead nurturing strategy in place after you have conducted the webinar. Setting up a drip campaign that leads to a contextual goal will increase your conversion rates exponentially.
  • Post webinar promotion – don’t stop at the webinar. Promote the content you shared with the attendees on all possible social channels and digital forums. You want the others to know how insightful it was and how they can be present the next time!

Over to you

People who register for a webinar are usually quality leads – those who have an 80% chance to convert with your business. But to be doubly sure, always keep the agenda or the end goal of the webinar clear right from the start.

Be true about what you’re going to share, who is it most suited for and what value it would add to them.

Building a trust factor is as important if you want your webinar to boost your business’s brand awareness and conversions.

Have you ever conducted a webinar for your business? Do you think it is a marketing tactic that businesses should adopt now?

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