Who We Are

We created Exit Bee to help website owners, managers or digital marketers increase engagement, conversions and user experience. We want to do that by tracking and studying the online behaviour of each individual user. Based on behavioural data analysis we target specific segments of visitors with tailored messages the moment they’re more likely to convert.

We’re a small but growing team, we love what we do, we are ambitious and we have a goal of creating something useful and successful. We want to bring in more likeminded people that share our vision and want to build something worth being proud for.

How We Work

We are a team

We don’t have, and will not have, separate departments with no communication between them. Designers, developers and marketeers we’re all on the same boat. Anyone can come up with cool new features to build and anyone should be able to see how his or her work affects the product and our amazing customers.

Where do we work from

You can work wherever you are or wherever you want to be. We want to work with people all around the world, as long as you share our values and our vision. We rely on tools like Hangout, Slack and Teamwork to keep in touch and stay efficient.

We also do team retreats twice a year, to work and have fun for a week.

Our deadlines are not really deadlines

Our goal is to build a great product that solves problems and brings value to our customers. This requires flexibility. We understand that to be truly innovative you need to experiment, fail and then try again and this doesn’t always fits into strict deadlines.

There’s one exception though… When we promise something to a customer.

Who You Are

You’re fun and you’re great at what you do. You know that by studying a user’s behaviour we can increase conversions and you want to think of ways to make it better.

You share your ideas and help others, you give honest feedback (and are willing to also receive honest feedback), you take responsibility for the great things you do as well as for those that didn’t go exactly as planned.

You’re fun to be around.

We’re currently looking for: