If you’re on our post’s part 2, you clearly must have read the part 1 of using psychological triggers to convert leads into customers! And if you haven’t, you can find it right here.

So as promised, we are back with 6 more conversion rate optimization tips that will skyrocket the number of people who convert on your website:

1. Stand by your customer’s side

There are hundreds of things that people are not happy with. Analyse what your target audience has been complaining about, and make it your enemy. Address the problem, talk about it or suggest a solution – but remember to keep it relevant to your business products/services. The thing you stand for must compliment your core business message.

But whilst joining hands with your customers, ensure you stay away from politics, race and religion related topics. Anything that a certain section of the society might consider negative, will backfire your brand image.

For example: You can consider addressing the mundane 9-5 jobs most of us are into or how people are not able to find jobs that interest them. These are safer and popular topics that almost everyone will relate to instantly.

2. Generate curiosity over a period of time

Triggering curiosity ensures that your prospects open the emails you send them, promote your content and even complete purchases while waiting for the secret to be revealed. And the best way to do so, is by incorporating it in your marketing copy.

For example: Costa Coffee is keeping their customers and prospects waiting for a ‘secret’ Christmas parcel. This hasn’t just brought a festive feel to their website, but has also generated curiosity in their target audience.

conversion rate optimization tips - costa

Get creative to use this trigger effectively and before you decide on a final tone, test out different options to gauge what makes your target audience the most curious.

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3. Create the reference point for comparison

All of us tend to compare the prices of products and services being offered by similar businesses to get the best deal. But the reference point is set by the business that offers the best pricing model. Instead of letting them move away from your website, create a plan that sets the tone for reference. Then offer pricing models that ‘feel’ affordable and a ‘one time catch’ when compared to it.

4. Make the customer feel important

According to Tony Robbins, the need to feel significant is common in all. In fact he calls it one of the six basic elements a human needs. And the same holds true when you’re addressing a customer.

Make your customer feel important by letting them know that you care about them, their views,  their issues and are always available for offering them the best of solutions. Customer service plays a significant role in the decision making process of prospects.

And the good or bad part is, not many businesses out there offer good customer service. So you could actually focus on delivering a service experience that impresses them and makes them loyal towards your brand.

5. Create a sense of urgency

Something that is available in scarce quantities or for a limited period of time, automatically draws us to it. After all, who doesn’t like owning something unique or claiming a deal others missed!

To implement sense of urgency in your marketing strategy, eliminate the possibility of getting the same thing at the same price in the future from the minds of your prospects. Either show scarcity or set a countdown on a deal.

For example: Groupon uses ‘limited time only’ along with a countdown clock right below the ‘buy now’ button. This puts the message across that if the visitor wants to get the deal, he should do it right away.

conversion rate optimization tips - groupon

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6. Reinforce your marketing message

Often, prospects leave a website because they didn’t find what the campaign that brought them there promised. And sometimes they might leave thinking they can come back later to claim the deal they just saw – which is highly unlikely.

Reinforce your marketing message before they exit your website, using exit intent technology. Create an attractive overlay with a concise copy that encourages them to either make some kind of an interaction with your business or complete the purchase.

For example: Sport Gallery offers a 5% discount on the order to those who complete the purchase. This direct message to the visitor missing out on a good deal resulted in over 23% conversion rate. (Read case study here)

conversion rate optimization tips - sports gallery

Over to you

Remember, the idea is to always incite the prospect to convert at his first visit. Letting him go the first time without making any kind of interaction, will only result in losing him for good.

What other psychological triggers have you used or seen businesses use to increase sales? Feel free to add to this post by dropping a comment in the box below!

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