Ever wondered why businesses these days are focusing on creating case studies or short reports around how their product/service helped another business?

Well of course, they are actively executing their content marketing strategies with consistent blogging, creation of white papers, etc. But why invest their resources in creating case studies as well?

Let’s start with understanding what case studies are and what value they hold in the market today.

What are case studies?

Case studies are real examples of how a business was able to solve a specific problem of a real customer in its target market. And how it can do the same for others who are facing the same challenge.

What value do case studies hold?

Even though case studies are not being leveraged from as much, they are one of the most effective content formats used by businesses to market themselves.

As a matter of fact, case studies are far more effective than a brochure that lists down the products/services offered by the business.

The primary reason behind this being, people trust numbers (results) more than claims, and there’s no other effective way of doing so than using short stories – case studies.

Case studies give you the chance to highlight the issue that a customer from your target audience was facing. And show them how a solution provided by your business resolved the issue and benefitted the customer.

Such stories are usually more relatable and are able to instantly connect with the reader.

Why are case studies important?

Here are 5 reasons why even we spend a considerable amount of time creating case studies and highlighting them on our website to increase conversions:

1. Highly relatable and niche specific

Case studies are always niche specific in nature and target specific personas from the target audience instead of broad marketing – if created properly.

Any case study written by a business has a very specific goal related to one of its products/services associated with it. It addresses the market needs, making them easy to resonate with.

A well crafted case study will always present the target audience with the issue they are facing, the market need for a solution, what you can offer and how it will benefit them. The case study basically shows how you could solve a problem and provide value to a customer, and how you’re more likely to do the same for others.

2. Builds brand authority

Case studies are always built around researched conclusions or use cases. This makes them a lot more trustworthy than the statistical and factual claims made by businesses in other content formats.

By consistently offering thought provoking and insightful case studies to your target audience, you’re able to position yourself as an authority in your industry. This in turn, increases the number of people who engage with and trust your brand, leading to greater amount of word-of-mouth and higher conversions.

Tip: A case study with a considerably known brand (even if it is location specific), can really elevate your brand name in the industry.

3. Better explanation of solutions

Case studies focus on presenting the solution to a common problem faced by the target audience. Even though your website explains how your products/services can help resolve an issue or enhance the results of a process, a case study lets you dive deeper into the ‘how’ and ‘how much’ can your business be beneficial to them.

There are customers who might just convert because of the list of features or claims you make on a campaign landing page, there are those who want to know the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind it before. Case studies offer the best platform to provide better explanations of the solutions offered.

4. Works as social proof

According to the Consumerist, nearly 70% of consumers rely on online reviews before making a purchase. With the rise in competition in the market, there has been an increase in the importance of social proof.

Customers no longer respond to broadcasted marketing messages or a sales copy. They want to know more about how the business offerings are faring in the market, what people are saying about it. Online reviews and factual findings are what they seek for before interacting or making a purchase from a business.

Case studies are the perfect content format for satiating the consumer need for social proof – it highlights customer experiences and real life results, which are far more relatable than industry statistics.

Exit Bee's case studies work as a powerful social proof tool

5. Serves as the base of various content formats

Yes, case studies take longer to create. You need to be able to identify the target segment you’re addressing, the problem you’re solving and the results the customers got from your solutions (products or services) over a predefined period of time.

But they are also the most effective form of content your business can create.

Case studies can form an effective base for other content marketing formats such as blog posts, newsletters, videos, podcasts, infographics, etc.

Since case studies are researched for in-depth, it makes it easier to pull out content or inspiration from them to create various types of content.

Over to you

Depending on the audience you’re targeting, data you’re making use of, where you’re gathering it from and how you want to present it, creating a case study can take weeks or months at a stretch. So if you’re going to invest in case studies for your business, ensure the effort doesn’t go to waste.

Simply creating and publishing case studies is not good enough. If you want them to serve as your conversion boosters, you need your target audience to see and read them. Here are a few ways of doing the needful:

  • Consistently share them on social channels
  • Display them on your website
  • Link your blog posts to relevant case studies
  • Target your abandoning visitors with them

And the last is where Exit Bee comes in. A website visitor is a person who is intrigued by your business offerings and wants to know more. But if he is leaving the website without converting – micro or macro, he has either not found what he was looking for or wasn’t satisfied with what he saw. That’s exactly when you need to target them with your case studies!

With Exit Bee you can create campaigns that promote the most recent case studies of your business for abandoning website visitors. This gives them an insight into what you offer and how it benefits them better than any of your web page copies.

In simpler words, you need to maximize your case studies conversions by hook or by crook. So don’t forget to keep A/B testing your promotion strategies!

Promote your case studies with Exit Bee. Get started with your 14 days free trial today!

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