Holiday season is here! But if you run a business, you probably know it isn’t completely a holiday for you. It is in fact the time when you can make the most out of online and offline channels to ramp up your sales.

People are a lot more receptive to marketing campaigns during this time. All those deals that you have been trying to push through the year, finally start to get noticed. But only if done right.

So here are 12 ways to increase your sales by making the most out of this holiday season:

(Spoiler: We are clearly obsessing over Costa Coffee’s holiday season look!)

1. Get ready for the holiday season

Get in the groove and start setting up things for the holiday season! Decorate your social media pages, email newsletters and website (if possible) with holiday themes to get your prospects to join you in the holiday spirit. While there are always free stock images available, you can make the graphics you use all the more personal with tools like Canva.

Here’s how Costa Coffee has decked up for the season:

costa coffee christmas landing page

2. Create shareable content and encourage UGC

You have been focusing on creating brand specific content for far too long. It is time to give people what they want to read. With the holiday season starting, create content that backs the happy spirit presented on your website and social media. Be it a list down of gift ideas including your products or a behind-the-scenes celebration at your office, make it holiday-season fit and shareable!

You can also start a conversation with your audience and encourage them to share their content related to your products with branded hashtags on social media. User generated content (UGC) increases engagement and the trust associated with the brand.

Here’s how Costa Coffee is encouraging its consumers to create a social conversation:

costa encouraging UGC

3. Promote seasonal discounts and offers

People tend to splurge more during the holiday season. It could be the gifts, home decor or simply out of having too much time on hand. And that’s why they look for good deals. Offer special discounts during the season. It is a great way to say ‘Merry Christmas’, ‘Happy New Year’ or just about anything happy!

Here’s how the House of Folklore is promoting its Christmas special prices:

offer seasonal discounts and offers

4. Create a sense of curiosity

Or you could use a little bit of secrecy about what you’re going to offer close to an occasion. This creates a sense of curiosity amongst the loyal customers as well as those who come to your website.  And the curiosity keeps bringing them back. Here’s how Costa Coffee has kept us hooked:

create sense of curiosity

What’s more? You might even get a few of your prospects to subscribe to the newsletter in the hope of being notified of this ‘secret’.

5. Create special combos

Another great practice to increase sales during the holiday season, is to cross-sell. Create special combos of similar products or suggest a product that will compliment a purchase the visitor is already making. For example, if you’re selling earrings, you could suggest a matching neck piece to go with it before the customer checks out. Cross selling not just adds value to the customer, but also ups your sales!

6. Send gift ideas

There is always that one person we all think is hard to buy a gift for. So help your customers by sending them an email with gift ideas titled in line with their interests – ‘for your mom’, ‘for your coworker’, etc.

You could alternatively create a ‘gift ideas’ section on your website, and let people choose from your list of popular products (hopefully at good deals). This will save their time and avoid confusion, increasing your sales!

7. Offer free shipping or wrapping

Your customers are already splurging on discounts. What’s going to put them off slightly is a shipping or wrapping cost on the gifts they just bought. Consider offering free wrapping and delivery to prevent customers from rethinking their purchases. And if you’re into providing services, you could send across a small surprise with the person on field. Who minds a small box of cookies to kick off their day?

8. Run a seasonal contest

Contests are a great way to engage your audience on social media, especially during the holiday season. And they’re way more effective when you’re offering a small reward to the winner. Be it a custom discount coupon or a free giveaway, contests are the best way to leverage your social media presence.

Here’s Costa Coffee promoting its ceramic Christmas cups via a contest:

run a seasonal contest

9. Reach out to loyal customers personally

It costs a lot more to acquire new customers than it does to retain the existing ones. The best way to keep your loyal customers engaged, is to send them a personal holiday greeting via email or social media. A personal message along with a token of appreciation (read, custom offer), will keep them hooked onto your brand and even advocate it in their circles.

10. Retarget your website visitors

Often the traffic that visits your website gets overwhelmed by your offerings or doesn’t find what they were looking for. But that doesn’t mean you let them go right after they see some of the holiday decor you put in place. Retarget them on their way out by notifying them of a popular holiday special deal. It will not just hold them back on your website a bit longer, but also increase the chances of converting them.

Here’s House of Folklore retargeting their on-site visitors and nudging them to take a look at their Christmas specials:

folklore onsite retargeting

11. Align yourself with a social cause

About 94% of consumers switch brands to support a cause. So this holiday season, do something good. Align yourself with a social cause that not just you, but your audience believes in as well. Create a campaign that not just speaks of how you’re contributing to the cause, but also encourages your audience to join you in a proactive manner. But remember:

  • the cause you support must be aligned with your business message
  • the cause should resonate with your target audience
  • always share what you and your team is doing to drive the cause
  • ask for more volunteers and participation
  • encourage user generated content with branded hashtags

And lastly,

12. Run paid ad campaigns

One way to boost website traffic is by running paid campaigns on social media – preferably the platform that gets frequented by your target audience the most. Analyze their interests and create a campaign that pulls them to your website instantly. But keep in mind:

  • use high quality graphics of products
  • use a tagline that is not just attractive, but in sync with your brand message
  • target the audience demographic that has a history of converting more
  • ensure your campaign and landing page convey the same message

Over to you

Holiday season is also the best time to experiment with different campaign schedules. Since people are very active on social media during this time – networking and looking for holiday theme ideas for their homes, it is a good idea to run campaigns in different ways.

So how do you plan to make the most out of this holiday season?

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