Are you one of those marketers who is spending hours trying to create a growth hacking and content marketing strategy that actually drives in results? And yet, don’t seem to live up to your own expectations half the time?

Apart from a comfortable yet functional work space, the right amount of inspiration and of course the right machine to work on, the modern day marketer needs his own special toolkit in place for maximum productivity.

So here’s the latest digital marketing toolkit that a modern-day marketer must own:

Keyword researchers

keyword research

image source: Niche Pursuits

What’s a marketing strategy that doesn’t focus on SEO and long term growth? The answer is, nothing. While most of us are well versed with the ‘why’ behind keywords, listing them down and using them is a different ball game altogether. So here are our favourite tools that will help you get started on the right track:

  • Wordpot – Keyword suggestion tool.
  • Keyword Eye  – Keyword and competitor research tool.
  • Wordstream  – Keyword search.
  • SEO Book – A keyword search tool that comes with a guide for web visibility.

Title generators

More often than not, marketers frame their entire content piece for a campaign and struggle with the title. While getting a copy of 52 Headline Hacks: A “cheat sheet” for writing Blog posts that go viral by Jon Morrow of Copyblogger is a good idea, having a few title generators handy is wise:

  • HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator  – HubSpot offers a topic generator that gives you a list down of at least 5 possible topics based on the keywords you’re focussing on.
  • Portent’s Content Idea Generator  – And when HubSpot lets you down, try out Portent’s Content Idea Generator. All its suggestions are based on the subject you’re covering, instead of the keywords.

Plagiarism checker

With this hyper informed generation, copy-paste just doesn’t work. But getting inspired by campaigns and various posts in your industry might just make you sound a little like them. To avoid ending up a copy, here’s a plagiarism checker we always make use of for each of our posts:

  • Plagiarism checker  – A small SEO tool that requires you to simply copy paste your content in the box given and verify to check how unique it is.

Graphic designing

Ever seen a marketing campaign not use any visuals? But what if your designer decides to take a leave exactly on the same day as the scheduled campaign? Instead of reworking on your dates and the entire plan, here are a few tools that can help save the day:

  • Canva  –  From social platform graphics to posters, flyers, business cards, and a lot more, Canva lets you create designs fit for web and print use easily!
  • Pablo (by Buffer) - When you need just a simple graphic to spruce up a post for engagement, try Pablo. It barely takes 30 seconds to create a graphic here – verified.
image source: Buffer blog

image source: Buffer blog

On-site retargeting

While social platforms like Facebook offer easy retargeting filters, a lot of businesses lose out on their website traffic. Their visitors either abandon their websites without making purchases or are lost for good. The best way to convert such visitors is to target them based on their behaviour before they leave the website.

  • Exit Bee  – Exit Bee helps you analyse a visitor’s on-site behaviour and target them with custom campaigns. It converts abandoning visitors by displaying highly targeted messages and offers at the exact moment when they’re about to leave the website.

Social schedulers

With all the marketing and growth hacking activities happening around you, it is impossible to keep up with the ‘ideal time to post’. And that’s where social schedulers come in. Here are the ones we love using, especially when we are vacationing:

Both the schedulers can be used for all major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.


Without regular analysis and measuring of results, all campaigns are a waste. You just need to know what clicks with your target audience and works for your business the most. So here are the number crunchers we use:

  • Buffer  – Buffer has a set of analytics of its own that helps you measure your reach and engagement on all major social platforms –  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+.
  • Google Analytics  – Social platforms and campaigns aren’t the only ones that need to be measured. Use Google Analytics to measure your website traffic, conversions, demographics and more..
  • Klout  – A business becomes known only when when its influence is strong. Klout lets you measure your social impact on all the social channels possible.
  • Social Mention  –  Measure social traction with Social Mention to understand which channel is bringing the most leads for your business.

How-to guide creator

Every once in awhile a marketer comes across someone that needs more than just a brief to understand the product – a complete walk through from start to finish. So here’s something you can use in those times (note: you can also make use of this in your onboarding process):

  • Whatfix  – Create interactive how-to’s for the web

Free stock images

When you know there is no time to create a graphic for your campaign or improvise on an existing one, here are few sites to stalk for free stock images:

  • Death to Stock – A personal favourite, Death to Stock delivers a bunch of free images to your inbox on a monthly basis. It is being used by some of the most popular companies like Uber, Slack, Buffer and TED.
  • Unsplash – For images that capture real life surroundings in the best way possible, Unsplash is the site to visit.
  • Gratisography – A site for those who want to experiment with their campaign graphics, it has some of the most graphically captured images.
  • Pixabay – For images that are both real and graphical in nature. The site also offers paid images, if you wish to go for those.

Email marketing

Emails are the best channel to get your message across to the target audience directly. And to make the most out of it, we use:

  • Moosend – Moosend lets marketers design and launch their email marketing campaigns easily. With an easy-to-use and understand web interface, it doesn’t just make the experience of setting up an email campaign easy, but also makes tracking results for improving future campaigns a breeze.

Landing pages and A/B testing

Times when a campaign needs some special attention (read, landing page), you can’t just create a template and run it for the entire duration of the campaign. You need to know what works and what needs to change to get maximum results. So here are the A/B testing tools we use before starting a campaign:

  • Unbounce  –  Unbounce enables marketers to create, publish and test customized landing pages for marketing campaigns without having to use any IT help.
  • Optimizely  –  An enterprise level A/B testing and personalization tool for the web and mobile apps, it helps businesses make data-driven decisions for their marketing campaigns.

Survey conductors

Not every marketing campaign starts with an idea or a new launch. Sometimes trending topics and popular surveys are the driving force behind them. If you’re planning on conducting a survey for your business, here is one of the most popular tools that the industry uses:

  • Survey Monkey  – It lets marketers create and publish online surveys in minutes with ready-to-use templates. After the launch of a survey, it offers results graphically in real-time.
    And lastly, here’s something that you can just bookmark (or subscribe to) and keep aside:

Social reads

Every once in awhile, marketers need some inspiration to drive their upcoming strategies. And in times of dire need, a few good reads are all that is required. Here are some social we resort to for keeping up with the trends as well as getting inspired from:

  • Mashable Social Media  – A one-stop-shop for catching up with what’s trending on social media and the marketing industry.
  • Jon Loomer  – For everything you need to know about Facebook and advertising on the platform.
  • Social Media Today  – To get your daily dose of digital and social media marketing, here’s a site you must absolutely subscribe to.
  • Buffer Social  - Creating, analysing and converting with social media? All the inspiration you need, right here.
  • Jeff Bullas  – Social media marketing, social strategising and trends you need to catch up with.
  • Social Media Examiner  – Social media marketing and digital marketing news to keep you up-to-date with the industry.
  • Pulse | LinkedIn  – For some of the most awesome thought leadership posts to inspire your marketing strategy and business plans.

Over to you

Got a toolkit already and think we missed out on something? Feel free to add to this list by simply dropping a comment in the box below! We love experimenting with different tools. 🙂

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