The need for digital marketing is rising by the day. And with the number of platforms that are getting added to the list, we think this marketing tactic is here to stay.

But these increasing number of platforms and digital forums have burdened marketers. They are now expected to be able to keep up with trends on each of them, effectively reach out to their target audience, optimize their marketing budgets for maximum results and a lot more.

Although there are automation tools and analytics available, imagine having to go through all that data on your own.

Yes, it sounds impractical and is kind of impossible unless you have a superhuman as a marketer!

This is where chatbots have come in. They are like the personal assistants a marketer needs to fetch them the data they are looking for asap, without taking too much time or being prone to human error.

Marketers and chatbots

A lot of marketing products are now enabling chat functionalities and bots so as to offer easy access to their features as well as communicate with the makers with commonly faced concerns.

Marketers of such products are usually required to identify the common problem areas for their users, and then simplify or resolve the issue. This at times requires them to individually communicate with the users. But with increasing digital platforms where the user can possibly touch base with them, it is impossible to keep up.

Now, imagine if your product shared analytics of the running campaigns with the user. It isn’t necessary that the user is up-to-date with what each metric means. And most of them would choose to reach out to you instead of searching it on their own.

The number of times a question is asked can’t be gauged, but one thing is for sure – the answer is going to remain the same. You’ll be repeating yourself time and again. Alternatively, you might also sometimes direct them to a FAQ section or create a document for yourself to copy-paste the answers from.

After all, when a user reaches out to you, you need to reply to him irrespective of how big or small his concern is.

Sounds reasonable to use chatbots now?

Here’s taking a look at some of the reasons why chatbots are the new age digital marketer’s best friend.

Reasons why new age digital marketers need chatbots

1. Increasing number of internet users and digital platforms

The number of mobile users are increasing and so are the internet users. This has resulted in them forming small digital communities across the internet and the number of social platforms is increasing too by the day. To be able to effectively establish a business online, it is important to leverage all these platforms. Bots can help marketers maintain their consistency on these platforms. All you would need to do is interlink your accounts and ask the bot to send an update!

2. Fast paced changes in trends across the digital world

In continuation to the above, as the platforms change, people’s interests change too. They could be following a trend very closely for a few months and then switch to the next in no time! But to be able to effectively create a campaign that resonates with your target audience, it is important to keep a tab on these trends.

3. Rising importance of customer or user engagement

There are innumerable businesses taking their products and services online. Your target market is probably another ten business’s target market. This is where the importance of keeping your existing customers hooked to your brand comes in and that is possible only with engagement. Bots help you regularly engage with your audience. For instance, recommending them content that they would be interested in, promoting contests for them to take part in, etc.

4. Need for instant gratification

Internet users are changing. Every business out there is trying to target them with a value proposition or offer something better than the other. This has resulted in the need for instant gratification. They seek information and want to be satisfied ‘now’. Bots can cover up for the same, irrespective of what time zone you are in!

5. Increasing importance of analytics and reporting

Analytics and reporting have become an integral part of marketing strategies. Marketers are expected to consistently monitor the performance of their campaigns, in order to optimize them for better results. They are also expected to report the same to their team so as to brainstorm on future marketing campaigns. Bots simplify the analytics by generating the report required as per the marketer’s need. They will also help them automate repetitive campaign optimization processes according to the data and manage them efficiently.

Bots are a welcome technology in the digital marketing world. We’re super excited to have a go at them ourselves! What do you think of chatbots in products? Do you think it will end the personalization and human touch of a business or do you think it will make them more effective?

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